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Miracle Children

The Miracle Children are done to represent fun parts of a child's life. Part of the proceeds from these dolls goes to the Children's Miracle Network.

Those with have a full page. The names without have a photo.

Year Item # Name Description Series Height Edition Size Cost Artist Sculptor
1993 C11364 Aaron Named after Marie's nephew, who was the first Osmond grandson to get married/ traditional black tuxedo w/ red accents. Miracle Children 9.5 1993 75.50 S. Blackall Repro-Krammer
1993 C11911 Annie Googly face/ red, white & blue, & learning to ride her bike/ dark blue cotton knickers are highlighted by red and white stars/ wide white collar is finished w/ 2 gold stars & a red and white piping trim. Miracle Children 9.5 1993 74.50 Donna Stewart Repro-Googly
1998 C50230 Baby Miracles Dedicated to babies whose lives were touched by children's hospitals/ blonde hair/ electric blue sparkly dress w/ white trimming & under skirts. Miracle Children 18 5000 176.00 Sonja Bryer Original
1994 C12857 Becky Green & white checked bibbed shorts/ floral blouse/ Daddy's girl/ baseball/ named for Marie's nanny. Miracle Children 9.5 1994 76.00 Charlotte Bellsmith Repro-Twirp
1999 C60923 Bessie Bathtime Colorful wrap-around towel w/ ducky slippers, a shower cap & duck trim towel/ Retail '98. Miracle Children 9.5 Year of Production 69.00 Breta Finlinson Repro Googly
1992 C10413 Betty Ready to help Mommy bake a cake/ blue dress/ white apron. Miracle Children 9.5 1992 69.50 M. Nicole Repro-Pouty
1997 47029 Bubbles White dress w/ blue dots/ spool doll. Miracle Children   300 74.00 Lisa Hatch Original
1994 C12856 Caitlin & Bentley Black & white check jacket/ red outfit w/ dog. Miracle Children 9.5 1994 79.00 Charlotte Bellsmith Repro-Bru
1994 C14641 Celeste A child's first Christmas play/ pure white dress w/ white feather wings & holds a golden star. Miracle Children 9.5 1994 82.00 Linda Henry Repro-A Marque
1992 C9114 Cherish Ready for Easter/ mint green flower print dress/ bonnet/ carrying a basket w/ flowers, and a purse. Miracle Children 9.5 1991 69.50 M. Nicole Repro-Pouty
1993 C11379 Cody Playing pirate/ eyepatch, wooden sword & feathered pirate's hat/ named after a friend of Marie's son Miracle Children 9.5 1993 80.00 S. Blackall Repro-Bruno
1992 C9627 Courtnie Ready for her masquerade birthday party/ peach, blue & white clown outfit w/ matching clown hat/ accented w/ peach and blue ribbons/ white shoes/ carries a bundle of colorful balloons in her hand. Miracle Children 9.5 1992 69.50 M. Nicole Repro-Hilda
1992 C9626 Danielle Ready for her first ballet recital/ pink and rose satin tutu w/ matching satin ballet slippers. Miracle Children 9.5 1992 69.50 M. Nicole Original
1996 C18453 Denise Traditional blue cap and & w/ gold accents & tassel/ holds diploma/ named after Denise Palfreyman, a dear friend of Marie's who graduated in Drafting. Miracle Children 9.5 1996 73.50 Marie Osmond Repro/A.Marque
1991 C7588 Elizabeth Slumber party/ pink nightgown. Miracle Children 9.5 1991 69.50 S. Blackall Repro-Hilda
1993 C1988 Faith Flying a kite/ blue outfit. Miracle Children 9.5 1993 76.50 Charlotte Bellsmith Repro-Hilda
1993 C11910 Flora Reproduction Bru/ springtime & summer wedding theme/ pink cotton dress w/ lace collar/ pink ribbon on her bouquet matches her satin sash. Miracle Children 9.5 1993 79.50 Donna Stewart Repro-Bru
1992 C10409 Frenda Named her after the lady who taught Marie as a young girl how to needlepoint/ comes w/ needlepoint picture. Miracle Children 9.5 1992 91.50 Charlotte Bellsmith Repro-Hilda
1992 C8772 Gabriela Commemorate the celebration of Christopher Columbus' discovery of America 500 years ago/ drop waist sailor style outfit in red, white & blue/ carries scroll for "show and tell" at school. Miracle Children 11 1992 88.00 Vincent De Filippo Original
1992 C10411 Gina Dressed up for trick-or-treating/ black cat costume/ cat bag is ready to be filled with all the goodies. Miracle Children 11 1992 88.00 Charlotte Bellsmith Repro-Googly
1997 C34846 Ginger Holds a tray of fresh gingerbread men cookies/ gingerbread-themed print cotton dress. Miracle Children 9.5 1996 82.50 Charlotte Bellsmith Repro/Googly
1991 C7587 Heather Long sapphire blue pure velvet dress w/ a large square collar trimmed in white cotton lace/ white satin bow for her hair/ holds a bouquet of roses presented to her by her grandfather and grandmother. Miracle Children 9.5 1991 69.50 S. Blackall Repro-Pouty
