Margie Costa

Year Item # Name Description Series Height Edition Size Cost Artist Sculptor
1998 C48389 98 Birthday Greeting Card Dressed like a cake in peach w/ white lace trim & rosettes. Greeting Card 5.5 1998 34.00 Margie Costa Original
1998 C53180 98 Christmas Greeting Card Dressed in a santa motif dress/ long curly brown hair/ brown eyes. Greeting card 5.5 1998 31.00 Margie Costa Original
1998 C46599 98 Mother's Day Greeting Card Pink dress w/ mauve rosettes. Greeting Card 5.5 1998 32.50 Margie Costa Original
1999 C54702 99 Valentine Greeting Card Blonde hair/ blue eyes/ red dress w/ sequins & seed beads/ long train. Greeting Card 5 Year of Production 29.75 Margie Costa Original
1998 Retail Baby Marguerite Bev's Enchanted Cottage/ Bev's mother/ exclusive. Toddler   500 198.00 Margie Costa Original
1998 C50229 Darling Darlene Playing dress up/ all in pink w/ feather boa/ red curls/ blue eyes/ named for associate of Marie's who assisted her during the "King & I". When I Grow Up 8 2500 66.00 Margie Costa Original
1998 Retail Kelly Jean Buffalo Candle & Craft exclusive/ blonde/ white dress/ black boots/ dressed like staff.   11 1000 79.00 Margie Costa Original
1998 C45507 Lori Lavender Frilly lavender dress w/ white lace/ basket of lavender scented potpourri. Sweet Sachet 11 2500 103.00 Margie Costa Original
1999 C62389 Raimi Travel finery/ red, knee-length dress w/ eye catching black trim/ bonnet w/ black bow tie/ carries her much used luggage/ lovingly named after one of Marie's children's favorite nannies/ Retail '97 $300. Somewhere in Time 28 2500 185.00 Margie Costa Original
1999 C54681 Tooth Fairy Silver dress/ floral print chiffon pinafore w/ silver wings & tiny coins/ blond hair/ blue eyes. When I Grow Up 8 2500 58.75 Margie Costa Original