Becoming Butterflies

Year Item # Name Description Series Height Edition Size Cost Artist Sculpture
2007 C2070 Tranquility Embodies & reflects characteristics necessary along one's path of achieving and recognizing the beauty within/ debut doll/ represents a state of being peaceful & calm, without stress & anxiety, which when achieved, refreshes, uplifts and transforms/ butterfly in lavender. Becoming Butterflies 12 3000 150.00 Karen Scott Original
2007 C2071 Sabrina Fairy Tot Hand-painted body art detailing/ dress of soft lavender w/ wispy slippers & floral accents/ lavender hair & eyes. Tiny Fairy 5 Open 48.00 Karen Scott Original
2007 C2072 Peaches & Cream Frilly poof of unique, peach-colored fabric with just the right amount of cream organza trim. Crème de le Crème 13 1500 170.00 Rachel Scott Original
2007 C2073 Baby Mein Liebling One of the most beloved & enduring sculpts from the early 1900's by German doll makers, KŠmmer & Reinhardt/ baby rendition of the famous Mein Liebling face, (meaning "My Darling"). Collectible 14 1500 177.00 Karen Scott Original
2007 C2077 Rapunzel Lacy pink satin dress w/ satin ribbon trim & hand appliqued characters that tell her story/ soft pink slippers/ long blonde hair w/ curls & pulled into a ponytail/ pastel floral hairpiece/ blue eyes. Once Upon a Dress 14 2000 158.00 Karen Scott Original
2007 C2078 My Puppy Love Perfect for puppy lovers/ pretty peach dress w/ a dainty white lace apron & holds her white plush puppy in her arms. My Pet 13 1500 133.50 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2007 C2079 Bear Hugs & Kissy Tiny Tot Porcelain rag doll vignette "smacks" of hugs & kisses, w/ adorable red-lip print fabric & all the lace trimmings. Tiny Tot 5 Open 44.96 Marie Osmond Original
2007 C2080 Keepsake Valentine Sparkly red netting costume w/ red rosette detail/ banner that reads "Be Mine."/ matching hair bow/ shiny red shoes w/ red ribbon ties/ blond curly hair & blue eyes. Keepsake 9 Open 31.50 Studio  
2007 C1523 Blossom Tiny Tot Patterned after the original Babies a Bloom toddlers, “Blossoms” are the bitty Babies a Blooms! Tiny Tot 5 Open 37.00 Ping Lau  
2007 C3890 Baby Patty Baby doll interpretation of one of Marie's life-long, dearest friends, Patty Leoni. Dear To My Heart Toddler 15 1200 159.00 Karen Scott  
2007 C2074 Baby Lisa Midnight Rose Black shiny satin with vibrant pink rose design and pink bow detailing, Dear to My Heart Toddler 15 500 153.00 Karen Scott Original
2007 C1932 Adoring Hearts Adora Belle Red dress w/ white overlay & heart adornment/ continuity series of 4 dolls/ other dolls Easter Bonnet On It Adora Belle; Adora Spell Belle; and Adora the Season Belle/ purchase the first doll to receive each of the other “Belles” every 2 months or so automatically. C2522 for auto delivery/ $69.54 TSV price. Adora Belle 12 10000 76.56 Marie Osmond  
2007 C2085 Baby Boop Wide-eyed innocence & charm & her timeless appeal/ pink frilly dress. Toddler 14 5000 139.50 Eddy Mosqueda  
2007 C2087 Spring Fever Sheer gingham dress w/ a flower overlay/ matching pink shoes and hair band/ strawberry blond hair/ hazel eyes. Dolls for All Seasons 12 2500 147.00 Karen Scott  
2007 C2089 Emmaline Tiny Tot Growing up the only girl in a family of nine children, Marie Osmond created her own imaginary girlfriend & named her “Emmaline”/ rose-inspired, embroidered dress w/ fabric flower accents/ dark brown hair. Tiny Tot 5 Open 43.00 Karen Scott  
2007 C2090 Katie Sue Grandma's Rose Garden Black dress w/ flocked red rose print/ black patent shoes w/ red ribbon ties/ red rose ribbon in her curly, dark brown hair/ green eyes. Toddler 14 1500 162.00 Lisa Hatch  
