Emma Josefa

In 1906, a mother and her two children left their homeland of Austria, setting sail from Hamburg, Germany for a new land full of promise and a better future. "Emma Josefa" was a young girl when she set out on a journey of a lifetime, landing at Ellis Island on August 16th, 1906 and beginning a new, free life in America. Marie created and named this stunning doll after her husband's great aunt, and in commemoration of all immigrants who passed through Ellis Island.

"Emma Josefa" is truly a collectible doll with original head, arms and legs by sculptor, Sonja Bryer. She has been hand-crafted with the special attention to detail that is the hallmark of Marie Osmond dolls.

"Emma Josefa" is hallmarked on the back of her neck with Marie's signature and is hand numbered. Limited edition of 2,500.