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Somewhere in Time

These dolls represent different time periods.

Those with have a full page. The names without have a photo.

Year Item # Name Description Series Height Edition Size Cost Artist Sculptor
1998 C48390 Amy San Pioneer vignette/ purple check dress/ floral apron/ bonnet/ bunny/ rag doll/ journal/ named for Amy Freestone, a friend of Marie's. Somewhere in Time 15 1500 99.50 Marie Osmond Original
1997 C31949 Barbie Dawn Poodle skirt w/ white letterman's sweater tied around her shoulders/ black & white saddle oxfords/ ponytail/ her beau's ring around her neck/ named for Beverly's daughter. Somewhere in Time 22 2500 170.00 Beverly Stoehr Original
1997 C39150 Blue Boy Blue velvet/ purple tights/ replica of costume worn by Donny w/ pic. Somewhere in Time 17 2500 163.00 Cindy Shafer Original
2001 C103926 Cherise Costumed in a monochromatic, soft peach, tea-length dress/ influenced by a photo of a young English girl from the early 1900s. Somewhere in Time 18.5" Standing 5000 141.75 Jessica Antoinette Original
1994 C14755 Eleanor Playing a round of croquet/ dressed in 1870's high society style/ all-American costume of rich red, white and blue. Somewhere in Time 18 2500 212.00 J. Hollebrands Original
1997 C39154 Elise Printed silky créme fabric w/ soft pink & lavender accents/ blouson-type sleeves/ brunette curls/ gay 90's era. Somewhere in Time 32 2500 450.00 Lisa Hatch Original
2002 C74402 Emma Josefa Named after Marie's husband's great aunt & in commemoration of all the immigrants who passed through Ellis Island. Somewhere in Time 18 2500 130.00 Sonja Bryer Original
2002 C74392 Isobella Renaissance-inspired bride/ créme & gold embossed tapestry fabric & beaded cap w/ sheer hanging veils/ gold ribbons entwined in occassional braids throughout her hair. Somewhere in Time 28 1000 250.00 Jessica Antoinette Original
2008 C4361 Isobella - 2008 Contemporary embroidered organza gown, dotted with tiny imitation seed pearls. Somewhere in Time 28 100 400.00 Jessica Antoinette  
2006 C26151 Kimberly - 2006 Rose & ivory dress is detailed w/ tiers of lace, ribbons, & embroidered roses/ lace-trimmed bonnet of flowers, ribbon rosettes, & simulated pearls. Somewhere in Time 18 350 242.00 Beverly Stoehr Original
2004 C05744 Mademoiselle Victorian-inspired dress w/ floral sash & bonnet. Somewhere in Time 9.5 750 99.00 Kathy Smith-Fitzpatrick Original
2005 C23254 Mary Antique-red taffeta & velvet w/ cream lace trim/ long brown hair/ brown eyes/ handkerchief dolly/ named & done after Mary Todd Lincoln. Somewhere in Time 24 300 238.25 Karen Scott Original
1997 C37701 Nicolette French re-creation from the 1875 time period/ lavender & white w/ pink trim/ bonnet. Somewhere in Time 23 2500 239.50 Beverly Stoehr Original
1997 C39150 Pinky Pink gown/ replica of costume worn by Marie w/ pic on certificate. Somewhere in Time 17 2500 163.00 Cindy Shafer Original
1999 C62389 Raimi Travel finery/ red, knee-length dress w/ eye catching black trim/ bonnet w/ black bow tie/ carries her much used luggage/ lovingly named after one of Marie's children's favorite nannies/ Retail '97 $300. Somewhere in Time 28 2500 185.00 Margie Costa Original
2002 C74403 Rudy Marie's husband's grandfather/ lovingly created in commemoration of all of the immigrants who passed through Ellis Island. Somewhere in Time 16 2500 99.50 Sonja Bryer Original
1998 C45511 Sonja Taffeta dress w/ créme overlay & petite broach/ blonde curls w/ oversized bow/ named for the sculptor. Somewhere in Time 20 5000 181.25 Sonja Bryer Original

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