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Marie has said it takes a special face to be able to be done in both a girl and a boy doll. Some of the most popular of her Twin series are the rag doll twins. The face was first used for Mopsy & Rags, the largest of these dolls at 18 inches. Then it was shrunk down for Rosie & Rags, Jingles & Belle, and Miracle Rosie & Rags who are all 11 inches. Next it was shrunk very tiny for the ornament dolls at 4 inches. Last it was made a middle size for Rosie & Rags Clowning Around which are 8 inches. Recently, they have been done for Disney with Rosie & Rags as Mickey & Minnie in the 11 inch size and also the 4 inch ornament size. Click on the name of the doll to see its photo. Thanks to Debbie Mann for getting the Mini Jingles & Belle ornaments straight for me :)

Those with have a full page. The names without have a photo.

Year Item # Name Description Series Height Edition Size Cost Artist Sculptor
1992 C9641 Andy & Ann Jeanette Andy: burgundy corduroy jacket & overalls w/ matching stripped shirt/ burgundy print hat/ light blue sneakers/ brown hair/ deep blue eyes/ Andy's twin sister, Ann Jeanette: burgundy & blue cotton dress w/ blue stripped apron/ deep blue eyes/ brown hair. Twins 17 2500 190.00 M. Nicole Original
2006 C4014 Angel Kissy Twinkling white shimmer organza w/ just the right amount of gold trim/ quilted angel wings & gold halo complete her heavenly attire. Twin 15 500 119.25 Marie Osmond Original
2000 C97283 Baby Rosie & Rags Porcelain rag dolls/ baby version/ Rosie is in pink and Rags is in blue w/ pastel yarn hair. Twins 6 5000 78.00 Beverly Stoehr Original
2006 C26752 Butterfly Kissy Red, orange & yellow tutu/ wings are airbrushed w/ a glitter design & small butterfly motifs decorate her black bodice & headpiece/ red & white striped legs/ black felt feet. Twin 15 500 111.00 Marie Osmond Original
2007 C3013 Cuddle Me Huggs & Kissy xoxo-themed costumes in red, white, & blue printed cottons/ red yarn hair/ legs and feet are cloth/ Cuddle Me Vinyl Head & Arms/ cloth body/ $122.83. Twin 12 Open 148.50 Marie Osmond  
2005 C24808 Eskimo Kissy Blue and white faux fur trimmed outfit/ red yarn hair/ striped accents. Twins 15 500 102.00 Marie Osmond Original
2005 C25015 French Kissy Dressed in a playful (and modest!) French maid outfit w/ a white petticoat/ lace trim & red accents. Twins 15 500 102.00 Marie Osmond Original
2008 Retail Goodnight Kissy exclusive/ pink baby-doll nightgown/ sheer robe/ beauty night-mask w/ long black eyelashes. Twin 15 150 159.99 Marie Osmond  
1996 C32417 Hansel and Gretel Gingerbread-themed costumes trimmed w/ rick-rack & oversized buttons/ stuffed inside "Gretel's" pinafore apron are gingerbread men/ cranberry colored wigs. Twin 18 5000 203.50 Beverly Stoehr Original
2003 C21451 Huggs XOXO-themed shirt w/ blue & white checked bib overalls/ red & white bowtie and XOXO embroidered visor. Twins 14 15000 99.00 Marie Osmond Original
2003 C2674 Huggs-Mistle Ho Ho Ho Santa-esq costume w/ fur-lined neck, wrists, boots & hat/ mistletoe-themed vest, coordinates perfectly w/ "Kissy" & holds a sprig of mistletoe. Twins 14 6000 98.75 Marie Osmond Original
2004 C00659 Huggs & Kissy - Red, White & I Love Blue A truly patriotic pair inspired by Uncle Sam and Betsy Ross, with red, rag hair & stitch-painted porcelain. Twins 10 3000 141.25 Marie Osmond Original
1993 C11430 Jenny & Jason Cabagge Patch/ bald sailor twins w/ own doll/ nautical theme of blue & white, w/ red accents/ named after her neighbors kids, who are good friends w/ her own children. Twin 8 5000 172.50 Donna Stewart Anne Jackson
1995 C16816 Jingles and Belle Elf-like holiday costumes/ red Santa hats/ pointed red toes/ stitch-painted porcelain rag-doll faces & hands/ red painted noses. Twin 11 15000 114.00 Beverly Stoehr Original