2007 C2093 Lemon Meringue Bright yellow polka dot dress w/ green & white striped tights/ bright yellow fleece hat/ yellow yarn curls. Strawberry Shortcake 13 2500 99.00 Ping Lau  
2007 C2094 Blueberry Muffin Tiny Tot One of Strawberry Shortcake’s best friends from the enchanting Strawberryland in miniature size. Tiny Tot 5 Open 41.50 Ping Lau  
2007 C2096 Bee In My Bonnet Tinier Tot Bee-inspired, cotton print dress w/ yellow gingham trim & bonnet. Tinier Tot 4 Open 31.50 Sonja Bryer  
2007 C2097 Vopul Cactus Traditional Mexican attire/ red shirt/ white blouse/ yellow shawl. Blooms Around the World 19 Open 99.00 Ping Lau  
2007 C2100 Organza Ninth & final doll/ dressed in a sheer white sparkle organza fabric w/ red embroidered flowers & red bow detailing. Material Girls 14 1500 159.00 Karen Scott  
2007 C2102 Flutterby Baby Baby-pink knitted sweater w/ adorable dimensional butterfly accents & pink play pants. Becoming Butterflies 11 750 139.50 JoAnn Pohlman  
2007 C2103 Farmer's Daughter Tiny Tot Designed in a farm motif, including chicken wire print fabric/ holds her pet rooster. Tiny Tot 5 Open 47.50 Karen Scott  
2007 C2104 Sweet Pea Tiny Tot Purple & dark pink felt outfit w/ felt flowers. Tiny Tot 5 Open 41.00 Ping Lau  
2007 C2092 Oh! Oh! Vignette of a young child’s first words/ look on her face says it all as “Oh! Oh!” has accidentally spilled her cup of milk on the floor/ pink ruffled dress w/ white sandals. Small Talk 8 1000 98.50 JoAnn Pohlman  
2007 C2099 Ainsly Frilly femininity from her bouncy ringlet head to her Sunday-best shoe toes/ mauve lacey dress/ named after a collector’s request. Sugar & Spice 12 1500 75.00 Karen Scott  
2007 C2098 Jenna Baby blue dress w/ smocking & hand-embroidery detailing/ delicate baby bonnet frames wispy blond hair/ named after a collector’s request. Toddler 18 1000 178.50 JoAnn Pohlman  
2007 C2535 Easter Bonnet on it Adora Belle Sleeveless springtime, knee-length dress w/ plenty of sheer organza ribbon trim, topped off w/ a feminine bonnet/ part of auto delivery set/ QVC exclusive. Adora Belle 12 10000 69.54 Marie Osmond  
2007 C2101 Sealed With A Kissy Mail carrier-inspired rag doll/ frilly & playful interpretation of a postal worker/ cotton printed striped shirt & light blue dress/ red yarn hair/ brown eyes/ light blue hat. Twin 15 500 118.00 Marie Osmond  
2007 C2406 Rosebud Dainty spring rosebud w/ layers of pink netting & fabric cut petals/ hand-signed on her body by Ping Lau/ blonde hair/ green eyes/ porcelain head, hand, legs/ cloth body. Babies A Bloom 12 300 148.00 Ping Lau  
2007 C2408 Adora Wedding Belle Re-sculpted feet for high heels/ white bridal satin w/ ornate crystal & bead accents/ w/ white satin veil w/ faux pearls/ available in blond or brunette. Adora Belle 12 500 148.00 Marie Osmond  
2007 C2409 Alyssa Hand blown glass eyes & human hair wig/ light pink dress w/sheer flower embroidered overlay/ long curly auburn hair/ brown eyes. Collectibles 26 250 300.00 Karen Scott  
2007 C2414 Angie Sheer periwinkle blue dress w/ detailed bodice smocking & 3-dimensional floral accents/ silver grey shoes & hair ribbon/ golden auburn color/ lavender blue eyes/ certificate hand signed by Sonja Toddler 16 500 237.00 Sonja Bryer  
2007 C2415 Baby Bru Christening Day Authentic era Christening gown w/ accented with lace/ hooded bassinette/ pillow & floral accents/ dark brown curly hair/ blue eyes/ certificates are hand signed by Karen Scott. Reproduction Inspired 21 250 371.00 Karen Scott  
