The Doll Market Signing

November 4, 2006

By Tim Thompson

Well, my day started at 6:00 A.M. to be to work at 7:00

Home at 3:00 and on the road at 4:30

So busy getting "ready" and getting the car loaded and checking e-mails for the folks we are getting dolls for that alas . . . We're going to a signing and we leave three dolls we are getting signed. Not to worry, Cheryl noticed before we pulled out!

Traffic around DC was typical horrible Friday afternoon so we lost 1 1/2 hrs so we just get to the hotel past midnight and now dumb me posting on here to let you know we made it.

We are 3 miles from the Doll Market and plan to be there in line by 7:30 A.M. for the doors to open at 9:00

Man I hope they have the dolls! In years past we have gotten here on Friday and scoped out the dolls and written the order so all we had to do was hand it in when the doors open on Saturday. So . . . it's the mad dash tomorrow (Well - wait a minute - it is tomorrow - it's today . . . any way . . the made dash in a few hours.)

Will check in tomorrow after the signing


Oh My . . .

I hope this morning does not reflect on the way things are going to go today!

Our hotel is new. Low and behold . . . the toilet does not work and the shower does not work

Call to the front desk we go

Off to stand in line at the Doll Market it is . . .

Later today . . . Doll Market Part 2 - The Event


And what an event it was!

First off . . . before I forget it for those of you who really like limited edition dolls . . . drum roll please . . .

The Doll Market on their EBAY Store on Dec 1 will list . . .

Elvis! # 10 out of 15

Deal or No Deal #1 out of 10

These are the Top Dealer award dolls from the last 2 yrs.

Now . . . the signing . . . .

Marie had her hair in a pony tail . . . Lisa was dressed to kill . . . very long black dress with lots of glitter and decoration . . . really great

The Doll Market exclusive is amazing . . . the pictures do not do it justice.

Marie and Lisa were still tired from Utah but both agreed it was an amazing time. Lisa's tooth still hurts (from when Marie hit her with the mike) While we were in the signing room with Marie we were the only ones in there at that time that went to Utah so she basically talked to us the whole time we were in there.

I had Lisa get in the picture with us so I actually had Marie on one side of me and Lisa on the other.

Lisa and Marie were the ones working on the DVD and they just about have all the pictures picked out for it . . . so Marie actually has her hand in what's gonna be included on the dvd

The signing times were moved up because Marie has to catch a plane for rehersals for her upcoming Christmas tour.

The Idex Brunch (January) sold out in under 4 hrs according to Tracey

They would not tell us any details but in the March Q show (Lmtd edition show) there is gonna be something out of this world

For those of you who wanted me to get you dolls I was able to get every one and will be in touch with you after we get back to Maryland later this week. (Boy is our little car packed!)

Well . . . I am going to go and try to downlaod a few pictures and then see if I can post them.


And a few more things:

After resting up I can now remember some of the things that were said at the signing.

Lisa and Marie - Lisa "We are thinking about renaming the Ultimate Signing the signing from . . . " Marie "Hell-o!"

The signing was late starting (big surprise there! lol!) because Marie was shopping in the store. Throughout the signing Marie would say "Jackie" (owner of the Doll Market) "I'd like one of these too." Well, at one point a girl had the porcelain Blossom to be signed and Marie says, "Jackie - I'd like one of these too." Jackie strolls over to look at the doll while Cheryl and I are "whispering" to Marie "It's a QVC exclusive." Lisa says, "Well, I'd really be impressed if Jackie came up with this one." Jackie says, "I tried to buy her but they wouldn't let me." This probably lost something in the translation but it really was funny while it was going on.

Cheryl asked Lisa if she was engaged yet . . . Lisa said "You don't see a 3 carat ring do you?" Marie then says, "I told him it has to be a 4 carat now."

Cheryl was talking to Marie and said "we didn't get to see much of Provo and we're going to have to come back." Marie shook her head and said, "You've seen it!"

Lisa told Marie she really owed her for that early morning QVC show. (As you recall Marie didn't show up till it was almost over)

Concerning Donny . . . Marie said Donny was "cute" as Gaston. Now . . . concerning the show . . . the stage manager said one night after the Donny dolls had hit the streets there was a show that there was a lot of people who had the Donny doll at the show and they all kept holding them up trying to get Donny's attention. The stage manager and others were getting freaked out because they thought those women were holdng up and waving their real children!

Other stuff . . .

Chris . . . my Marie Doll Dudes pin was the talk of the show again.

There were a good number of MDF's there. It was good to meet Paul and his wife . . . I know he's new to the forum I'm not sure about his wife. Saw Patty B, Lynda Thompson, Jackie, Maude and there were a good number of others . . . sorry I don't remember you all right now.

That's about all I can think of right now . . .