2003 C21449 Kissy Red & white dress & pinafore & apron are detailed w/ hearts & XOXO print embroidery/ poseable head/ painted heart-shaped mouth/ Marie's nickname from her brothers. Twins 14 15000 98.75 Marie Osmond Original
2007 C2800 Kissy It All Better Nurse inspired rag doll/ Light pink & white striped pinafore apron dress/ white blouse/ nurses hat w/ heart accent. Twin 14 500 119.00 Marie Osmond  
2003 C2680 Kissy-Mistle Ho Ho Ho Mrs. Santa-esq costume/white mistletoe-print, half apron w/ coordinating red cotton prints/ trimmed at the neck & sleeves w/ white faux fur/ red, rag hair & red face. Twins 14 6000 98.75 Marie Osmond Original
2007 C3219 Kissy Under the Mistletoe Holiday Kissy. Twin 14 500 119.25 Marie Osmond  
2004 C15780 Little Bit Country Kissy & Huggs Blue & white checkered shirts/ blue & beige printed overalls & pinafore. Twins 10 1500 127.50 Marie Osmond Original
1996 C34848 Mini Jingles & Belle Ornaments/ rag dolls dressed in traditional red & green. Twin 4/4 2500 69.00 Beverly Stoehr Original
1999 C67434 Mini Jingles & Belle '97 Green velvet matching outfits/ Retail '97. Twin 4 2500 37.00 Beverly Stoehr Original
1997 C42978 Mini Jingles & Belle Country Ornaments Festively dressed in green print w/ green accents/ red haired rag dolls. Twin 4 2500 53.75 Beverly Stoehr Original
1996 C23880 Miracle Rosie & Rags Injured little rag sister being pulled in a red wagon by her brother/ w/ Knickerbocker bear/ blue & yellow outfits. Twins 11 20000 145.00 Beverly Stoehr Original
1994 C13202 Mopsy Bright red rag-doll hair & character-painted face & hands/ red & white cotton dress w/ a white pinafore apron, accented with red rickrack/ Rags twin. Twin 18 5000 104.00 Beverly Stoehr Original
1993 C11382 Nathan Spring attire w/ embroidered sailboats & anchors on a mint green cotton fabric/ knickers & a beret/ Nicole's twin. Twin 24 2000 104.00 Anne Jackson Original
1993 C11383 Nicole Mint green & creme full-skirted dress w/ a delicate creme lace collar & trim/ pink sash, bows & headpiece/ Nathan's twin. Twin 24 2000 137.00 Anne Jackson Original
1994 C13203 Rags Rag-doll hair/ stitched-painted porcelain hands & red button nose/ red & white gingham print shirt w/ blue cotton suspender shorts & hat/ peppermint-stripe legs. Mopsy's twin. Twin 18 5000 104.00 Beverly Stoehr Original
1999 C63062-626 C63062-627 Rosie & Rags Rag doll style/ red yarn hair/ stitch painted hands & faces/ red painted noses/ Retail '95. Twin 11 Year of Production 128.00 Beverly Stoehr Original
1998 Disney Rosie & Rags as Mickey & Minnie Porcelain rag dolls with painted stitching/dressed as Mickey & Minnie. Twins 11 1998   Beverly Stoehr Original
1998 Disney Rosie & Rags as Mickey & Minnie Ornaments Rag dolls w/painted stitching/ dressed as Mickey & Minnie/shrunk down for ornaments/hand-signed certificate Twins 4 1998 40.00 Beverly Stoehr Original
1999 C95766 Rosie & Rags as Mr. & Mrs. Claus Dressed in festive reds & greens, as Mr. & Mrs. Claus/ retail '98. Twin 4 2500 50.00 Beverly Stoehr Original
1998 C50208 Rosie & Rags Clowning Around Clown attire/ Rosie in blue polka dots w/ primary color trim; Rags in blue/ white striped pants/ red, yellow & blue yarn hair. Twin 8 2500 78.25 Beverly Stoehr Original
1999 C95756 Santa's Workshop Santa is creating dolls for Christmas in this snowglobe. Christmas 5 Hand Numbered 59.00 Alex Liao Original
2007 C2101 Sealed With A Kissy Mail carrier-inspired rag doll/ frilly & playful interpretation of a postal worker/ cotton printed striped shirt & light blue dress/ red yarn hair/ brown eyes/ light blue hat. Twin 15 500 118.00 Marie Osmond  
Joanne Spada has been having fun with her new dolls. Gotta love that Kissy and Huggs :) If you want to see some close-ups of Kissy and Remember Me and compare to see if you think they are the same, click on the photo of the two of them. Thanks to Joanne for some great photos!

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