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Picture Day

These dolls are dressed much as Marie dresses her girls for formal picture taking sessions. Each one wears a locket with their picture in it.

Those with have a full page. The names without have a photo.

Year Item # Name Description Series Height Edition Size Cost Artist Sculptor
1999 C67429 Amaya Eggplant-colored, lettuce edged dress w/ gold trim/ upswept dark hair w/ brown eyes. Picture Day 11.5 seated 5000 156.00 Sonja Bryer Original
2001 C100406 Amaya Springtime Second in series/ floral dress w/ fushia trim/ layers of spring colored netting/ picture hat. Picture Day 12 6000 149.00 Sonja Bryer Original
1997 C37699 Baby Alexis Blond/ blend of blue & white fabrics w/ batten berg lace accents/ wears a locket w/ her picture enclosed/ Lisa's daughter. Picture Day 21 5000 204.00 Lisa Hatch Original
1999 C63059 Baby Alexis Pretty in Pink Pink, poofy, frilly dress embroidered w/ flowers/ blond. Picture Day 21 2500 84.50 Lisa Hatch Original
2000 C77877 Baby Marie Picture Day Pink dress w/ locket/ retail 1998 Picture Day 21 10000 198.00 Beverly Stoehr Original
1993 C10406 Camille In pink & mint floral dress w/ locket. Picture Day 23 2500 219.00 Charlotte Bellsmith Rita Schmidt
1998 C50210 Candace Dusty pink overcoat w/ blue cameo buttons/coordinating inner dress/ straw hat lined w/ coordinating fabric/ golden locks & blue eyes/ named for Marie's friend, Candace Gasdick. Picture Day 22 2500 171.25 Beverly Stoehr Original
1993 C10407 Caroline In red velvet w/ locket. Picture Day 23 2500 220.00 Charlotte Bellsmith Rita Schmidt
2000 C77885 Iliana Dark bisque porcelain/ pastel green re-embroidered lace dress w/ floral appliques/ Named for a dear friend's friend/ means "God has answered my prayer" in Fijian because her father prayed for a girl. Picture Day 10 5000 123.25 N/A  
1997 Retail Leah Lane's Toyland exclusive/ toddler/ blond hair/ black velvet. Picture Day 19 500 198.00 Marie Osmond Original
1994 C12862 Liana Named after a dear friend & back-up singer of Marie's/ confetti-pink satin dress w/ white lace overlay & trim/ blond hair accented by a pretty pink satin head bow/ locket w/ her very own picture in it. Picture Day 23 2500 150.00 Margaret Yokee Original

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