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Velveteen Rabbit

Marie did the movie, The Velveteen Rabbit, for her son, Stephen. She always liked the idea that if you loved it enough, it would become real. This series is her version of the bunny becoming real. Linda Henry sculpted all but the last of the series, Rock-A-Bye Bunny, which Marie sculpted. That face was then shrunk and used for Hula Hare, Lots of Love and Some Bunny to Love. The newest version of this concept is the Bit O'Bunny series which is a tiny size version. Rosemarie Rabbit is one of the few dolls with Marie's beauty mark that was not sculpted by Marie. She was named for Marie (Rosemarie) so she has the beauty mark. The beauty mark was then used on Hareloom Bunny and Blossom Bunny. Once Marie was sculpting and they decided to use the trademark beauty mark on her sculpts, they stopped using them on the bunnies. Kelly is the only one of the series that is not a plush body. She is a child in a bunny suit. Julienne Rabbit is the only one with a true animal face. The others have a human face.

Those with have a full page. The names without have a photo.

Year Item # Name Description Series Height Edition Size Cost Artist Sculptor
1995 C15739 Blossom Bunny Pink plush/ Easter bonnet/ carries a basket full of carrots/ beauty mark near the left eye. Velveteen Rabbit 21 5000 117.75 Linda Henry Original
1996 C18451 Fuzzy Baby & Hareiat Mother & child bunny vignette/ white plush & pink satin paws. Velveteen Rabbit 18 5000 176.29 Linda Henry Original
1994 C10940 Hareloom Bunny Cream plush w/ a gold ribbon and rose floral accents/ beauty mark near it's left eye which replicates Marie's own beauty mark Velveteen Rabbit 23 5000 123.50 Linda Henry Original
1997 C36649 Heavenly Hare Ostrich & marabou feather wings & a halo of gold/ white plush/ paws & ears are star-studded. Velveteen Rabbit 14.5 3000 153.00 Linda Henry Original
1998 C48393 Hula Hare Go Hawaiian!/ grass skirt/ shell bikini top/ floral lei/ sun-tanned bikini line. Velveteen Rabbit 14 2500 82.50 Marie Osmond Original
1996 C28371 Julienne Rabbit 1st Animal-faced rabbit/ white plush w/ carrot & recipes. Velveteen Rabbit 12 5000 122.75 Linda Henry Original
1995 C16583 Kelly A real little girl dressed up in a bunny suit/ cream outfit w/ peach & green accents/ holds a basket full of flowers/ named "Kelly" after a dear friend that she met through her role as Maria in The Sound of Music. Velveteen Rabbit 12 5000 79.00 Linda Henry Original
1995 C16473 Kristi Cream-colored soft plush body w/ delicate peach accents/ made to lay on her side & plays the music Brahm's Lullaby/ named after a very special friend of Marie's who is a big fan of the "Velveteen Rabbit" series. Velveteen Rabbit 17 5000 116.50 Linda Henry Original
1999 C54683 Lots of Love White plush bunny in pink dress w/ feather wings & pink plush heart shaped rug. Velveteen Rabbit 10 5000 59.00 Marie Osmond Original
1996 C34845 Mrs. Paws White plush w/ white satin ears & paws/ holiday red velvet apron w/ gold trim/ holds a wooden spoon & a festively decorated hot pad. Velveteen Rabbit 21 5000 153.50 Linda Henry Original
1993 C11363 Robbie Rabbit Named after a childhood friend of her brother, Donny who was Marie's first crush/ black fur w/ mock tuxedo & red satin accents. Velveteen Rabbit 16 5000 149.50 Linda Henry Original
1998 C46593 Rock-a-Bye Bunny Baby pink & white plush/ plays Rock-a-Bye-Baby. Velveteen Rabbit 20 5000 147.50 Marie Osmond Original
1994 C13198 Rosemarie Rabbit Bridal gown of lace, faux pearls & bridal netting/ holds a bouquet of red roses/ beauty mark near her left eye, which replicates Marie's own beauty mark, thus the name"Rosemarie". Velveteen Rabbit 16 5000 149.50 Linda Henry Original
1995 C17240 Santa Bunny White plush fur w/ Santa coat & hat/ holds naughty & nice list along with red Santa bag. Velveteen Rabbit 21 5000 156.00 Linda Henry Original
2000 C97286 Some Bunny to Love Lavendar plush bunny w/ porcelain face holding little chick. Velveteen Rabbit 7.5/4 5000 59.00 Osmond/Applebeary Original
1992 C11245 Velvet First in the series/ dedicated to Marie's love of rabbits and inspired by the story/ white plush fur/ porcelain face. Velveteen Rabbit 23 5000 121.50 Linda Henry Original

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