Baby Mein Liebling

Marie Osmond is delighted to present “Baby Mein Liebling,” the second baby-ized reproduction face in her “Vintage Toddlers” series, and one of the most beloved and enduring sculpts from the early 1900’s by German doll makers, Kämmer & Reinhardt. Marie commissioned gifted artist, Karen Scott, to sculpt a baby rendition of the famous Mein Liebling face, (meaning “My Darling”), and thinks you’ll agree that, indeed, she is darling!”

“Baby Mein Liebling” is truly a collectible doll sculpted by Karen Scott. She has been hand-crafted with the special attention to detail that is the hallmark of all Marie Osmond dolls.

“Baby Mein Liebling” is hallmarked on the back of her neck with Marie’s signature and is hand-numbered. Limited edition of 1,500.