2001 C65141 Heidi "Get well doll" w/ CMN logo bag & teddy bear/ red hair/ blue dress w/ white lace trim. Miracle Children 14 2500 89.00 Michele Severino Original
1992 C9113 Katie Mother's little helper/ pink dress w/ layers of white lace/ carries a tiny sewing basket w/ everything that is necessary to help her sew her hand made doll a new little outfit. Miracle Children 9.5 1991 69.50   Repro-Hilda
1992 C10412 Linda Fresh mint and white outfit/ soap buckets and supplies/ named for Marie's good friend and housekeeper who helps her "do" windows. Miracle Children 9.5 1992 74.00 M. Nicole Original
1992 C9348 Lindsey Red & white heartprint Valentine's dress/ slip w/ coordinating bloomers/ matching bow in her hair/ USA made. Miracle Children 11 300 199.50 M. Nicole Vincent De Filippo
  Disney Lindsey (I peeked) Hand Signed Christmas doll/ pink & white pj's/ pale green robe/ fuzzy pink slippers/ sled/ doll/ stocking/ stick horse/ blond hair/ blue eyes Miracle Children 11 500 250.00 Vincent DeFillipo Original
1992 C11251 Marilyn Playing dress-up/ mint green dress/ feather boa/ stiffened lace hat. Miracle Children 9.5 1992 83.50 S. Blackall Repro-Hilda
1996 C28331 Marta Candy striper outfit w/ pink sweater/ book & flowers/ named her after Marta Lake, whose husband is one of the founders of CMN, along with Marie, her family, John Schneider and Mick Shannon. Miracle Children 10 5000 96.50 Marie Osmond Original
1993 C11909 Mekel Blue overalls w/ coordinating scarf & hair bow/ patchwork blanket/ teddy/ named after a daughter of some dear friends who, like Marie, is the only girl in her family Miracle Children 9.5 1993 84.75 Donna Stewart Repro-Twirp
1991 C7591 Melinda Dressed in white w/ a long flowing veil & pretty bouquet of flowers/ playing bride/ blond. Miracle Children 9.5 1991 69.50 S. Blackall Repor-A Marque
1991 C7612 Melissa Sun suit of mint green & crisp white/ carries a bundle of wrapped gifts for the party. Miracle Children 9.5 1991 69.50 S. Blackall Repro-Hilda
1993 Disney Miracle Kids Adventure A boy and girl at Disney Land with bright clothing and Mickey Mouse ears. Miracle Children 11 15 500.00 Linda Henry Original
1993 Auction Miracle Kids Adventure Auction Special auction piece of the above dolls with a hot air balloon-the icon for CMN Miracle Children 11 1 auction Linda Henry Original
1992 C9629 Pierre Painting his favorite landscape/ gray artist smock, splattered w/ paint/ black pants/ black beret/ black shoes/ artist's palette, paint brush and easel. Miracle Children 9.5 1992 69.50 M. Nicole Repro-Pouty
1991 C7586 Rebecca Country-styled dress of sheer navy blue fabric w/ white polk-a-dots/ crisp white bow in her hair/ carries a basket of eggs. Miracle Children 9.5 1991 69.50 S. Blackall Repor-A Marque
1992 C9628 Shannon Has found her first patient, her teddy bear/ authentic nurses outfit accented in red & white w/ lace trim/ blue first-aid kit & white shoes/ official nurse's hat with a red cross/ named after one of Marie's aunts, who is a nurse. Miracle Children 9.5 1992 69.50 M. Nicole Repro-Hilda
1992 C9630 Shawn Ready to go to the shopping mall/ blue & pink corduroy outfit w/ matching hat/ shopping bag/ named after a friends of Marie's who taught her the meaning of the words, "born to shop!" Miracle Children 9.5 1992 69.50 M. Nicole Repro-Pouty
1992 Disney Sisterly Love Disney '92/blond hair/red wagon Miracle Children   250 250.00 M. Nicole Original
1991 C7590 Stephanie First day of school/ deep burgundy plaid dress w/ a sheer white pinafore on top/ carries her books & chalkboard in hand. Miracle Children 9.5 1991 69.50 S. Blackall Repro-Hilda
1991 C7589 Tiffany Sailor dress of white cotton w/ red velvet ribbons/matching sailor hat/ carries an American flag. Miracle Children 9.5 1991 69.50 S. Blackall Repro-Pouty
1994 C13711 Tina Named after a good friend & first nanny of Marie's children who was an answer to a prayer in her own life/ accessorized w/ bed & quilt/ kneels at the side of her bed in prayer Miracle Children 9.5 1994 116.50 Donna Stewart Repro-Twirp
1994 C13113 Traci Pink print dress/ deaf/ signing "I love you"/ named for Marie's cousin. Miracle Children 11 20000 82.00 L Henry/B Finlinson Margaret Yokee

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