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Sweet Dreams

Babies and sleep are a wonderful combination. I got Dawn from Diane's Dolls and she is an incredible doll. Her costuming is layers of ruffles trimmed with lace and ribbons.

Those with have a full page. The names without have a photo.

Year Item # Name Description Series Height Edition Size Cost Artist Sculptor
1997 C34520 Baby Cuddles Pink fuzzy pajamas w/ blanket/ blond hair. Sweet Dreams 13.5 1500 92.50 Cheryl Robinson Original
1997 C39148 Dawn Sleeping baby/ teal cotton gown w/ matching bonnet/ blond, baby fine hair . Sweet Dreams 23 5000 199.00 Kathy Fitzpatrick Original
1997 C39153 Dream Baby Heirloom quality pillow & doll are done in pale, antique pink satins w/ plenty of lace and ribbon trim. Sweet Dream 9 1500 77.00 Cheryl Robinson Repro/Dream Baby
2012 C28665 Heavenly Dream White dress w/ ribbon & embroidered detailing/ white feather wings that attach w/ elastic straps/ satin slippers/ butterfly wrist band. Sweet Dreams 22 275 178.86    
1993 C11904 Olivia Named after Marie's niece/ knitted cap w/ blue satin ribbon tie/ gown is a soft sky blue cotton, accented w/ blue satin ribbons & lace around the collar and hem. Sweet Dreams 7.5 2500 93.00 Donna Stewart Repro-Hilda
1994 C12859 Sweet Dreams Baby Sculpted hair/ baby blue pajamas/ sits on a stuffed moon/ plays "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star". Sweet Dreams 13 2500 89.50 Donna Stewart Repro

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