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Marie is known for her life-like baby dolls. Several of them are done after members of her family. There are several versions of Baby Marie which is done after Marie as a baby. So far of her children, she has done Stephen, Jessica, Rachael, Brianna, and two different sculpts of Abigail. Debbie, named for Donny's wife. Baby Suzanne is for Alan's wife. Olive May was sculpted by Marie and named for her mother. And in 2006, Baby Donny.

Those with have a full page. The names without have a photo.

Year Item # Name Description Series Height Edition Size Cost Artist Sculptor
2011 C28486 20th Anniversary Platinum Rose Final edition of sculpt/ silver satin dress with ribbon rosettes on the skirt and collar/ comes w/ 3rd edition collector book Toddler 13 1200 170.00 Marie Osmond  
2000 C79681 A Doll for All Seasons Seated toddler/ ponytails/ Pumpkin & Christmas tree outfits w/ more outfits to come. Toddler 9.5 2500 99.00 Michelle Severino Original
2001 C103929 A Doll For All Seasons / 2 Two adorable costumes Easter / July 4th/ a pastel-colored Easter Egg/ red, white & blue firecracker w/ a sparkly fireworks headpiece. Toddler 9.5 2500 100.00 Michele Severino Original
2001 C103928 A Doll for All Season Costumes Two sets: -848 Pastel-colored Easter Egg & red, white & blue firecracker;-849 Orange Jack- O-Lantern & Festive green Christmas tree w/ ornaments & a gold star on top Toddler N/A Open   N/A N/A
2001 C65145 A Doll for All Season Costumes Valentines & Turkey/ Thanksgiving. Toddler N/A N/A 31.00 N/A N/A
2000 C97233 Adriana Victorian toddler/ hand sculpted ringlets/ delicate slate blue dress in 1800's style w/ lace overlay & tailored ruffle trim. Toddler 12 2500 165.00 Sonja Bryer Original
2008 C4663 Aiko Asian baby girl/ posed in a laying down position/ pink & red Oriental inspired outfit w/ pretty hat. Toddler 8 2000 101.00 Ping Lau  
1998 C53179 Aleana Beautiful brown-tone porcelain/ créme dress w/ lace/ brown curls/ brown eyes/ named after Aleana Mesnard. Toddler 19 2500 161.75 Marie Osmond Original
2003 C21462 All Toiled Up French toile print dress w/ all the trimmings/ white parasol/ dating back to the 1700's, toile printed fabric was a favorite of Marie Antoinette, Louie XVI and Napoleon. Toddler 13 3500 158.50 Sonja Bryer Original
2011 Retail Amaya Celebrations Pink party dress/ COA signed by Sonja Bryer/ sold in Canada on The Shopping Channel Toddler 11 150 149.95 Sonja Bryer  
2006 C26483 Amaya - Collector's Edition Wax over porcelain/ deep pink dress. Toddler 10 500 179.00 Sonja Bryer Original
2002 C20681 Amaya Holiday Last in the series of three/ emerald satin & velvet dress w/ matching empire waist coat & gold trim/ brunette curls. Toddler 12 5000 151.50 Sonja Bryer Original
2009 C11125 Andelyn Wedgewood blue crinkle fabric dress w/ sheer layers & ruffled skirt w/ beaded heart details/ $142.80. Toddler 22 350 157.00 Rachel Scott  
2010 C28132 Andelyn - Wickedly Cute Unique green porcelain/ sheer organza dress embellished w/ flocked spider web design/ raven black hair highlighted w/ orange & white streaks. Toddler 20.5 350 149.95 Rachel Scott  
2007 C2414 Angie Sheer periwinkle blue dress w/ detailed bodice smocking & 3-dimensional floral accents/ silver grey shoes & hair ribbon/ golden auburn color/ lavender blue eyes/ certificate hand signed by Sonja Toddler 16 500 237.00 Sonja Bryer  
1998 C53184 Ann Marie Holiday Festive créme chiffon w/ delicate gold weave/ hair is cut into a cute bob. Toddler 23 5000 159.75 Sonja Bryer Original
1995 C15217 Ashley Ruffled dress w/ white ribbon & lace accents/ soft brunette curls w/ coordinating peach & white satin head bow/ Lisa Hatch's niece. Toddler 23 2500 195.50 Beverly Stoehr Original
2001 C65168 Ashley 2001 Jewel-toned, floral play dress of deep purple & emerald green, accented by vibrant red piping/  coordinating head scarf/ teddy bear w/ matching scarf/ green eyes. Toddler 17.5 Seated 2001 171.00 Beverly Stoehr Original
2009 C10576 Audrianna Periwinkle dress w/ scalloped edge & beading along the bodice. Toddler 12 300 139.75 Sonja Bryer  
2006 C26753 Avery Ivory gown w/ sheer floral embroidered organza overlay/ ivory satin pantaloons/ ivory beige shoes/ ivory bow/ blue eyes/red hair. Toddler 12 300 153.00 Sonja Bryer Original
2006 C3880 Baby Abby Pink lettuce-edged dress w/ black velveteen trim/ butterfly brooch . . . designed by & given to her by Marie/ Marie's own sculpt of her youngest daughte/ Anniversary price $144.60. Toddler 14 2000 159.00 Marie Osmond  
2006 Retail Baby Abby Lots O Lavender Exclusive for Doll Market/ lavender dress w/ poufy sleeves & lots of tulle. Toddler 14 300 159.95 Marie Osmond Original
2004 C06753 Baby Abigail Sculpted, created & named after her youngest child, Abigail/ dressed in an orchid-colored velvet, w/ feminine cream lace accents. Toddler 14 5000 162.50 Sonja Bryer/ Marie Osmond Original
2005 C23253 Baby Abigail Blessing Day Dressed in a replica of Marie's family heirloom gown/ brunette/ named for Marie's youngest daughter. Toddler 14 300 249.00 Sonja Bryer Original
