Michele Severino

Year Item # Name Description Series Height Edition Size Cost Artist Sculptor
2000 C79681 A Doll for All Seasons Seated toddler/ ponytails/ Pumpkin & Christmas tree outfits w/ more outfits to come. Toddler 9.5 2500 99.00 Michelle Severino Original
2001 C103929 A Doll For All Seasons / 2 Two adorable costumes Easter / July 4th/ a pastel-colored Easter Egg/ red, white & blue firecracker w/ a sparkly fireworks headpiece. Toddler 9.5 2500 100.00 Michele Severino Original
2001 C65141 Heidi "Get well doll" w/ CMN logo bag & teddy bear/ red hair/ blue dress w/ white lace trim. Miracle Children 14 2500 89.00 Michele Severino Original
2001 C43363 Missy Second two-faced doll is happy on one side, turn her head, she's unhappy, too/ green & white play dress trimmed in pink & an oversized bonnet. Toddler 9" Standing 5000 99.75 Michele Severino Original
2001 C65135 Noelle Red velveteen carolers' outfit w/ cut-away bolero jacket & plaid ribbon accented bonnet/ plays a medley of Christmas songs. Christmas Carolers 12 1000 88.25 Michele Severino Original
2002 C20680 Small Dolls for all Seasons Fall/ Winter trio of pumpkin, turkey & Christmas tree/ miniature replicas of Doll for all Seasons. Tiny Tot 3.5 Open 70.00 Michele Severino Original
2003 C21465 Small Dolls For All Seasons 2 Valentine Heart, Easter egg & July 4th Firecracker outfits. Tiny Tot 5.5 Open 70.00 Michelle Severino Original
2003 C22036 Spring Daisy Pink felt gerbera daisy sitting in her felt, clay colored pot, reminds us all to “bloom where we are planted”! Toddler 10 2500 89.25 Michele Severino Original
2003 C22037 Summer Sunshine Here comes the sun . . . brightly costumed as a radiant, felt sun, so bright that even she has to wear sunglasses! Toddler 10 2500 89.25 Michele Severiino Original
2000 C77884 Terri Two-Two Seated ballerina in aqua/ two year old cutie/ blond. Terrific Two- Two 7 5000 81.00 Michelle Severino Original
2001 C103198 Trudi Two-Two Second in series/ cutesy pink version of tu-tu/ dark hair. Terrific Two Two 7 5000 80.00 Michelle Severino Original