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Petite Amours

French for Little Loves, the Petite Amour series is appropriately named. The dolls are small in size and big in detail. Mostly reproduction faces, only Madison and Julie Anna are original sculpts. Both are done by Beverly Stoehr. Julie Anna and Misty Rose have painted eyes. Darla has the smallest edition at 30 and was a special doll done for an MGM signing and only available at that time. Hannah is another hard to find one with an edition size of 300. The dolls are full-body porcelain. This series has been retired.

Those with have a full page. The names without have a photo.

Year Item # Name Description Series Height Edition Size Cost Artist Sculptor
1998 C45509 Adrienne Detailed victorian era dress of soft olive green w/ pink accents/ reproduction "Bru" face. Petite Amour 6 2500 47.00 Cheryl Robinson Reproduction/Bru
1994 C12858 Anita Named after a good friend of Marie's who traveled as her wardrobe assistant for many years/ aqua colored satin w/ cream lace & faux pearl trim & pink floral accent/ painted black boots. Petite Amour 5.5 3000 41.00 Donna Stewart Repro-Jumeau
1996 C32402 Bru Hilda Witch outfit in festive Halloween prints/ carrys her trusty broom/ "Bru" reproduction face. Petite Amour 6 5000 44.50 Breta Finlinson Repro/Bru
1999 C63058 Charlotte Victorian style dress of mauve satin w/ lace overlay/ velvet unconstructed hat & hatbox/ small tapestry rug/ blond/ Retail '98. Petite Amour 7 Year of Production 52.00 Cheryl Robinson Original
1994 C13428 Christmas Darlings '94 Two dolls w/ Xmas tree. Petite Amour 6 4000 152.00 Donna Stewart Repro-Googly/Jumeau
1995 C16218 Connie Sunflower print dress/ wide-brimmed summer hat w/ sunflower accents/ blond curls/ Marie named "Connie" after a dear friend. Petite Amour 6.5 3000 43.50 Breta Finlinson Reproduction
1995 MGM Darla MGM Signing Special w/ faux fur coat. Petite Amour 6 30 123.00   Repro/Dulce
1997 C37722 Deanna Red braids/ overalls/ radio flyer wagon & dog/ Becky's sister. Petite Amour 6 3000 68.00 Breta Finlinson Repro/Googly
1993 C11905 Goldie White play dress w/ smocked front/ golden hair is looped into two braids on each side of her head w/ matching bows in her hair & on her teddy bear. Petite Amour 6 3000 48.50 Donna Stewart Repro-Googly
1994 C13200 Gretl Aqua dress w/ lace trim/ blond/ flowers & ribbons in hair. Petite Amour 6 3000 51.00 Beverly Stoehr Repro-Googly
1996 Retail Hannah Watermelon print w/ basket/ brunette. Petite Amour 6 300 55.00    
1998 C45508 Julie Anna White winter coat & snow pants w/ fur trim/ petite gold buttons/ pink gloves & scarf/ named for one of Marie's nieces. Petite Amour 6 5000 51.75 Beverly Stoehr Original
1997 C37721 Laura Pastel tapestry w/ soft pink & créme lace accents/ stiffened lace hat w/ all the trimmings/ blonde curls. Petite Amour 6 5000 52.00 Cheryl Robinson Repro/Bru
1997 C36646 Little Bo Sheep Playfully dressed as part sheep/ part little girl/ creamy white fleece dress, tail & ears accented w/ country gingham prints/ holds a shepherds' staff. Petite Amour 6 3000 49.50 Breta Finlinson Repro/Jumeau
1998 C48391 Lucy Goosey Goose motif w/ orange & green jumper/ gray apron/ doubles as tail/ orange web slippers. Petite Amour 6 5000 47.50 Breta Finlinson Repro/Googly
1996 C18476 Lydia Pink & floral Easter dress w/ lavender ribbon accents/ wide-brimmed bonnet/ long blond curls/ named after Allen & Breta Finlinson's 5th child. Petite Amour 6 3000 45.00 Breta Finlinson Repro/Googly
1998 Retail Madison In her Sunday best/ light blue dress/ brunette/ white purse. Petite Amour 6 2000 51.00 Beverly Stoehr Original
1995 C17149 Milly Named after one of Marie's nieces/ reminiscent of the late 1950's/ pillbox hat adorned w/ a poinsettia & gold painted gloves/ gold lame & floral print dress accented w/ a petite bow. Petite Amour 5.5 3000 55.00 Breta Finlinson Repro/Googly
1996 Retail Misty Rose Pink lace/ hat/ purse/ brunette. Petite Amour 6 5000 46.00 Cheryl Robinson Repro/Bru
1997 C39142 Mr. & Mrs. Pilgrim Authentically costumed for Thanksgiving/ Mrs. Pilgrim holds turkey. Petite Amour 6 5000 96.00 Breta Finlinson Repro/Googly
1996 C34615-617 Mrs. Claus Plaid skirt w/ gold accents & battenburg lace/ granny glasses. Petite Amour 6 10000 43.50 Breta Finlinson Repro/Bru
1996 C28289 Nikki Named after the daughter of a long time business associate & dear friend, Ron Clark/ satin rosettes, faux pearl beads & white satin ribbon trim adorning a charming knee-length wedding dress. Petite Amour 6 5000 41.25 Marie Osmond Repro/Googly
1997 C42968 Paula Cozy crème nightgown and robe w/ peach & green accents/ candlestick & favorite bedtime story Petite Amour 6 5000 51.50 Breta Finlinson Repro/Googly
1995 C17239 Poinsettia Satin poinsetta petals & green leaves/ cupid body. Flower Babies 5.5 3000 41.00 Donna Stewart Repro/Cupid
1995 C16452 Polly Pumpkin Green stem pants/ stuffed pumpkin body w/ a jack-o-lantern face/ a pumpkin stem hat & carrying her decorated goody bag. Petite Amour 6 3000 47.00 Beverly Stoehr Repro/Googly
1996 C34615-626 Santa Claus Sweet & Jolly as "Old Saint Nick"/ red & white santa outfit w/ black boots & belt. Petite Amour 6 10000 43.50 Breta Finlinson Repro/Bru
1997 C42969 Santa's Helper Represents all the magic of the holiday season/ elf/ compliments Santa & Mrs. Claus. Petite Amour 6 5000 51.75 Breta Finlinson Repro/Googly
1997 C39144 Strawberry Blondie Strawberry print dress w/ green accents/ carries a basket full of goodies to share w/ you/ blonde. Petite Amour 6 5000 52.00 Breta Finlinson Repro/Googly
1996 C18143 Wendy Sunflower print w/ head band trimmed w/ sunflower button/ brunette. Petite Amour 5.5 3000 43.50 Marie Osmond Repro/Googly
1998 C50211 Zoe 1960's/ embroider covered jeans/ fringed vest/ long straight blonde hair w/ headband/ peace sign necklace. Petite Amour 6 5000 45.00 Breta Finlinson Repro/Googly

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