2005 Retail Baby Abigail Crystal Anniversary Exclusive for Lanes Toyland/ purple dress w/ white lace trim & crystals. Toddler 14 300 164.99 Sonja Bryer Original
2005 C24807 Baby Abigail in Pink Satin ribbon trimmed pink dress/ pink hair bow/ pink shoes/ named for Marie's youngest daughter. Toddler 15 5000 179.00 Sonja Bryer Original
2009 C11091 Baby Aisha Cream faux silk dress w/ fabric flower trim & beaded accents. Toddler 14 300 129.00 Karen Scott  
2006 C26476 Baby Aleana Dress adorned w/ elaborate silvertone embroidery & crystals/ coordinating lavender pantaloons & netting/ silvertone shoes/ silvertone & crystal tiara/ brown hair/ brown eyes. Toddler 10 200 299.75 Marie Osmond Original
2003 C21195 Baby Alexis Angel Kisses When sculptor (& mother) Lisa Hatch created the original "Baby Alexis" doll, daughter, Alexis, begged her not to put freckles on it/ Lisa reluctantly obliged then, but is happy to now introduce "Baby Alexis Angel Kisses" complete w/ freckles/ silver angel pin. Toddler 18 2000 139.50 Lisa Hatch Original
2010 C27620 Baby Ashley Pink, two-piece outfit w/ smocked bodice,embroidery & pintuck detailing/ lace accents on the button panel/ coordinating, lace-trimmed bonnet. Toddler 12 350 145.00 Rachel Scott  
2010 Retail Baby Ashton Exclusive to two piece sailor set w/ pintucking details, ribbon trim & vintage look cotton fabrics. Toddler 13 50 139.95 Rachel Scott Original
1995 C16477 Baby Beverly Soft, pastel colored outfit & bonnet/ bunting quilt/ white wicker baby carrier trimmed w/ satin bows/ sculpted infant hair/ named after a dear friend of hers, Beverly Stoehr, who is "Baby Beverly's" sculptor. Toddler 16 5000 178.00 Beverly Stoehr Original
2007 C2085 Baby Boop Wide-eyed innocence & charm & her timeless appeal/ pink frilly dress. Toddler 14 5000 139.50 Eddy Mosqueda  
2007 C3015 Baby Betty Boop Ho Ho Holiday Red sateen dress with white, faux fur edging/ Santa-style hat with holly accents/ painted eyes and hair. Baby Boop 10 2000 139.50 Eddy Mosqueda  
2003 C0959 Baby Brianna Marie's daughter/ white dress w/ lavendar flowers and trim/ brown hair/ Introductry priced at $138.74. Toddler 14 2000 152.50 Sonja Bryer Original
2013 C28792 Baby Eden Dark emerald green dress w/ diamond pin tuck details & sparkling embellishments/ black velvet jacket, hair bow & belt/ 22nd Anniversary toddler Toddler 13 625 157.46 Beverly Stoehr  
2009 C8300 Baby Lex Frilly tutu & matching top/ long locks are styled for the stage in high pigtails tied w/ pink bows/ Lisa's daughter. Toddler 12 1000 164.00 Lisa Hatch  
1998 Retail Baby Marguerite Bev's Enchanted Cottage/ Bev's mother/ exclusive. Toddler   500 198.00 Margie Costa Original
1996 C18450 Baby Marie Pink moiri dress (what else but pink!) w/ tasteful white lace trim/ Marie's baby picture/ Marie as a baby. Toddler 22 5000 198.50 Beverly Stoehr Original
1998 Retail Baby Marie - Collector Club Vinyl/ light blue dress w/ smocking/baby bead bracelet. Toddler 19 100 149.00 Beverly Stoehr Original
1999 Retail Baby Marie Expo Pink flowered dress/ doll expo exclusive/ Vinyl. Toddler 19 200 149.00 Beverly Stoehr Original
1998 Retail Baby Marie - Holiday Dress Up Dark green Christmas dress trimmed in gold/ Vinyl. Toddler 19 100 149.00 Beverly Stoehr Original
1997 C39147 Baby Marie's 1st Birthday Monochromatic peach party dress/ gift box w/ plush bunny. Toddler 21 5000 198.00 B. Stoehr/ K. Seamons Original
1998 Retail Baby Marie - Night Time Vinyl/ pink lacy nightdress. Toddler 19 200 149.00 Beverly Stoehr Original
1998 C53166 Baby Marie Vinyl White & blue floral print dress/ personalized tag sewn onto the dress/ "Baby Marie" stitched on the front pocket/ brunette curls/ brown eyes/ Marie as a baby/ Retail 1996. Toddler 19.5 2500 198.00 Beverly Stoehr Original
1999 C67431 Baby Marie Vinyl's 1st Christmas Holly-red jumper w/ crisp white lace accents & teddy bear/ Vinyl. Toddler 19.5 Hand Numbered 99.00 Beverly Stoehr Original
2007 N/A Baby Mary Beth One-of-a-kind doll Marie presented to Mary Beth for her 20th Anniversary on QVC. Toddler 12 1 N/A Sonja Bryer Original
2006 C26478 Baby Me - Auburn Wedgwood-blue dress w/ soft green embroidery & accents/ choice of blond, brunette or auburn hair/ you can give her the name of your choice - Simply mail in the included postcard. Toddler 14 300 169.00 Karen Scott Original
2006 C26478 Baby Me - Blond Wedgwood-blue dress w/ soft green embroidery & accents/ choice of blond, brunette or auburn hair/ you can give her the name of your choice - Simply mail in the included postcard. Toddler 14 300 169.00 Karen Scott Original
2006 C26478 Baby Me - Brunette Wedgwood-blue dress w/ soft green embroidery & accents/ choice of blond, brunette or auburn hair/ you can give her the name of your choice - Simply mail in the included postcard. Toddler 14 300 169.00 Karen Scott Original
1997 C42983 Baby Megan Beautiful blue eyes & blond hair w/ frilly baby pink dress/ named for Beverly's first grandchild. Toddler 24 5000 204.50 Beverly Stoehr Original
2008 C5887 Baby Mermaid Shimmering and sea-shelled/ $121.32. Toddler 10 1200 133.50 Ping Lau  