2007 C2416 Cookies Little Duck Parade Balsa wood duck cart/ yellow crocheted fabric duck/ porcelain baby doll/ dressed in a hand crocheted aqua color sweater & afghan/ headpiece of tiny fabric flowers/ blonde mohair wig/ blue eyes/ hand signed by the artist. Edition 15 4.5 15 889.00 Lorella Falconi  
2007 C2423 Nikela Tiny Tot Sheer light blue dress w/ tiny bow accents & dark brown curly hair w/ ribbon accent/ brown eyes/ wax over porcelain. Tiny Tot 9 500 79.00 Carole Bowling  
2007 C2425 My Friend Forever Tailored dress of classic black & white/ golden hair in an upswept high ponytail w/ softly curled tendrils & black bow accent/ blue-gray eyes/ nails are painted in a French manicure/ black shiny patent shoes/ certificate hand-signed by Marie. Toddler 14 500 196.00 Karen Scott  
2007 C2426 Melina Creamy ivory bridal satin gown w/ scalloped-edge hemline w/subtle roughing, double-ruffle sleeves/ adorned w/ fabric floral rosettes/ golden blonde hair/ brown eyes/ hand signed by Tawny. Collectibles 22 500 217.00 Tawny Nix  
2007 C2427 Kim Sheer embroidered light aqua pinafore over a sateen dress/ red-auburn hair braids accented w/ matching ribbons/ brown eyes/ wax-allure/ white furry rabbit. Waxallure 14 150 345.00 Heidi Plusczok  
2007 C2428 Marie Antoinette Pin Cushion Rich pink & gold embroidered fabric highlight the fact that beneath her skirt is a pin cushion/ holds a gold color fan accent/ white faux-mohair wig w/ ribbon accent/ romance card hand signed by Michael Evert. Home Decor 10 500 118.00 Michael Evert  
2007 C2429 Felicia Ann Tiny Tot Reproduction face/ vintage costume w/ bonnet in antique reproduction rose lace fabric w/ivory lace trim/ long brunette hair & blue eyes. Tiny Tot 8 500 79.00 Cheryl Robinson  
2007 C2431 Mary Victoria Authentic Victoria clothing designed by Karen Scott/ antique mauve dress w/ivory embroidered lace overlay/ bonnet & ivory shoes/ long curly locks of golden hair/ blue eyes/ teddy bear. Collectibles 25 300 248.00 Karen Scott  
2007 C2432 Kesti Tiny Tot Simple elegant pale peach dress/ hazel eyes/ certificate is signed by Marie and Kesti Poulson. Tiny Tot 8 500 69.00 Joke Groben  
2007 C2533 Classic Beauty In honor of Mary Beth Roe/ blond, upswept curls/ light gold over dress w/ pink underdress. Coming Up Roses Special Edition 12 500 170.00 Sonja Breyer  
2007 C2075 Whimsy Full porcelain fairy doll with gazing ball. Becoming Butterflies 4 Open 49.00 Kris Hamrick  
2007 C2494 100 Year’s Of Kisses Rich chocolate brown dress w/ blue trim & the 100th Anniversary KISSES® logo on her skirt. One Time Only price $116.48. Hershey 14 4000 141.00 Ping Lau  
2007 C2495 Inspiration Inspired by the brilliant Blue Morpho Butterfly/ detailed blue dress w/ dramatic black embroidery details. Becoming Butterflies 14 3000 149.95 JoAnn Pohlman  
2007 C2496 Cream Puff Unique costume top layer replicates the pastry shell w/ layers of cream netting underneath to appear as the cream filling. Crème de le Crème 14 1500 171.00 JoAnn Pohlman  
2007 C2497 Summer Sunset Striking & vivid coloration of a brilliant summer sunset/ shades of pink, yellow & orange. Dolls for All Seasons 12 2500 148.00 Karen Scott  
2007 C2498 Baby Kesti Sage green dress w/ delicate flower embroidery accents on collar & bottom/ red hair, blue/gray eyes/ named & created after Kesti Poulsen, Marie's assistant. Dear To My Heart Toddlers 12 1200 147.00 Ping Lau  
2007 C2500 Ants In My Pants Tinier Tot Playtime romper w/ black ants printed on a picnic tablecloth-esq, red & white checker plaid. Tinier Tot 3 Open 31.00 Sonja Bryer  
2007 C2501 Ouchie! Lavender pants set, lace trim, white tennis shoes/ red hair, brown eyes/ recordable chip. Small Talk 8 1000 87.00 JoAnn Pohlman  
