Baby Jumeau

Jumeau dolls, which date back to 1842, have long been a favorite of Marie Osmond’s, and she is pleased to offer a very unique baby doll sculpted in the likeness of an older Jumeau doll by her good friend, Karen Scott. “Baby Jumeau” is exquisitely costumed in an authentic reproduction, heirloom dress from around the same time period, with intricate lace detailing. “Baby Jumeau” offers collectors a look-back in time with a modern twist.

“Baby Jumeau” is truly a collectible doll sculpted by Karen Scott. She has been hand-crafted with the special attention to detail that is the hallmark of all Marie Osmond dolls.

“Baby Jumeau” is hallmarked on the back of her neck with Marie’s signature and is hand-numbered. Limited edition of 1,500.