2009 C10596 Baby Mermaid-Queen of the Sea Costumed in off-white organza & tulle accented w/ tiny beads, sequins & faux shells/ long blond hair/ blue eyes/ articulated head & arms/ tail is posable w/ wire armature inside. Toddler 20 150 164.50 Ping Lau  
2009 Retail Baby Mermaid Wish Upon A Starfish Shimmering & sea-shelled. Toddler 10 150 159.95 Ping Lau  
2003 C23023 Baby Miracles 2003 20th Anniversary CMN Toddler/ peach dress w/ lace trim/ CMN logo tag & 2003 embroidered on her foot/ white shoes/ plush white bear/ short red pigtails/ blue eyes. Toddler 24 2003 143.00 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2000 C79719 Baby Miss America To celebrate the rich history and tradition of the Miss America pageant/ white gown/ blue robe/ brown hair/ crown. Toddler 12 5000 144.75 Sonja Bryer Original
2009 C11114 Baby Olive Marie Heirloom Vintage detailing/ lace panels/ ribbon rosettes/ $122.13. Toddler 12 1500 147.50 Marie Osmond/ Karen Scott  
2008 Retail Baby Olive Marie - Magic of Christmas Self portrait of Marie/ costumed in outfit worn by her youngest daughter on tour/ deep red dress w/ flowers. Toddler 12 300 159.95 Marie Osmond & Karen Scott  
2007 C3323 Baby Rachel Dressed in purple, sparkly poof/ Karen's sculpt of her own daughter, Rachel. Toddler 12 500 170.00 Karen Scott Original
1996 C17950 Baby Renee Antique-like gown trimmed w/ ribbon, lace & faux pearls/ holds blanket/ sucks her thumb & cries when tilted/ named after a dear friend Marie met while touring with "The Sound of Music". Toddler 20.5 5000 200.00 Cheryl Robinson Original
2008 C3850 Baby Rosebud Subtle pink rosebud embroidery on a creamy linen fabric/ gathered bonnet/ sculpted hair. Toddler 12 1200 148.75 Beverly Stoehr  
2009 C10567 Baby Sakura Means "cherry blossom" in Japanese/ pink floral two-piece outfit w/ gold trim accents/ matching hat w/ pink faux silk flowers. Toddler 22 500 164.50 Ping Lau  
2008 C6301 Baby Santa Removable white beard/ red fleece pajama outfit w/ button drop draws & white fur trim/ rosy red cheeks & nose/ Naughty/Nice list. Toddler 12 1000 162.75 Karen Scott  
2006 C26745 Baby Shelby Sculpted, named & themed after Karen Seamons granddaughter/ blonde w/ blue eyes w/ two bottom baby teeth/ white gown w/ swirls of raised colorful sparkles & a sheer bow. Toddler 12 1500 148.00 Karen Seamons Original
2009 C27279 Baby Tina Layers of pastel pink tulle & crystal embellished floral accents. Toddler 12 425 139.75 Karen Scott  
2010 Retail Baby Tina Enchantment   Toddler 12 100 149.95 Karen Scott  
2007 C2628 Bala Crawling baby/ Red hat with sequin butterfly accent, red fleece shorts/ brown hair, brown eyes/ baby boy. Toddler 9.5 2000 89.00 Ping Lau  
2004 C06781 Bedtime Stories Dressed for slumber in flannel, juvenile-printed P.J.’s/ holds her favorite book in anticipation of reading it w/ mommy or daddy. Toddler 12 2500 119.00 Penelope Carr Original
2008 C5979 Bella Exquisite fabric with pale pink and yellow ribbon accents and plenty of pastel pink ruffles/ named for Jimmy's daughter/ $136.58. Toddler 12 1200 165.00 Sonja Bryer  
2004 C06779 Belly Buttons & Bows First-ever porcelain exposed belly-buttoned baby/ dressed in a buttons & bows theme & holding her belly-baring teddy bear. Toddler 15 2500 153.25 Kathy Smith-Fitzpatrick Original
2006 C26742 Boo Boo Baby Someone is happy & someone is not so happy & it's a one-in-the-same doll!/ doll w/two faces. Toddler 14 1500 129.50 Jo Ann Pohlman Original
2005 C24790 Boo Who Rich, multi-colored fabric w/ iridescent goblins/ feathered mask. Toddler 14 2000 157.25 Karen Scott Original
2005 C24399 Bottom's Up Uniquely sculpted w/ a porcelain “derriere” plate that is accidentally exposed w/ the unsnap of a drop-drawer on her bloomers. Toddler 20 2000 144.75 Jo Ann Pohlman Original
2005 C25009 Brianna Holiday Sapphire blue dress w/ snowflake sparkles. Toddler 15 400 159.50 Sonja Bryer Original
2005 C24065 Brianna Springtime Sculpted & named after Marie’s own daughter/ pink multi-tone daisy print dress w/ crisp white eyelet pinafore apron/ daisy embroidered lace trim & white daisy cut-out shoes. Toddler 15 2000 162.25 Sonja Bryer Original
2003 C2684 Candi Cane First "Lolli", now "Candi Cane" carries on the delectable tradition of confectionary cuties/ candy cane-themed dress w/ netting overlay, gold lame underskirt/ red, ruffle trim. Toddler 15 500 170.00 JoAnn Pohlman Original
1998 C53169 Cassidy Evergreen velvet & holiday plaid taffeta dress/ bolero jacket/ white lace ascot/ long blond hair/ blue eyes. Toddler 19 2500 133.00 Sonja Bryer Original
2006 C26735 Cassie Sculpted & named after the granddaughter of sculptor, Karen Scott/ poofy white dress w/ scalloped edges/ rose embroidery/ fabric rosettes & plenty of pink netting. Toddler 14 1500 151.00 Karen Scott Original
1998 C53181 Cherish Me Baby A perfect child's first collectible doll/ dressed in baby pink dress/ Vinyl. Toddler 10 5000 39.50 Sonja Bryer Original
2009 C27280 Chloe Sunrise blush colored dress w/ embroidered sheer overlay/ golden red hair/ coordinating hair accent. Toddler 14 600 139.75 Sonja Bryer  