2007 C2502 Edelweiss Babies A Bloom Interpretation of an Austrian folk dress/ pastel skirt, crisp white puff-sleeved blouse, green-and-white checked apron, pink felt vest with flower accents/ blonde hair, blue eyes. Babies A Bloom Around The World 19 Open 99.00 Ping Lau  
2007 C2503 Wee Care White faux silk dress, tiny jacket, nurse's hat w/ resin heart accent/ long blonde curled hair, blue eyes. Heaven's Helper 8 3000 88.00 JoAnn Pohlman  
2007 C2505 Playful in Pink White polka-dot-on-pink child’s dress w/ a very feminine choirboy collar/ auburn-red baby hairstyle w/ whale-spout top. Toddler 14 1000 139.50 JoAnn Pohlman  
2007 C2616 Adora Parade Belle Costumed in patriotic red, white & blue w/ gold accents/ leads the band w/ her baton & her feather-plumed conductor’s hat. Adora Belle 12 5000 81.36 Marie Osmond  
2007 C2617 Breena Fairy Tot Brilliant sky-blue color w/ frosty-white accents/ blue synthetic mo-hair curls & sparkling fairy wings. Fairy Tot 8 Open 48.50 Karen Scott  
2007 C2621 Cat's Meow Cutesy aqua-blue satin dress with crisp white eyelet accents/ plush kitty cat. My Pet 12 1500 138.50 JoAnn Pohlman  
2007 C2622 Baby Miracles 2003 Tiny Tot Light, pastel peach dress with lace accents/ auburn hair, brown eyes. Tiny Tot 8 Open 51.00 JoAnn Pohlman  
2007 C2624 Butterpillar Tiny Tot Pastel fleece w/ appliqued felt butterfly wings/ matching fleece fabric hat. Babies A Bloom Blossom 5 Open 40.00 Ping Lau  
2007 C2625 Banana Nut Costumed in banana-colored cotton prints w/ just the right amount of nut-colored accents. Rag A Muffin 5 Open 31.50 Marie Osmond  
2007 C2626 40 Years of Friendship Heather & Holly Hobbie set/ certificate signed by Holly Hobbie. Holly Hobbie 15 500 130.00 Ping Lau/ Eddy Mosquedo  
2007 C2627 Baby Abigail in Pink Tiny Tot Dress is light pink with tiny bow accents/ brown hair & brown eyes/ dress was inspired by one that Marie purchased for Abby while traveling in Europe. Tiny Tot 5 Open 39.50 Sonja Bryer  
2007 C2628 Bala Crawling baby/ Red hat with sequin butterfly accent, red fleece shorts/ brown hair, brown eyes/ baby boy. Toddler 9.5 2000 89.00 Ping Lau  
2007 C2800 Kissy It All Better Nurse inspired rag doll/ Light pink & white striped pinafore apron dress/ white blouse/ nurses hat w/ heart accent. Twins 14 500 119.00 Marie Osmond  
2007 C2806 Keepsake Kiss Someone Chocolate brown dress over a silver metallic underskirt/ silver shoes w/ white turn-down anklets/ ribbon bow on the bodice reads "Kisses/ brown curled hair, brown eyes. Keepsake 8 Open 27.50 Studio  
2007 C3878 Caramel Kisses Tiny Tot Caramel and chocolate-swirled print dress, with chocolate-brown hair and eyes. Tiny Tot 5 Open 40.00 Ping Lau  
2007 C2975 Baby Elvis Commemorates the 30th anniversary of Elvis Presley's untimely death/ reproduction of one his favorite jumpsuits--the American Eagle--finished with his famous purple scarf/ applique crystal eagles, golden star studs, white boots/ black hair, blue eyes/ anniversary priced at $124.08. Little Bit Country, Little Bit Rock & Roll 12 5000 149.95 Karen Scott  
2007 C2977 Harmony Plum & purple layered organza dress/ painted wings/ long, curly, dark blond hair/ light violet eyes/ $123.96 one time only/ $136.38 introductory price. Becoming Butterflies 12 4000 150.00 Sonja Bryer  
2007 C2978 Georgianna Tiny Tot Red & black print mini check coat w/ front button accents/ red dress w/ embroidered accents/ black hat w/ bow accent/ black muff/ black tie-up boots/ long brown hair/ blue eyes/ anniversary priced at $36.72. Tiny Tot 8 Open 44.25 George Osmond  
