Monica Reo


Year Item # Name Description Series Height Edition Size Cost Artist Sculptor
2009 C11118 Goldilocks Floral print peach dress/ hand painted eyes/ blond ringlets/ posable head, arms & legs/ Steiff teddy bear/ $238.20. Quite A Pair 24 250 262.00 Monica Reo  
2010 C28112 Hannah Grace Classic reproduction doll/ cream color vintage-looking satin christening gown w/ lace overlays/ patent baby shoes/ handpainted light brown hair/ coordinating crocheted bonnet/ $149.94. Artist Signature Heirloom Collection 19 250 181.50 Monica Reo  
2008 C4368 Hilda & Teddy New reproduction of the Kestner Hilda doll/ all set to hit the road in a green & pink traveling costume/ carries a brown, faux leather suitcase in one hand/ adorable, plush teddy bear in the other. Collectibles   300 249.00 Monica Reo  
2009 C11104 Nicole Modern Bride White satin & tulle gown accentuated w/ beaded detailing/ sheer hose/ tiny garter/ veil/ $282.84   26 100 310.00 Monica Reo