2004 C15796 Christmas Cookie Christmas printed dress w/ green, red & white checkered pinafore/ auburn brownhair in pigtails/ green eyes/ holding her Christmas gingerbread cookie. Toddler 12 1000 136.50 Jo Ann Pohlman Original
2008 C4380 Ciarra Sky blue dress w/ white lace accents & trim. Toddler 12 1200 156.25 Karen Scott  
2009 Retail Clara Glory Days Sailor dress w/ navy blue trim & gold star accents/ sailor hat/ free Kewpie w/ purchase/ exclusive to Toddler 13 75 139.95 Ping Lau  
2004 C00631 Cotton Candi So pink & poofy, she looks as if she'll melt in your mouth!/ pink w/ white swiss-dot bubble skirt w/ airy pink netting trim/ holds a cone of cotton candy. Toddler 13 1500 151.25 Jo Ann Pohlman Original
2011 C28286 Cute as a Button Deep purple crinkled sheer organza dress w/ cute buttons/ tribute to antique button collectors including Michelle Osmond, Jimmy's wife. Toddler 12 500 149.50 Karen Scott  
1998 C53162 Daisy Daisy print dress contrasted by pink & white checkered trim/ Marie's signature is stitched onto the stuffed body/ beauty mark near her left eye/ hat/ blond curls/ Retail 1996. Toddler 24 7500 249.00 Marie Osmond Original
2004 C09231 Daisy Jane Light blue dotted swiss dress w/ daisy embroidered organza overlay/ blond/ blue eyes/ bouquet of daisies. Toddler 14 1500 165.75 Jo Ann Pohlman Original
2009 Retail Dancing Baby Donny Following in Marie's fancy footsteps on "Dancing with the Stars"/ exclusive. Toddler 20 Open 149.95 Karen Scott  
2010 Retail Darlene - A Sprinkle of Sunshine Bright yellow and turquoise pant set w/ ruffles & floral embroidered details. Toddler 12 150 149.95 Karen Scott  
1998 C50228 Debra Afro-American Baby in light blue chiffon dress/ angelic face. Toddler 16 2500 192.25 Sonja Bryer Original
2002 C21198 Diane Peach, party-going romper w/ oversized peach hair bow/ carries a fun filled gift/ named after her sculptor. Toddler 15 2000 161.25 Diane Vollmer Original
2009 C141420 Dream Girl Pink tricot night set accented by rows of ruffles, pink rosettes, sculpted sleeping eyes, & a mechanism in the chest that provides a realistic breathing motion/ retail had it in 2007. Toddler 19 1000 159.95 Rachel Scott  
2011 H352125 Duck, Duck, Goose Vintage style pink & white romper style short outfit w/ white collar & cute duck print/ blonde hair Toddler 10.5 300 170.02 Beverly Stoehr  
2005 C24805 Dusty Ann Baby doll style gold colored dress w/ cream colored, lace trimed Florentine collar w/ hand-applied ribbon embroidery. Toddler 12 3000 150.00 Jo Ann Pohlman Original
2008 C6366 Ella Creamy white gown w/ rich burgundy floral embroidery accents & trim/ hair is braids and curls. Toddler 12 1200 165.00 JoAnn Pohlman  
2005 C24063 Emmaline Growing up the only girl in a family of nine children, Marie Osmond created her own imaginary girlfriend, and named her “Emmaline”. Toddler 14 2000 161.50 Karen Scott Original
1999 C54685 Ena Thai baby dressed in yellow pants w/ embroidered jacket/ brown hair/ brown eyes/ named for youngest child in "The King & I". Toddler 15 5000 137.00 Carole Bowling Original
2008 C4667 Express Yourself Baby Light blue dress, white pinafore apron/ decorate the pinafore. Toddler 12 1500 152.00 Sonja Bryer  
2004 C15850 Farmer's Daughter Farm theme printed pinafore complete w/ blue skies, rollinghills, barns & roosters/ barn red shoes/ holding a rooster/ red hair/ sky blue eyes. Toddler 12 1000 153.00 Karen Scott Original
2002 C20685 Fay Rich, warm colors of autumn/ harvest print cotton dress/ auburn-brown hair w/ wreath/ named for Beverly's aunt. Toddler 14 2500 160.00 Beverly Stoehr Original
2007 C2102 Flutterby Baby Baby-pink knitted sweater w/ adorable dimensional butterfly accents and pink play pants. Toddler 11 750 139.50 JoAnn Pohlman  
2008 C5057 Friends Peachy pink satin dress w/ lace trim/ embroidered heart on her collar. Toddler 12 1500 159.00 JoAnn Pohlman  
2011 C28504 Friendship Rose Butterfly Whisper Black cotton dress w/ graduated polka dots & multicolored butterflies/ pastel pink, double-layer, netting underskirt/ dark pink pantaloons & matching shoes Toddler 12 300 150.00 Marie Osmond  
2010 C28120 The Gift of Love Sheer aquamarine-colored dress detailed w/ goldtone beads/ hair ribbon includes a bronze-colored medallion that is inspired by a similar pin Marie wore when she starred in the movie, "The Gift of Love". Toddler 12.5` 750 149.50 JoAnn Pohlman  
2005 C24787 Got Chocolate Milk? Brown & white checkered dress decorated w/ bright yellow ribbons & daisies/ chocolate brown curls. Toddler 15 3000 161.00 Jo Ann Pohlman Original
2003 C23022 got milk® Blue, white, & yellow cotton dress w/ little cows/ eyelet & lace pinafore/ bloomers w/little cows on her bum/ got milk? Trademark appliqué on pinafore/ milk moustache/ milk mug. Toddler 15 5000 159.25 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2006 C3885 Gracie Kneeling doll saying her nightly prayers/ pink, baby-doll nightgown/ Anniversary price $123.12. Toddler 14 Kneeling 1500 147.00 JoAnn Pohlman Original
1999 C63040 Hannah Jo Crisp cotton pink dress w/ a white pinafore apron w/ pink & white trimmings/ rag doll/ named for a special friend of Marie's. Toddler 9 5000 69.00   Original