2007 C2981 Susie Butterfly Tiny Tot Sheer, light pink dress w/ tiny 3-D butterflies & crystal accents/ shoes w/ 3-D butterflies/ curly black hair, blue eyes/ anniversary priced at $36.72. Tiny Tot 5 Open 44.25 Lisa Hatch  
2007 C2982 Crystalline Fairy Tot Pastel pink fairy tutu w/ silvertone accents/ sparkling pink crown/ pink slippers w/ ribbon ties/ faux diamonds on arms & legs/ pink synthetic mohair wig, blue-gray eyes/ anniversary priced at $39.36. Tiny Fairy 8 Open 47.50 Karen Scott  
2007 C2983 Strawberries & Cream Pink-dotted, red chiffon dress/ pink & red netting/ white blouse & collar/ brown curled hair/ brown eyes/ introductory price $154.56. Crème de le Crème 12 1500 170.00 Sonja Bryer  
2007 C2989 Baby Jumeau Authentic reproduction heirloom dress w/ lace detailing/ matching bonnet/ brown, softly curled hair/ brown eyes/ $160.45 introductory price. Vintage Toddlers 12 1500 176.50 Karen Scott  
2007 C2992 Halloween Keepsake 2007 Purple shimmery dress w/ light pink netting/ black felt witch's hat w/ netting bow accent/ black witch shoes w/ tiny goldtone buckles/ long, curled hair highlighted w/ black, golden brown, and purple/ one time only price $25.56/ introductory price $28.12. Keepsake 8 Open 31.00 Studio  
2007 C2993 Lil' Pumpkin Tiny Tot Fleece fabric stuffed pumpkin costume/ two-tone fleece headpiece/ red curled hair/ green eyes/ introductory price 36.48. Babies A Bloom Blossom 5 Open 40.00 Ping Lau  
2007 C2995 Friendship Rose Tiny Tot Pink satin vest, pink slipper shoes with pink laces/ curly hair in an updo, blue eyes/ anniversary price $36.48. Rose Bud 5 Open 44.95 Marie Osmond  
2007 C2996 Little Princess Melon-colored, pleated chiffon dress w/ delicate white lace trim/ faux-pearl crown/ cascading brunette curls, brown eyes/ introductory price $160.44. Toddler 14 1500 176.50 Rachel Scott  
2007 C3000 Strawberry Cheesecake Muffin Strawberry-print dress, smocked bodice/ red yarn hair, blue-gray eyes/ porcelain head and hands/ cloth legs and body/ $28.43. Rag A Muffin 5 Open 31.25 Marie Osmond  
2007 C3001 Baby Mein Liebling Holiday A young girl from the late 1800s/ Finely detailed lace trim/ holiday-theme print/ brown curly hair/ brown eyes/ $147.24. Vintage Reproduction 12 800 178.00 Karen Scott  
2007 C3006 Adora Belle Holiday 2007 Black fashion coat with pink fabric lacing around the scalloped edging and hat brim/ curly brown hair, blue eyes/ Vinyl/ introductory price $81.48. Adora Belle 13 Open 89.50 Marie Osmond  
2007 C3007 Angelica Tiny Tot Named after her daughter's nickname/ holds a cloth church doll/ lavender dress w/ embroidered accents/ blond hair w/ two high ponytails w/ lavender ribbon accents/ light violet eyes. Tiny Tot 5 Open 43.25 Beverly Stoehr  
2007 C3008 I Love Ewe Cuddles her favorite pet plush lamb/ pastel dress inspired by the ultimate lamb-loving nursery rhyme character, Mary/ introductory price $126.84. My Pet 12 1500 126.84 Karen Scott  
2007 C3009 Petals Pastel pink dress w/ petal-shaped panels as the skirt, trimmed w/ ribbon rosettes & bows/ blond hair styled in piggy-tails w/ pink sheer ribbon accents/ blue eyes. Toddler 24 1000 176.75 JoAnn Pohlman  
2007 C3010 Baby Adora Pumpkin Patch Belle Orange pumpkin-inspired dress w/ ruffle accents/ pumpkin print organza/ auburn curly hair/ brown eyes. Adora Belle 12 500 146.25 Marie Osmond  
2007 C3013 Cuddle Me Huggs & Kissy xoxo-themed costumes in red, white, & blue printed cottons/ red yarn hair/ legs and feet are cloth/ Cuddle Me Vinyl Head & Arms/ cloth body/ $122.83. Twins 12 Open 148.50 Marie Osmond  
