My digital photos from Provo. It's a new camera, but I did all right with it. I've found that it hesitates a bit while it adjusts focus and lighting. Marie just wouldn't sit still so there are a few blurry ones and ones where she'd turn her head!

I know the picture is blurry, but it shows Marie explaining something and writing on her hand as she does it. In some of the following photos, you can see the marks on her hand :)

Marie and her dad, George Osmond as Marie signs for collectors. See the Halloween M&M's Teresa and I picked up for Marie.

Marie is signing the event doll, Baby Adora My Doll Friends.

Marie enjoyed showing her dad some of the special dolls such as Marie Lavender Rose, above.

See the marks on Marie's hands from photo #1

This baby belongs to the woman Marie is hugging in the photo above.

This is Paula Hart, who costumed the Babies A Bloom Series as well as the Heaven's Helpers series and Boo Who.

Marie insisted on a Daddy/Daughter photo since her daddy was there and this other daddy had driven quite a distance to bring his girls to the event.