2003 C0953 Holly Lolli Green velvet dress/ holly trim/ holly shaped lolli-pop/ red braids. Toddler 14 2500 163.00 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2008 C5869 I Love You Light blue & white sailor dress/ red bow at the waist & hearts along the collar/ raised hand sculpted into the sign language symbol I Love You/ $85.32. Toddler 12 2000 103.25 Sonja Bryer  
2002 C21192 I Love You Lolli Red & white heart-themed dress w/ unique collar & heart-inspired trim/ heart-shaped lollipop. Toddler 15 2500 161.75 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2010 C28050 I Scream, You Scream Pink top/ brown pants/ matching hat/ ice scream theme. Toddler 12 300 161.00 Karen Scott  
2011 C28281 It's Been a Hoot Owled themed brown satin dress/ laser-cut petal skirt/ cream bodice Toddler 12 500 149.75 Karen Scott  
2007 C2098 Jenna Baby blue dress w/ smocking & hand-embroidery detailing/ delicate baby bonnet frames wispy blond hair/ named after a collector’s request. Toddler 18 1000 178.50 Jo Ann Pohlman  
1991 C7608 Jessica Pale pink dress of a sheer material accented w/ white eyelet lace/ named for Marie's daughter. Toddler 23 2500 249.00 Vincent De Filippo Original
1992 C10415 Jessica 1st Birthday/ named for Marie's daughter Toddler 23 2500 249.00 Vincent De Filippo Original
1993 C6508 Jessica Burgundy bodice w/ gold Christmas themed print skirt/ named for Marie's daughter. Toddler 23 5000 249.00 Vincent De Filippo Original
2008 C4387 Kamara Polynesian / Hawaiian style outfit complete w/ floral lei & coconut shell bikini top. Toddler 10 1200 128.25 Karen Scott  
2009 C11074 Katelyn Blush peach faux silk dress w/ fabric flower rosettes/ sage green tulle underskirt/ coordinating shoes & headband/ posable/ jointed legs. Toddler 13 400 139.00 Beverly Stoehr  
2009 Retail Katelyn Rose White dress w/ deep red accents. Toddler 13 75 149.95 Beverly Stoehr  
2006 C26725 Katie Sue Baby blue, sparkle gown/ name is actually derived from Katie & Lisa’s grandma & mother/ Lisa's older sister. Toddler 15 2000 149.00 Lisa Hatch Original
2007 C2090 Katie Sue Grandma's Rose Garden Black dress w/ flocked red rose print/ black patent shoes w/ red ribbon ties/ red rose ribbon in her curly, dark brown hair/ green eyes. Toddler 14 1500 162.00 Lisa Hatch  
2006 C3977 Katie Sue Happy Holiday Costumed in a rich green taffeta dress w/ black floral velvet flocking & ribbon accent/ just a hint of crystal sparkle on her gown/ Anniversary price $132.37. Toddler 13 1500 159.00 Lisa Hatch Original
2000 C99852 Kayla Cotton romper/ brunette ponytails/ barefoot/ named from a collector's request. Toddler 20 2500 199.00 Diane Bucki  
1998 C46600 Keisha In Sunday best, pink taffeta dress w/ white organza overlay/ blond curls. Toddler 20 2500 152.25 Marie Osmond Original
1999 C57089 Kristen African American baby in Battenburg lace dress/ hat w/ baby doll/ sleeping/ Retail '98. Toddler 18 5000 179.00 Brenda Connors Original
2007 C3040 Leela In the Asian language, "Leela" means charming/ full-body porcelain/ childlike innocence & charm/ brown hair & brown eyes. Toddler 7 2000 89.50 Ping Lau  
2008 Lenox Lenox - Fall Harvest Lenox exclusive/ autumn gold dress featuring subtle ruching gathers on her skirt & a brown velvet bodice w/ colorful leaf embroidery along her neckline. Toddler 12 500 150.00 Karen Scott Original
2004 Lenox Lenox - Happy Birthday Lenox exclusive/ dressed from head to toe in pink & lace/ carries a Lenox ivory china cake ornament that can be personalized w/ the name of your choice. Toddler 10.5 500 139.95 Sonja Bryer Original
2004 Lenox Lenox- Happy Holidays Lenox exclusive/ holiday dress w/ sheer embroidered overlay/ holds a Lenox ivory china stocking ornament that can be personalized w/ the name of your choice. Toddler 10.5 500 139.95 Sonja Bryer Original
2009 Lenox Lenox - Holiday Charm Lenox exclusive/ ruby red dress w/ sparkle accents/ Christmas stocking ornament. Toddler 12 300 150.00 Sonja Bryer Original
2008 Lenox Lenox - Holiday Classic Lenox exclusive/ brick red dress w/ sage green embroidery, adornments & ribbon accents/ Christmas tree ornament. Toddler 12 500 150.00 Karen Scott Original
2005 Lenox Lenox-Holiday Elegance Lenox exclusive/ cream & gold/ holds a Lenox ivory china ornament that can be personalized w/ the name of your choice. Toddler 10.5 500 140.00 Karen Scott Original
2008 C3901 Lenox Pink Parfait Puffy, frothy dress of blush pink netting & embroidered organza/ embroidered w/ fuchsia flowers & trimmed in white lace. Lenox 12 300 146.75 Karen Scott  
2009 Lenox Lenox Spring Rose Lenox exclusive/ dressed w/ black bodice & pink skirt trimmed w/ roses/ blonde/ holds heart shaped ivory china charm that can be personalized/ Vinyl. Toddler 12 300 150.00 Karen Scott Original
2006 Lenox Lenox-Springtime Lenox exclusive/ pink dress w/ mint green trim & bow/ holds Lenox ivory china ornament that can be personalized w/ the name of your choice. Toddler 12 300 150.00 Karen Scott Original
2007 Lenox Lenox-Springtime Splendor Lenox exclusive/ beribboned dress in satin & embroidered organza/ lavendar w/ green accents. Toddler 12 500 150.00 Karen Scott Original