2007 C3015 Baby Betty Boop Ho Ho Holiday Red sateen dress with white, faux fur edging/ Santa-style hat with holly accents/ painted eyes and hair. Baby Boop 10 2000 139.50 Eddy Mosqueda  
2007 C3019 Merry Kisses Tiny Tot Red & green foil of holiday Hershey's Kisses/ Hershey's plume accent/ Curly dark brown hair, brown eyes. Tiny Tot 5 Open 43.75 Ping Lau  
2007 C3020 Amaya Holiday Tiny Tot Green sateen dress w/ elegant goldtone print design & accents/ brown curly hair/ brown eyes. Tiny Tot 5 Open 43.25 Sonja Bryer  
2007 C3021 Baby Annette Holiday Tiny Tot Created & named after Annette Funicello/ holiday red dress/ holds a printed Christmas Stocking w/a teddy bear in it/ dark brown curly hair w/ high pigtails tied w/ sheer red ribbons/ brown eyes. Tiny Tot 5 Open 43.50 JoAnn Pohlman  
2007 C3022 We Wish You a Merry Christmas Tiny Tot Christmas plaid w/ Intricate embroidery trim/ dark brown curled hair & green eyes. Tiny Tot 5 Open 43.75 Sonja Bryer  
2007 C3023 Lemon Meringue Tiny Tot Green & white striped stockings/ bright yellow yarn hair/ brown painted eyes. Tiny Tot 5 Open 43.75 Ping Lau  
2007 C3024 Tiny Triplets Tiny Tot Trio Tiny Teddy - lavender nightie/ lavender slippers/ brown teddy bear/ reddish hair/ brown eyes; Tiny TuTu - pink tutu/ pink slippers/ brown hair/ blue eyes; Tiny Tears - blue dress/ brown hair/ blue eyes. Tiny Tot 5 Open 128.00 Karen Scott  
2007 C3025 Desiree Victorian Ornament/ Gold Lame Outfit Victorian Treasures 6 1000 39.50 Mary Benner  
2007 C3025 Antonia Victorian Ornament Victorian Treasures 6 1000 39.50 Mary Benner  
2007 C3025 Chalise Victorian Ornament Victorian Treasures 6 1000 39.50 Mary Benner  
2007 C3025 Genevieve Victorian Ornament Victorian Treasures 6 1000 39.50 Mary Benner  
2007 C3026 Falling For You Burnt orange polished cotton dress w/ ecru accents & paisley prints/ auburn hair w/ beige bow & brown eyes. Dolls for all Seasons - 2007 12 2500 145.00 Karen Scott  
2007 C3027 Keepsake Bride and Groom Bride: Blonde hair, blue eyes, white dress of sheer netting, matching veil, faux pearl necklace/ Groom: Brown hair, brown eyes, black tuxedo with small pocket accent. Keepsake 8 Open 58.00 Studio  
2007 C3028 Snowflake Blossom Light blue fleece jacket, boots & hat w/ 3 dimensional snowflake accents/ jacket & hat are accented in faux fur trim/ tiny fleece mittens & scarf/ blond curly hair & blue eyes/ introductory price $36.48. Babies A Bloom Blossom 5 Open 36.48 Ping Lau  
2007 C3029 Keepsake Sweet 16 Light pink sheer netting dress w/ pink pantaloons/ blond hair adorned w/ a flower accent/ blue eyes/ banner says, "Sweet 16." Keepsake 8 Open 31.00 Studio  
2007 C3030 Teacher in Training Golden stitched accents/ white feather wings/ long brown braids/ brown eyes/ glasses. Heaven's Helpers 8 3000 89.50 JoAnn Pohlman  
2007 C3032 Alexis Christmas Tiny Tot Black & gold dress w/ an adorable pillbox hat/ long blonde hair, blue eyes. Tiny Tot 8 Open 43.25 Lisa Hatch  
2007 C3033 Canadian Maple Leaf White dress w/ appliqued maple leaf border/ red fleece hooded jacket w/ flower accented borders & red boots/ dark brown hair & green eyes. Babies A Bloom Around The World 19 Open 99.00 Ping Lau  
2007 C3034 Carissa Pink floral dress/ long, dark blond curled hair; green eyes. Sugar & Spice 8 1500 73.00 Karen Scott  
2007 C3037 Reverie Light pink, faux mohair/ handpainted eyes/ light pink, glittery wings that attach to her back/ resin Becoming Butterflies 7 Open 42.75 Kris Hamrick  
2007 C3038 Whoa! Pink play dress w/ embroidered embellishments/ blonde hair styled in 2 ponytails/ blue eyes. Small Talk 10 1000 99.00 JoAnn Pohlman  
