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Story Book

The Story Book dolls come in boxes done to look like books. They have beautiful artwork on them. Inside the cover of the box is an abreviated version of the story. Also available are the first four stories on cassette.

Those with have a full page. The names without have a photo.

Year Item # Name Description Series Height Edition Size Cost Artist Sculptor
1998 C48395 Alice in Wonderland Blue dress/ white apron trimmed w/ lace & red ribbon/ storybook box. Story Book 7 1998 47.50 Charlotte Bellsmith Repro/Googly
1996 C28375 Beauty & the Beast Gold gown w/ vibrant pinkover dress/ blonde hair & green eyes. Story Book 7 1996 48.25 Charlotte Bellsmith Original
1999 C95764 Christmas Memories Pop-up Christmas book w/ Santa/ retail '98. Story Book 7 Year 58.00 Charlotte Bellsmith Original
1997 C37720 Cinderella Blue Gown/ blonde hair/ storybook that holds doll. Story Book 7 1997 48.50 Charlotte Bellsmith Original
1995 C16475 Goldilocks In Floral dress w/ bear/ braids. Story Book 7 1995 48.00 Charlotte Bellsmith Original
1994 C13708 Little Bo-Peep Storybook and doll/ bow patterned fabric w/ crook staff/ blond curls. Story Book 7 1994 49.50 Charlotte Bellsmith Original
1997 C42975 Little Drummer Boy Dressed as in the story/ he played his drum for him. Story Book 8 1997 49.75 Charlotte Bellsmith Original
1994 C13199 Little Red Riding Hood Storybook that holds the doll/ typical red hood outfit/ dark hair. Story Book 7 1994 48.00 Charlotte Bellsmith Original
1995 C16222 Princess and the Pea In Dark blue w/ gold gown/ brunette. Story Book 7 1995 49.50 Charlotte Bellsmith Original
1996 C34755 The Nutcracker Blonde hair/ blue eyes/ dressed in pink nightgown w/ nutcracker. Story Book 7 1996 48.00 Charlotte Bellsmith Original
1996 C17952 Thumbelina Sparkling lavender ruffled ruffles w/ gold accents/ blond curly hair. Story Book 7 1996 49.00 Charlotte Bellsmith Original

Although Juliette is a Story Book doll, she is not part of the series known as Story Book. The series all come in book shaped boxes and Juliette does not. She comes with her own book.

Year Item # Name Description Series Height Edition Size Cost Artist Sculptor
1993 C10404 Juliette Magic ferris wheel Story Book 6 2500 121.50 Charlotte Bellsmith Repro-Linbach

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