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Strawberry Shortcake™

Those with have a full page. The names without have a photo.

Year Item # Name Description Series Height Edition Size Cost Artist Sculptor
2005 C24997 Blueberry Muffin “Strawberry Shortcake’s™” dear friend “Blueberry Muffin.” Strawberry Shortcake™ 10 2500 98.50 Ping Lau Original
2007 C2094 Blueberry Muffin Tiny Tot One of Strawberry Shortcake’s best friends from the enchanting Strawberryland in miniature size. Tiny Tot 5 Open 41.50 Ping Lau  
2007 C2093 Lemon Meringue Bright yellow polka dot dress w/ green & white striped tights/ bright yellow fleece hat/ yellow yarn curls. Strawberry Shortcake 13 2500 99.00 Ping Lau  
2007 C3023 Lemon Meringue Tiny Tot Green & white striped stockings/ bright yellow yarn hair/ brown painted eyes. Tiny Tot 5 Open 43.75 Ping Lau  
2006 C26144 Raspberry Tart Shades of pink w/ bright green & white stripes/ pink hair/ painted brown eyes. Strawberry Shortcake 13 2500 98.50 Ping Lau Original
2006 C1517 Raspberry Tart Tiny Tot Authentic outfit w/ shades of pink (including her hair) & bright green w/ white stripes/ one of the few friends who doesn’t wear a dress. Tiny Tot 5 Open 42.50 Ping Lau  
2005 C23084 Strawberry Shortcake™ An officially licensed “Strawberry Shortcake™” collectible doll/ authentically costumed & hallmarked w/ all the collectible extras . Strawberry Shortcake™ 10 5000 96.00 Ping Lau Original
2006 C26731 Strawberry Shortcake Tiny Tot “Strawberry Shortcake” lives in Strawberryland w/ her many sweet friends, & now brings the charm of Strawberryland to your home. Tiny Tot 5 Open 41.75 Ping Lau  

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