2007 C3040 Leela In the Asian language, "Leela" means charming/ full-body porcelain/ childlike innocence & charm/ brown hair & brown eyes. Toddler 7 2000 89.50 Ping Lau  
2007 C3048 Butterflies in My Tummy Tinier Tot Tiny lavender, butterfly-print dress w/ green checked trim/ Dark brown curly hair, green eyes. Tinier Tot 3 Open 29.75 Sonja Bryer  
2007 C3320 Rose Marie Holiday Burgundy velvet dress w/ feminine white lace accents/ 2006 retail. And Sew On 12 500 149.50 Karen Scott Original
2007 C3321 Sasha 2007 Creamy white gown w/ soft rouching on her skirt/ pink bows & rosettes/ blond curls cascade over one shoulder/ wreath of pink fabric flowers. Toddler 14 500 170.00 Rachel Scott Original
2007 C3322 Mary 2007 White organza dress embroidered w/ pastel pink & green floral accents/  brunette curls/ deep brown eyes. Toddler 19 500 170.00 Karen Scott Original
2007 C3323 Baby Rachel Dressed in purple, sparkly poof/ Karen's sculpt of her own daughter, Rachel. Toddler 12 500 170.00 Karen Scott Original
2007 C2999 Adora Fairy Belle Variegated, iridescent sparkle organza skirt/ pink faux mohair wig, violet eyes. Adora Belle 12 2500 98.75 Marie Osmond  
2007 C3047 Baby Lisa Holiday Joy Floral-embroidered dress w/ burgundy satin sash & accents/ dark brunette hair & blue eyes Dear to My Heart Toddler 15 150 161.00 Karen Scott Original
2007 C2536 Adora Spell Belle Halloween outfit/ black & purple/ auburn curls/ part of auto delivery set/ QVC exclusive. Adora Belle 12 10000 69.54 Marie Osmond  
2007 C2076 Remember Me Rose Bud Ornament January-Remember Me/ tiny burnt orange & dark, copper-colored ribbons, flower petals, & netting/ hair & eyes are rich, dark brown/ attached hanging ribbon/ Includes a romance card. Rose Bud Ornaments 5 Open 30.00 Marie Osmond Original
2007 C2110 Young Love Rose Bud Ornament February-Young Love/ burgundy & dark green ribbons/ sparkling, dark red rosettes/ red, heart-shaped accents/ brown-hair/ brown eyes/ Includes a romance card. Rose Bud Ornaments 5 Open 30.00 Emily Garthright Original
2007 C2111 Yellow Rose of Texas Rose Bud Ornament March-Yellow Rose/ yellow rosette ribbon flowers amid sage green ribbon accents/ soft yellow satin bodice w/ sheer yellow underlay/ Includes a romance card. Rose Bud Ornaments 5 Open 30.00 Beverly Stoehr Original
2007 C2112 Queen Elizabeth Rose Bud Ornament April-Queen Elizabeth/ light pint & mint green ribbon w/ pink ribbon rosette flowers/ bodice is fashioned in sheer pink w/ light pink ribbon accents/ sheer fabric headband w/ pink fabric flowers holds back her blond hair/ blue eyes/ Includes a romance card. Rose Bud Ornaments 5 Open 30.00 Sonja Bryer Original
2007 C2113 Child's Play Rose Bud Ornament May-Child Play/ bodice of gathered white & pink fabric/ pink ribbon & pink rosettes/ blonde hair/ blue eyes/ Includes a romance card. Rose Bud Ornaments 5 Open 30.00 Karen Scott Original
2007 C2115 Princess Rose Bud Ornament June-Princess/cream-colored beading & fabric roses/ ribbons in cream & dark green/ bodice is of cream sateen fabric/ headband has cream rosettes & beading. black hair/ brown eyes/ Includes a romance card. Rose Bud Ornaments 5 Open 30.00 Sonja Bryer Original
2007 C3018 Baby Adora My Fabric Belle Costumed in Marie’s own fabrics, made with the highest quality 100% cotton/ coordinating table runner/ Cranston Fabrics. Quite A Pair 12 1500 143.50 Marie Osmond  
2007 C3207 Christmas Morning Rag A Muffin 12th “Rag-A-Muffin”/ waking up Christmas morning to the undeniable scent of cinnamon & nutmeg wafting through the air from the Christmas morning muffins in the oven. Rag A Muffin 5 Open 31.50 Marie Osmond  