2004 C15860 Let It Snow Delicate white dress/ velvet bodice w/ flocked snowflakes imprinted on the organza fabric skirt/ layers of white netting slips/ trimmed w/ rhinestones. Toddler 11 2000 137.50 Sonja Bryer Original
2004 C09241 Li Ying Little Asian baby/ pink satin embroidered traditional Asian infant wear. Toddler 10 3000 131.75 Ping Lau Original
1997 C37918 Lilly Oriental styled costume in deep red w/ black trim/ black straight hair. Toddler 22 5000 173.00 N/A Original
1993 C11244 Little Debbie Peach dress over white petticoat/ Donny's daughter he doesn't have/ named for his wife. Toddler 23 2500 262.00 J. Hollebrands Original
2007 C2996 Little Princess Melon-colored, pleated chiffon dress w/ delicate white lace trim/ faux-pearl crown/ cascading brunette curls, brown eyes/ introductory price $160.44. Toddler 14 1500 176.50 Rachel Scott  
2008 C3921 Little Things Pink w/ white frills and bows, this adorable toddler named Little Things reminds us all to appreciate the small stuff   13 2500 147.00 JoAnn Pohlman  
1999 C62390 Lin Sky-blue jacquard trimmed w/ lace & chiffon accents/ oriental/ retail '98. Toddler 10 Year of Production 89.00 Joanna Cayot Original
2002 C74384 Lolli Long auburn braids/ playtime romper/ summer sandals/ sprinkle of freckles across her nose. Toddler 14 2500 159.50 Jo Ann Pohlman Original
2005 C25020 Love Bug Lady Bug print dress/ blond hair. Toddler 12 1500 140.00 Jo Ann Pohlman Original
2010 C28116 Love For Lola Pastel pink dress w/ sheer floral embroidered overlay/ plush white Malteese puppy dog inspired by Marie’s Malteese/ $164.64. Toddler 18 700 181.50 JoAnn Pohlman  
2001 C103921 Maggie Dressed in a soft green, cotton dress w/ a subtle floral print/ white knitted sweater over top. Toddler 23 2000 169.00 Jo Ann Pohlman Original
2013 C28798 Maj Brit Light blue dress w/ smocked bodice, eyelet accents & flower embroidered details/ miniature porcelain doll in a white gown. Sculpted in the likeness of a winner from a fan contest from a special Donny & Marie Cruise in 2012. Toddler 14 400 179.98 Ping Lau  
2010 C28127 Marina Shimmery aquamarine mermaid tail costume w/ sheer sparkly bodice/ coordinating headpiece/ crystal embellished starfish pin/ $142.44. Gifts From the Sea 19 800 172.50 Ping Lau  
2007 C3322 Mary 2007 White organza dress embroidered w/ pastel pink & green floral accents/  brunette curls/ deep brown eyes. Toddler 19 500 170.00 Karen Scott Original
1998 C50209 Mary Sunshine Doll w/ two faces; one smile, one frown/ white floral dress w/ pink trim/ bonnet. Toddler 15 2500 142.50 Beverly Stoehr Original
2009 Retail Mary Witches and Webs Pretty witch/ exclusive to Toddler 12 100 149.95 Karen Scott  
2000 C97284 Mato Traditional tribal outfit of suede w/ fringe/ feathers in hair/ decorative beads around his neck/ name means "brave". Toddler 11 2500 119.00   Original
2007 MDF Exclusive MDF Friendship Brings Tranquility Exclusive to commemorate the 10th anniversary of MarieDollFriends; an online doll collectors group founded by Tanya St. Amant. Toddler 12 180 149.95 Karen Scott Original
2009 Retail Mikayla Gold dress w/ daisy trim & white basket Toddler 13 150 149.95 Sonja Bryer  
2009 C27283 Mimi Black & white toile dress w/ accented w/ bright red ruffled detailing. Toddler 12 500 145.00 JoAnn Pohlmann  
1999 C57090 Mindy Baby pink dress w/ front smocking/ quilt & outfit changes/ Retail version comes w/ white wicker trunk-style bassinet/ Retail '97 $234. Toddler 16 2000 94.00 Beverly Stoehr Original
2001 C43363 Missy Second two-faced doll is happy on one side, turn her head, she's unhappy, too/ green & white play dress trimmed in pink & an oversized bonnet. Toddler 9" Standing 5000 99.75 Michele Severino Original
2001 C65131 M'lissa Virginia Black embossed velvet w/ diamond like crystals & silver trim/ upswept blond hair/ named for Lisa's sister. Toddler 16 3000 184.00 Lisa Hatch Original
2003 C2872 M'Lissa Virginia - Baby Blues Airy blue dress w/ blue & yellow embroidered flowers & edging/ very limited edition doll designed exclusively for QVC. Toddler 15 500 173.00 Lisa Hatch Original
2003 Retail M'Lissa Virginia Timeless Smocked bodice-front, burgundy-red taffeta fabric w/ crème sheer trim/ retail exclusive. Toddler 15 750 170.00 Lisa Hatch Original
2005 Retail Mommy's Girl Mint green dress w/ white trim/ blond hair/ retail exclusive. Toddler 13 750 139.95 Karen Scott Original
2008 Retail My Angel All white dress w/ floral adornment on her sleeves & encased within the netting layers/ updo of golden-blond curls/ sold exclusively on Toddler 12 85 149.95 Sonja Bryer Original
2006 Retail My Friend Eye-catching organza gown in subtle multi-colors w/ crystal adornments to commemorate the “crystal” 15th Anniversary/ Toddler & Tiny Tot set. Toddler 15 1500 199.00 Karen Scott Original
2007 C2425 My Friend Forever Tailored dress of classic black & white/ golden hair, styled in an upswept high ponytail w/ softly curled tendrils & black bow accent/ blue-gray eyes/ nails are painted in a French manicure/ black shiny patent shoes/ certificate hand-signed by Marie. Toddler 14 500 196.00 Karen Scott  
