Lisa Hatch

Year Item # Name Description Series Height Edition Size Cost Artist Sculptor
1997 C42972 Alexis Alexis all grown up/ black velvet bolero jacket w/ gold & black checkered taffeta skirt. Dear to My Heart 18 2500 178.50 Lisa Hatch Original
2007 C3032 Alexis Christmas Tiny Tot Black & gold dress w/ an adorable pillbox hat/ long blonde hair, blue eyes. Tiny Tot 8 Open 43.25 Lisa Hatch  
1997 C37699 Baby Alexis Blond/ blend of blue & white fabrics w/ batten berg lace accents/ wears a locket w/ her picture enclosed/ Lisa's daughter. Picture Day 21 5000 204.00 Lisa Hatch Original
2003 C21195 Baby Alexis Angel Kisses When sculptor (& mother) Lisa Hatch created the original "Baby Alexis" doll, daughter, Alexis, begged her not to put freckles on it/ Lisa reluctantly obliged then, but is happy to now introduce "Baby Alexis Angel Kisses" complete w/ freckles/ silver angel pin. Toddler 18 2000 139.50 Lisa Hatch Original
1999 C63059 Baby Alexis Pretty in Pink Pink, poofy, frilly dress embroidered w/ flowers/ blond. Picture Day 21 2500 84.50 Lisa Hatch Original
2008 C4390 Baby Alexis Pretty In Pink Tiny Tot Pink dress w/ embroidered flowers/ blond hair/ blue eyes. Tiny Tot 5 Open 47.00 Lisa Hatch  
2004 C06759 Baby Darling 10th doll in series/ costumed in a rose-print, apricot-color blend cotton dress w/ creamy white batiste pinafore w/ twelve roses embroidered upon it/ chubby & cherubic face, w/ subtle apricot painting & blond, loose ringlets. Coming Up Roses 15 3000 159.50 Lisa Hatch Original
2005 C25004 Baby Darling Rose Bud Blond curls/ peach print dress w/ white pinafore Rose Buds 5 Open 118.00/set Lisa Hatch Original
2009 C8300 Baby Lex Frilly tutu & matching top/ long locks are styled for the stage in high pigtails tied w/ pink bows/ Lisa's daughter. Toddler 12 1000 164.00 Lisa Hatch  
  47029 Bubbles White dress w/ blue dots/ spool doll. Miracle Children   300 74.00 Lisa Hatch Original
1998 C53167 Carrie Blue dress w/ floral pinafore/ blonde curls/ blue eyes/ just got her shot/ band aid/ CMN doll/ Retail 1997. Injured 11 5000 79.00 Lisa Hatch Original
1996 C17951 Cinderella Curly blond hair/ white satin slippers/ pale blue gown/ pearl necklace & earrings Fairy Tale 22 5000 196.00 Lisa Hatch Original
1997 C39154 Elise Printed silky créme fabric w/ soft pink & lavender accents/ blouson-type sleeves/ brunette curls/ gay 90's era. Somewhere in Time 32 2500 450.00 Lisa Hatch Original
2006 C26725 Katie Sue Baby blue, sparkle gown/ name is actually derived from Katie & Lisa’s grandma & mother/ Lisa's older sister. Toddler 15 2000 149.00 Lisa Hatch Original
2007 C2090 Katie Sue Grandma's Rose Garden Black dress w/ flocked red rose print/ black patent shoes w/ red ribbon ties/ red rose ribbon in her curly, dark brown hair/ green eyes. Toddler 14 1500 162.00 Lisa Hatch  
2009 C8312 Katie Sue Grandma's Rose Garden Tiny Tot Sheer black dress w/ red flocked rose accent/ black hair/ green eyes. Tiny Tot 5 Open 51.00 Lisa Hatch  
2006 C3977 Katie Sue Happy Holiday Costumed in a rich green taffeta dress w/ black floral velvet flocking & ribbon accent/ just a hint of crystal sparkle on her gown/ Anniversary price $132.37. Toddler 13 1500 159.00 Lisa Hatch Original