2007 C3208 Baby Peggy Created in the likeness of Peggy Vicioso/ Peggy’s own mother had “approval” process of the doll.  Dear To My Heart Toddler 12 1500 148.50 Karen Scott  
2007 C3210 Whipped Cream Fluffed up & frothy/ whipped dream of multiple layers of “poof" including tiny dollops placed on her underskirt netting. Crème de le Crème 12 1500 150.96 Karen Scott  
2007 C3211 Winter Glow Holiday dress of radiant red w/ glowing gold trim & accents/ brunette curls swept up high on her head w/ gentle tendrils. Dolls for All Seasons 12 2500 146.50 Karen Scott  
2007 C3213 Blanca Fairy Tot Glistening, shimmering white gown featuring delicate, hand-painted art on her porcelain face & limbs. Tiny Fairy 8 Open 47.50 Karen Scott Original
2007 C3214 Keepsake Christmas Dressed in red dress holding “Happy Holidays” banner/ comes in giftable box. Keepsake 8 Open 31.25 Studio  
2007 C3215 Twas the Night Before Christmas Adorable representation of the much-beloved holiday classic/ frilly red nightgown adorned w/ scene “snapshots” that charmingly depict elements of the timeless poem, “’Twas The Night Before Christmas”. Once Upon a Dress 12 2000 142.75 JoAnn Pohlman  
2007 C3217 Baby Adora Belle Golden Child Dressed in layers upon layers of shimmering, gold-colored poof. Adora Belle 12 750 146.50 Marie Osmond Original
2007 C3218 Ladylike Tinier Tot Lady-bug inspired doll who’s not afraid of a few ants showing up to her picnic in the park! Tinier Tot 3 Open 30.00 Sonja Bryer  
2007 C3219 Kissy Under the Mistletoe Holiday Kissy. Twins 14 500 119.25 Marie Osmond  
2007 C3221 Heavens Holiday Helper An adorable reminder to us all that the holidays are more than just the hustle and bustle, but that there truly is a reason for the season. Heaven's Helper 8 3000 76.50 JoAnn Pohlman  
2007 C3222 2008 Annual Calendar Decorating ideas from Marie on each month's pictures N/A N/A Open 14.25    
2007 C3628 Rag A Muffin Baker’s Rack Metal baker’s rack that will hold all 12 Rag a Muffins/ four shelves with an "M" on top. Rag A Muffin   Open Edition 49.00 N/A  
2007   Adora The Season Belle Green Christmas outfit/ blond hair/ part of auto delivery set/ QVC exclusive. Adora Belle 12 10000 69.54 Marie Osmond  
2007 C3805 Adora Fox Trot Belle Dressed in the purple dress Marie wore for her first dance on Dancing with the Stars. Adora Belle 12 Open 99.00 Marie Osmond  
2007 C4307 Adora Boogie Woogie Belle Outfit from when Marie & Jonathan danced the Quick Step in honor and tribute to George & Olive Osmond. Adora Belle 12 Open 89.95 Marie Osmond  
2007 C4308 Adora Gallito Belle Worn when they danced the Paso Doble & for their “final” dance – the Tango/ Marie chose this dress to replicate because it was Jonathan’s favorite of all the dresses she wore this season. Adora Belle 12 Open 89.95 Marie Osmond  
2007 C4309 Adora Good Morning Belle Another Quick Step! The gal (Erin) over all the music on DWTS had been holding onto this song for years – waiting for just the right dance – and dancers/ As soon as she played it for Jon & Marie – they knew instantly that this was their song. Adora Belle 12 Open 89.95 Marie Osmond  
2007 C4108 Adora Samba Belle Stunning from head to pointed toe/ dressed like Marie during her recent dancing competition/ short, beautiful blue gown accented w/ ruffles. Adora Belle 12 Open 89.95 Marie Osmond  
2007 C4111 Adora Start Me Up Belle After making dolls for the past 16 years, Marie decided to turn herself into one for her Freestyle dance. Adora Belle 12 Open 89.95 Marie Osmond  

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By Rebecca Shannon