Rita Schmidt

Year   Name Description Series Height Edition Size Cost Artist Sculptor
1996 C28057 Amy Kathlyn Named for Marie's niece who was "America's Jr. Miss"/ the daughter of Wayne & Kathy Osmond, and is an accomplished violinist/ played Marie in a movie about the Osmond family called, "Side by Side"/ replication of the gown Amy wore during the talent portion of the "America's Jr Miss" pageant. N/A 22 5000 211.25 Rita Schmidt Original
1992 C11240 Bryanna Green velvet/ gold bows/ named for Marie's niece Christmas 17 1000 183.00 Rita Schmidt Original
2003 C0963 Bryanna Tiny Tot Holiday green velvet w/ shiny gold bow accents & white trim/ named for Marie's niece. Tiny Tot 5.5 Open 41.25 Rita Schmidt Original
1994 C14515 Bryanna Winter white hooded coat, trimmed in faux fur & gold lame/ named for Marie's niece. Christmas 17 7500 149.25 Rita Schmidt Charlotte Bellsmith
1995 C17235 Bryanna Blue velvet coat trimmed w/ white faux fur & silver braiding/ white fur muff that matches her winter hat w/ royal blue & silver accents/ white ice-skates w/ shiny silver blades, representing some skating moments in Marie's history on "The Donny & Marie Show" & the movie, "The Gift of Love". Christmas 17 3500 178.50 Rita Schmidt Original
1993 C10406 Camille In pink & mint floral dress w/ locket. Picture Day 23 2500 219.00 Rita Schmidt Charlotte Bellsmith
1993 C10407 Caroline In red velvet w/ locket. Picture Day 23 2500 220.00 Rita Schmidt Charlotte Bellsmith
2002 C19927 I Love You till the Cows Come Home Tiny Tot Reduced version of the 1998 original/ black & white gingham-checked cotton dress w/ sunflower & bovine trim/ holds her stuffed pet cow. Tiny Tot 5 Open 41.50 Rita Schmidt Original
1998 C45012 I'll Love You 'Til the Cows Come Home Dressed in country cow motif/ cloth pet cow/ brown curly ponytails/ udderly adorable. Expressions of Love 22 5000 212.75 Rita Schmidt Original