2007 Retail My Friend Holiday Snowflake-themed frosty blue dress w/ adorable white faux-fur trim. Toddler 15 250 160.00 Karen Scott Original
2005 C24077 My Sister Doll vignette depicts older sister cuddling her younger sister in her arms/ dusty pink & creamy white floral-print cotton dress w/ auburn-red ponytails. Toddler 14 1000 160.00 Jo Ann Pohlman Original
2001 C43367 Nia African-American baby/ ivory dress w/lace overlay on her bodice & sleeves/ organdy overlay with rosette trim on her skirt & scallop lace at her waist. Toddler 12" Seated 5000 139.50 Adrienne Brown Original
2003 C21458 No No Nanette Yellow & blue print fabrics/ holding mommy's lipstick. Toddler 14 2500 129.25 JoAnn Pohlman Original
1995 C16274 Olive May Marie's first sculpt/ large brown eyes & soft brunette hair/ light blue satin dress/ Marie's signatuare stitched onto the body/ beauty mark near left eye, replicating Marie's own beauty mark. Toddler 24 20000 180.00 Marie Osmond Original
2008 C4318 Olive May 50th Anniversary Gold-colored silk, lace & embroidery accents adorning her dress/ the names of each member of the famous Osmond family are embroidered around the hem/ Featured on her Certificate of Authenticity are the signatures of each of Olive & George’s nine children, which are Virl, Tom, Alan, Wayne, Merrill, Jay, Donny, Marie & Jimmy. Toddler 12 5000 156.00 Marie Osmond  
1996 C34844 Olive May Christmas Deep green taffeta w/ green, red & gold festive plaid taffeta underskirt, belt & trim/ trimmed w/ white battenberg lace & red satin poinsettias/ beauty mark near left eye. Toddler 24 7500 180.00 Marie Osmond Original
2004 C15776 Olive May Loving Tribute Marie's mother, Olive May, wore the colors fuchsia & purple, her favorites, on the momentous day in 1944 when she married Marie's father, George. Over half a century later, Marie honors the mother she so adores with the Olive May Loving Tribute doll/ floral-print dress of fuchsia & purple/ accented w/ faux flowers around her waist & atop her head. Toddler 13 4800 167.25 Marie Osmond Original
1997 C37698 Olive May Springtime Daisy & black checkerboard print dress/ oversized straw hat w/ coordinating fabrics & flowers/ named after Marie's mother/ Marie's signature is stitched into the stuffed body/ beauty mark near her left eye. Toddler 24 7500 198.00 Marie Osmond Original
2000 C99851 Olive May Sunday Best Periwinkle blue satin & organza dress w/ white trim/ patent leather white purse & gloves. Toddler 24 1000 199.00 Marie Osmond Original
2013 C28796 Olive the Seasons Pinafore for each season . . . Winter - faux fur accents; Spring - blue & Yellow floral; Summer - flamingo; Fall - owl print Toddler 12 500 149.80 Marie Osmond/ Karen Sott  
2009 Retail Organza Love & Teddy Bears Dressed in blue & white plaid/ holds teddy bear/ exclusive. Toddler 15 75 149.99 Karen Scott  
1997 C36648 Paper Roses Baby Marie Vibrant rose-patterned dress w/ white organza pinafore/ trading card of the original "Paper Roses" album cover/ to commemorate Marie's #1 debut hit/ Vinyl. Toddler 19.5 5000 199.50 Beverly Stoehr Original
1998 C53163 Peek-a-boo Pink dress/ curly blond pigtails/ playing Peek A Boo with Annette Funicellobear w/ magnetized paws/ Retail 1997. Toddler 23 5000 249.00 Marie Osmond Original
2003 C21459 Peggy Ruffled denim short-alls/ pink cotton tee/ oversized denim hat/ pink daisy accents/ named for Peggy Vicioso. Toddler 22 1500 150.00 Karen Scott Original
2007 C3009 Petals Pastel pink dress w/ petal-shaped panels as the skirt, trimmed w/ ribbon rosettes & bows/ blond hair styled in piggy-tails w/ pink sheer ribbon accents/ blue eyes. Toddler 24 1000 176.75 JoAnn Pohlman  
2010 The Shopping Channel Pink for the Cure Canadian Shopping Channel Exclusive/ Pink dress/ red hair/ for Breast Cancer Awareness Toddler 12 600 159.95 Sonja Bryer  
2007 C2505 Playful in Pink White polka-dot-on-pink child’s dress w/ a very feminine choirboy collar/ auburn-red baby hairstyle w/ whale-spout top. Toddler 14 1000 139.50 JoAnn Pohlman  
1992 C11254 Rachael Named after Marie's second daughter/ authentic copy of Rachael's own bright, summery dress & matching shoes. Toddler 23 2500 219.00 Vincent De Filippo Original
2013 C28789 Red Velvet Red velvet pleated skirt w/ layers of ruffled underskirting, cream colored ruffled accents & light up Red Velvet cupcake. Toddler 12 1200 139.96 Sonja Bryer  
2004 C00660 Ruffle Bum Baby Sculpted in crawling position, & can easily sit, as well/ costumed in coordinating peach and cream fabrics, and comes with her own baby quilt. Toddler 14 1500 164.75 Jo Ann Pohlman Original
2011 C28284 Ruffles and Roses Layers of ruffles & fabric rose accents Toddler 12 600 149.75 Karen Scott  
2000 C99822 Rylee Blue cotton dress w/ floral print/ smoking across the bodice/ stuffed bunny/ named for Karen Seamons granddaughter. Toddler 9.5 5000 99.00 Sandra Babin  
1999 C95751 Santa Baby Red dress w/ white buttons & trim/ Santa hat/ blonde hair & blue eyes. Toddler 12 seated 5000 159.00 Sonja Bryer Original
2006 C1519 Sasha Rachel carries on the family tradition of talented artists w/ her debut doll, “Sasha.” Toddler 24 500 171.00 Rachel Scott Original
