Lorella Falconi

Year Item # Name Description Series Height Edition Size Cost Artist Sculptor
2007 C2416 Cookies Little Duck Parade Balsa wood duck cart/ yellow crocheted fabric duck/ porcelain baby doll/ dressed in a hand crocheted aqua color sweater & afghan/ headpiece of tiny fabric flowers/ blonde mohair wig/ blue eyes/ hand signed by the artist. Edition 15 4.5 15 889.00 Lorella Falconi  
2011 C28277 Little Lovey Blue & white stripped mini dress w/ red accents Artist Signature Heirloom Series 12 500 99.50 Lorella Falconi  
2011 C28499 Little Lovey's Closet Has three outfits/ bear/ closet Collector Closet 12 300 189.00 Lorella Falconi  
2011 C28490 My Beary Special Friend Pink from head to toe/ Annette Funicella bear Quite A Pair 12 300 149.75 Lori Ivanovic  
2011 C28274 Sweet Baby Bridgette White two piece pajama style baby outfit w/ vintage detailing Toddler 12 700 149.75 Lori Ivanovic