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Quite a Pair

A series featuring Marie's dolls with other artists creations. The first is a set with Gary Lowenthal of Boyd's Bears.

Those with have a full page. The names without have a photo.

Year Item # Name Description Series Height Edition Size Cost Artist Sculptor
2008 C6282 Adora Basso Belle Black satin dress trimmed in faux dark brown mink fur coat pattern/ modeled after a coat from Dennis Basso's collection/ porcelain Quite A Pair 13 5000 119.88 Marie Osmond  
2013 C28805 Adora Belle Sparkles in Quacker Factory Christmas Quacker Factory-inspired T-shirt with a beaded design along the hemline. A matching beaded bag, dark denim jeans, and glitter boots Quite A Pair 13 1000 129.90 Marie Osmond  
2007 C3018 Baby Adora My Fabric Belle   Quite A Pair 12 1500 143.50 Marie Osmond  
2003 C21193 Baby Annette Named and created for Annette Funicello/ white party dress w/lavender trim & accents/ lavender plush Annette Funicello bear. Quite A Pair 15 5000 201.25 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2004 C09240 Baby Annette Holiday Christmas red dress of organza and satin/ Christmas stocking/ Annette bear. Quite A Pair 14 3000 177.75 Jo Ann Pohlman Original
2003 C21989 Basket & Blooms Baby Colorful dress w/ a greatly detailed embroidered pinafore apron/ exclusive, miniature Peterboro basket full of flowers. Quite A Pair 13 3500 177.75 Sonja Bryer Original
2004 C06760 Bear Hugs & Kissy Vignette full of personal touches as “Kissy” was sculpted & created by Marie, & “Bear Hugs,” an Annette Funicello bear, bares the imprint of Annette’s lips! Quite A Pair 10 2500 99.75 Marie Osmond Original
1999 C27144 Beary Best Friends Blond-haired, blue-eyed toddler/ periwinkle blue underdress w/ white organza & lace pinafore apron/ "Beary" is a white plush Boyds Bear who wears a periwinkle blue chenille sweater w/ Boyds logo buttons. Quite a Pair 13/ 8 25000 119.00 Sonja Bryer & Boyds Bears Original
2006 C26154 Beary Bitty Ballerinas Bitty Belle & her Bear friend/ Annette Funicello bear/ JC Penney launch/ Vinyl/ Retail sold in '04. Quite A Pair 9 Open 59.50 Marie Osmond Original
2009 C10565 Bella's Kewpie Colorful floral printed dress w/ coordinating sweater & headband/ comes w/ special "100th Anniversary Kewpie" porcelain figurine. Quite A Pair 12 300 143.75 Sonja Bryer  
2002 C20496 Clara Sky blue satin dress w/ creamy organza overlay, lace trim, hand-embroidered flowers & smocking/ long auburn hair/ Steinbach wooden nutcracker ornament. Quite A Pair 28 5000 198.75 Karen Scott Original
2008 C3840 Edrie Collaboration w/ sculptor Jim Shore/ inspired & named after Jim's grandmother/ quilt vignette doll's dress replicates the design pattern of the resin Jim Shore Quilting Angel figurine. Quite A Pair 12 2000 145.00 Karen Scott  
2006 C26486 Goldilocks Blue dress w/ white apron w/ Boyds Bears Quite A Pair   500   Karen Scott  
2009 C11118 Goldilocks Floral print peach dress/ hand painted eyes/ blond ringlets/ posable head, arms & legs/ Steiff teddy bear/ $238.20. Quite A Pair 24 250 262.00 Monica Reo  
2000 C77451 Helena Blond ponytails/ raspberry colored moire taffeta dress w/ créme lace accents/ Radko Christmas tree ornament/ TSV. Quite a Pair 25 17500 179.00 Joke Grobben & Christopher Radko Original
2011 C28490 My Beary Special Friend Pink from head to toe/ Annette Funicella bear Quite A Pair 12 300 149.75 Lori Ivanovic  
2005 C24358 Timeless Creamy white dress w/ coordinating bow/ brown ringlets/ cream colored shoes/ Lenox. Quite A Pair 12 750 146.75 Karen Scott Original
2008 C4367 You've Been Very Good Stone Soup Santa/ resin Santa holding Marie Osmond doll/ hand signed by the artist/ Shelie & Richard McCall. Quite A Pair 20 200 478.00    

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