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Year Item # Name Description Series Height Edition Size Cost Artist Sculptor
2005 C23266 Adora Belle Waxallure Pink silk dress w/ cream shoes & anklets/ oversized bow in light blonde hair/ green eyes/ waxallure. Waxallure 14 300 159.50 Marie Osmond Original
2007 C2427 Kim Sheer embroidered light aqua pinafore over a sateen dress/ red-auburn hair braids accented w/ matching ribbons/ brown eyes/ wax-allure/ white furry rabbit. Waxallure 14 150 345.00 Heidi Plusczok  
2003 C21461 Little Miss Muffet Seated on her tuffet/ spider beside her/ resin/ Never Presented. Waxallure 8 2000 139.00 Joanne Gelin Original
2004 C22029 Little Jack Horner Patented new durable wax compound exclusive to Marie’s line/ sits in his corner, eating his Christmas pie/ Never shown on QVC. Waxallure 7.5 2000 139.00 Joann Gelin Original
2002 C74386 Nikela African American/ light blue dotted swiss dress/ named after a good friend of Marie's/ first doll in the series. Waxallure 15 500 140.00 Carole Bowling Original

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