Rachel Scott

Year   Name Description Series Height Edition Size Cost Artist Sculptor
2009 C11125 Andelyn Wedgewood blue crinkle fabric dress w/ sheer layers & ruffled skirt w/ beaded heart details/ $142.80. Toddler 22 350 157.00 Rachel Scott  
2010 C28132 Andelyn - Wickedly Cute Unique green porcelain/ sheer organza dress embellished w/ flocked spider web design/ raven black hair highlighted w/ orange & white streaks. Toddler 20.5 350 149.95 Rachel Scott  
2011 C28493 Andelyn Wickedly Cute Tiny Tot Spider Web themed dress/ green porcelain face/ black boots & spider Tiny Tot 8.5 Open 49.25 Rachel Scott  
2010 C27620 Baby Ashley Pink, two-piece outfit w/ smocked bodice,embroidery & pintuck detailing/ lace accents on the button panel/ coordinating, lace-trimmed bonnet. Toddler 12 350 145.00 Rachel Scott  
2010 Retail Baby Ashton Exclusive to charismabrands.com/ two piece sailor set w/ pintucking details, ribbon trim & vintage look cotton fabrics.   13 50 139.95 Rachel Scott Original
2009 C141420 Dream Girl Pink tricot night set accented by rows of ruffles, pink rosettes, sculpted sleeping eyes, & a mechanism in the chest that provides a realistic breathing motion/ retail had it in 2007. Toddler 19 1000 159.95 Rachel Scott  
2007 C2996 Little Princess Melon-colored, pleated chiffon dress w/ delicate white lace trim/ faux-pearl crown/ cascading brunette curls, brown eyes/ introductory price $160.44. Toddler 14 1500 176.50 Rachel Scott  
2007 C2072 Peaches & Cream Frilly poof of unique, peach-colored fabric with just the right amount of cream organza trim. Crème de le Crème 13 1500 170.00 Rachel Scott Original
2006 C1519 Sasha Rachel carries on the family tradition of talented artists w/ her debut doll, “Sasha.” Toddler 24 500 171.00 Rachel Scott Original
2007 C3321 Sasha 2007 Creamy white gown w/ soft rouching on her skirt/ pink bows & rosettes/ blond curls cascade over one shoulder/ wreath of pink fabric flowers. Toddler 14 500 170.00 Rachel Scott Original
2007 IDEX Sasha Springtime Organza gown highlighted w/ lavender & sage-green embroidery w/ silk floral accents adorning her cascading curls/ available exclusively at the 2007 IDEX show in Orlando, FL. Toddler 19 100 199.00 Rachel Scott Original