Disneyland Where Dreams Come True Brunch

July 7, 2007

The event started with guests picking up their dolls and gift bags and then taking photos with Marie. There was a Disney photographer taking photos and part of the price of the brunch included the photo. Then on to brunch. The tables and chairs were covered with white cloths and the chairs had blue bows on them. The centerpieces were flowers with one of Marie's Disney dolls: Baby Annette 50th Anniversay Tiny Tot, Tinker Bell Tiny Tot, Small World Can Can, Beefeater or Hawaiian Girl. After eating, the guests moved to a seating area for Marie's talk. She spoke of how her dreams came true thanks to her parents, her family and her faith. She talked about Faith, Hope and Charity . . . .when she spoke about Charity she referred to the MarieDollFriends forum and the many wonderful charitable acts she has witnessed . . .for example she talked about Lisa's sister M'lissa and how people raffled off dolls etc. to help her . . . she said M'lissa is writing a book and half of the proceeds will go to the shooter's family since they were left devastated as well. M'lissa's husband was killed in a workplace shooting a few years ago. Marie also introduced Martha, who has worked for Disneyland for over 35 years.  Martha is in charge of the merchandising and merchandise events that take place at the Disneyland Resort.  Marie shared the story of how Martha lost a very special friend unexpectedly and how this friend was like a sister to her.  This friend was the one responsible for getting her to apply to work at Disneyland. On the day of Martha's 35th anniversary of service (when Disney does a special celebration for their longterm employees), this friend was supposed to go with her to the celebration but she died unexpectedly.  In honor of this friendship and a personal way of saying thank you to this lady who has been responsible for Marie's doll events at Disneyland all these years, Marie and Charisma with the talent of Ping Lau came up with a one-of-a-kind Babies A Bloom doll named Rita, after the dear friend that was lost. The doll is dressed in the Disneyland Tour Guide outfit. Following the brunch, Marie met with those who had brought gifts and such and took a few more pictures with them. Marie had surgery the week before the event, so her time was limited as she needed to rest.

After Marie's speech, the drew names for the center pieces and some low edition and artist proofs of Marie's Disney dolls. My friend, Karen, won the centerpiece of Baby Annette.

Thanks to Teresa Reiches-Schacher for the terrific photos!!! Teresa is in the red hat :)