2009 Retail Katie Sue Happy Holidays Tiny Tot Deep green & black dress/ upswept dark hair. Tiny Tot 5 Open 49.95 Lisa Hatch  
2006 C26724 Little Red Riding Hood Each panel of her dress is uniquely adorned w/ a scene from its beloved fairytale, creating an actual storyboard of the tale upon her dress. Once Upon A Dress 15 2000 159.75 Lisa Hatch Original
2001 C65131 M'lissa Virginia Black embossed velvet w/ diamond like crystals & silver trim/ upswept blond hair/ named for Lisa's sister. Toddler 16 3000 184.00 Lisa Hatch Original
2003 C2872 M'Lissa Virginia - Baby Blues Airy blue dress w/ blue & yellow embroidered flowers & edging/ very limited edition doll designed exclusively for QVC. Toddler 15 500 173.00 Lisa Hatch Original
2003 Retail M'Lissa Virginia Timeless Smocked bodice-front, burgundy-red taffeta fabric w/ crème sheer trim/ retail exclusive. Toddler 15 750 170.00 Lisa Hatch Original
2004 C09410 M'Lissa Virginia Tiny Tot Trio Reduction of popular M'Lissa Virginia's: Original in black & silver/retail exclusive in red/QVC exclusive in blue. Tiny Tot 5 Open 106.25 Lisa Hatch Original
2006 C26477 Rose Bud Bouquet All twelve Rose Bud dolls w/ rose print fabric bodies/ comes w/ display shelf/ certificate signed by all sculptors of the set. Rose Buds 5/8 500 498.00 Various  
1999 C53155 Set of Four 5" Toddler Dolls-TSV Olive May, Baby Marie, Ashley & Baby Alexisin minature size. Tiny Tot 5 20000 118.25 Osmond/ Stoehr/Hatch Original
2004 C00657 Susie Dressed in a timeless baby-blue batiste w/ heirloom quality design & ribbon-embroidery highlights/ holds a pillow with "Mother, I Love You" stitched on it. Toddler 15 1000 165.00 Lisa Hatch Original
2005 C23280 Susie Butterfly Sheer pink & white dress w/ multi-color butterflies w/ Swarovski crystal bodies. Toddler 15 500 179.75 Lisa Hatch Original
2007 C2981 Susie Butterfly Tiny Tot Sheer, light pink dress w/ tiny 3-D butterflies & crystal accents/ shoes w/ 3-D butterflies/ curly black hair, blue eyes/ anniversary priced at $36.72. Tiny Tot 5 Open 44.25 Lisa Hatch  
2006 C26485 Susie Loving Tribute Deep red dress w/ bows on hem/ done after Lisa's mom. Toddler 15 400 185.00 Lisa Hatch  
2004 C15804 Susie Rose Bouquet Deep red skirt/ ivory knit sweater w/ ribbon embroidered flower basket on bodice/ flower headpiece/ dark brown hair/ blue eyes. Toddler 14 1500 169.95 Lisa Hatch Original
2008 C4671 Susie Rose Bouquet Tiny Tot Based on sculptor Lisa Hatch's mother, Sue/ creamy white knitted sweater w/ rose embroidery on her front bodice/ rose-hued skirt w/ lace trim/ wreath of handmade rosettes on her hair. Tiny Tot 5 Open 48.50 Lisa Hatch  
2006 C26730 Susie Tiny Tot Sculpted, named & themed after the mother of Lisa Hatch/ reflects the unique coloring of the real Susie, w/ black hair, piercing blue eyes & white porcelain skin. Tiny Tot 5 Open 41.75 Lisa Hatch Original
1998 C53168 Tiffy Lisa's daughter Tiffany/ blond ponytails / brown eyes/ pink satin dress/ chiffon w/lace bodice Dear to My Heart 19 1500 139.50 Lisa Hatch Original