Penelope Carr

Year Item # Name Description Series Height Edition Size Cost Artist Sculptor
2004 C06781 Bedtime Stories Dressed for slumber in flannel, juvenile-printed P.J.’s/ holds her favorite book in anticipation of reading it w/ mommy or daddy. Toddler 12 2500 119.00 Penelope Carr Original
2002 C107667 I Love Ewe White cotton batiste & lace nightgown w/ pink satin ribbon trim & bows/ stuffed lamb who says "I Love You" when squeezed tight/ white fleece blanket w/ embroidered pink lamb/ lamb slippers. Expressions of Love 14 5000 120.00 Penelope Carr Original
2001 C65144 Penelope Blue dress w/ navy blue collar, cuffs & bows/ silvertone brooch/ white stockings/ navy blue shoes/ blond hair/ blue eyes/ baby doll. Collectibles 22 1500 150.00 Penelope Carr Original