Marie and her dad, George Osmond, getting settled for the signing to start.

I was first in line and got a hug from Marie!

and a nice photo with Marie and her dad.

Mr. Osmond holding the photo of Teresa that Bernay had taken to the Vegas signing so Teresa could be there in spirit.

Teresa with Marie and the chocolate pasta.

Marie and Kesti, who maintains Marie's web site.

Marie, Kesti and Lisa Hatch.

Nenita with Mr. Osmond

Marie was telling us about her daughter having a chicken pox scar about where Marie's famous mole is.

Caren Horwath with Marie - love Diane in the background having fun!

M'lissa Virginia, Lisa's sister, and the face for the doll of the same name. I had to get the tiny tot trio and have it signed by Marie, Lisa, M'lissa and Karen Seamons (who did the costuming).