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Year Item # Name Description Series Height Edition Size Cost Artist Sculptor
2005 C25019 Ebony and Ivory Caucasion & African American babies sitting on piano keys. Wee Bees 3   34.50 Ping Lau Original
2003 C22038 Hear, See, Speak No Evil Welcome to the wee world of “Weebies”/ whether “Weebie Babies” or “Weebie Angels” or any other series . . . We be hoping you’ll love this uniquely adorable collection of hand-painted, resin dolls. “Weebies” are hallmarked on the bottom of one of their thighs. Weebies; Babies 3 Open 48.00 Ping Lau Original
2004 C06756 Hugs & Kisses “Wee Bees” are hallmarked on the bottom of one of their thighs/ consecutively numbered & cute as a collectible can be! Wee Bees
3 Open 32.75 Ping Lau Original
2005 C23208 Lil Bit Country, Lil Bit Rock’n Roll One is sitting on a bale of hay w/ his cowboy hat on/ the other holds a microphone while sitting on top of an amp. Wee Bees 3 Open 31.50 Ping Lau Original
2004 C00637 Loves Me/ Loves Me Not Hand-painted, resin dolls/ seated in resin daisies picking off petals. Weebies 3.5 Open 32.75 Ping Lau Original
2003 C0957 Naughty & Nice Sitting on their clouds of black and white/ little angel & devil. Weebies; Babies 3 Open 34.00 Ping Lau Original
2004 C09235 Sunrise, Sunset "Sunset"-sleeping baby on quarter moon; "Sunrise"-stretcing baby on morning sun. Weebies 3 Open 32.25 Ping Lau Original
2006 C1387 Wee Bee Friends Handpainted resin dolls/ magnetized, sitting upon a silvertone pedestal/ light pink ribbon stretched across the front reads "Wee Bee Friends," and one doll hands a red flower to the other. Wee Bees 6 Open 31.75 Ping Lau  

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