2007 C3321 Sasha 2007 Creamy white gown w/ soft rouching on her skirt/ pink bows & rosettes/ blond curls cascade over one shoulder/ wreath of pink fabric flowers. Toddler 14 500 170.00 Rachel Scott Original
2007 IDEX Sasha Springtime Organza gown highlighted w/ lavender & sage-green embroidery w/ silk floral accents adorning her cascading curls/ available exclusively at the 2007 IDEX show in Orlando, FL. Toddler 19 100 199.00 Rachel Scott Original
1999 C57082 Saundra Blonde hair/ cotton floral print in soft lavender & blue hues. Toddler 15 5000 125.00 Carole Bowling Original
1999 Retail Savannah Marie Lane's Toyland exclusive/ toddler/ brunette/ apricot dress. Toddler 20 500 198.00 Marie Osmond Original
2002 Event Sharon Eileen Event doll for Washington DC luncheon/ mint green & pink dress/ one of a kind. Toddler 12 1 NA Sonja Bryer Original
2004 C06776 Shoa Mei Shao Pang has a sister! Meet “Shao Mei”, (meaning “Little Sister”)/ chubby, round face/ side-glancing eyes/ authentically dressed in an Asian flower-print satin. Toddler 12 2500 159.50 Ping Lau Original
2010 C28130 Silver Lining Faux silk wedgewood blue dress w/ silver thread embroidery/ silver gray underskirting/ cameo brooch accent at the waist/ $136.26. Toddler 14 900 149.50 Beverly Stoehr  
2005 C24404 Smart Cookie Plaid school uniform w/ apple embroidery trim/ long auburn braids/ round eyeglasses/ holds an apple-shaped cookie to give her teacher. Toddler 12 1000 144.50 Jo Ann Pohlman Original
2003 C22036 Spring Daisy Pink felt gerbera daisy sitting in her felt, clay colored pot, reminds us all to “bloom where we are planted”! Toddler 10 2500 89.25 Michele Severino Original
1996 C32410 Stephen Marie's oldest son/ in blue sweater/ walking shorts. Toddler 21 5000 229.00 Beverly Stoehr Original
2005 C23091 Sugar Cookie Many layers of pink sparkle netting/ holds a pink sugar cookie. Toddler 13 1000 149.00 Jo Ann Pohlman Original
2003 C22037 Summer Sunshine Here comes the sun . . . brightly costumed as a radiant, felt sun, so bright that even she has to wear sunglasses! Toddler 10 2500 89.25 Michele Severiino Original
2003 C22017 Sunny Jo Sunflower print cotton dress/ruffled cream pinafore apron w/ decorative sunflower embroidery/ structured straw hat/ holds a hand-painted water can. Toddler 11 1500 129.00 Karen Scott Original
1997 C34752 Sunshine & Happiness Vignette of a young girl with vivid yellow rag ponytails, holding her matching rag doll, "Happiness"/ Blue eyes/ rosy cheeks. Toddler 21/11 7500 159.00 Beverly Stoehr Original
2004 C00657 Susie Dressed in a timeless baby-blue batiste w/ heirloom quality design & ribbon-embroidery highlights/ holds a pillow with "Mother, I Love You" stitched on it. Toddler 15 1000 165.00 Lisa Hatch Original
2005 C23280 Susie Butterfly Sheer pink & white dress w/ multi-color butterflies w/ Swarovski crystal bodies. Toddler 15 500 179.75 Lisa Hatch Original
2006 C26485 Susie Loving Tribute Deep red dress w/ bows on hem/ done after Lisa's mom. Toddler 15 400 185.00 Lisa Hatch  
2004 C15804 Susie Rose Bouquet Deep red skirt/ ivory knit sweater w/ ribbon embroidered flower basket on bodice/ flower headpiece/ dark brown hair/ blue eyes. Toddler 14 1500 169.95 Lisa Hatch Original
pre 1996 Retail Suzanne Dressed in blue lace/ named for Alan's wife. Toddler 23 3000 215.00 M.Nicole  
2011 C28274 Sweet Baby Bridgette White two piece pajama style baby outfit w/ vintage detailing Toddler 12 700 149.75 Lori Ivanovic  
2010 C28110 Sweet Bonnie Heirloom quality dress w/ smocking, lace insets & embroidered floral details/ light lavender wicker bonnet w/ pastel flowers & ribbon/ $134.88. Toddler 12.5 750 163.50 Lori Ivanovic  
2005 C24397 Sweet Freedom Literally wears her love of country on her sleeve as she is dressed from head to toe in her beloved red, white & blue. Toddler 14 750 144.75 Jo Ann Pohlman Original
2003 C0961 Sydney Pink winterwear coat & dress ensemble, w/ soft maribou trim & white beret/ named for sculptor's daughter. Toddler 14 1000 166.25 Karen Scott Original
2006 Retail Teddy Bear Tea Party Dressed in tea party attire w/ all the lace trimmings/ charming tea set & teddy bear/ retail exclusive. Toddler 7.5 300 99.95 Lisa Jane  
2013 C28790 Tricksy Red hair/ black dress w/ sheer orange polka dot overlay & details/ tiny black witches hat/ purple sash. Toddler 13 600 144.36 Karen Sott  
1999 C54684 Very Beary in Love Heart & bear themed country cotton dress/ holds her cherished teddy bear. Toddler 19 2500 147.50 "Ghost Sculptor" Original
1998 C46601 Victoria Leigh Baby's christening gown w/ battenburg lace/ sculpted hair. Toddler 17 2500 207.00 Marie Osmond Original
2009 C8317 Vivian Cream dress w/ burgundy roses/ brown hair & hazel eyes. Toddler 12 1000 149.95 Sonja Bryer  
2004 C00632 Winter Blessing Creamy white dress/ faux fur trimmed overcoat/ matching faux fur hat. Toddler 15 1500 162.50 Karen Scott Original
2010 C27617 Zoe Ready For Fun Five-color knit sweater over red jersey-knit pants/ lavender shirt/ red fabric shoes/ matching red jersey-knit fabric hat w/ a large flower accent. Toddler 12 300 139.50 JoAnn Pohlman  

Revised 8/21/14