Karen's Report - Adora Belle “Haunted Mansion” Pin Trader Doll Release
My brother did the mad dash this morning, purchased my dolls and got me a great place in the "Meet & Greet" line for Marie at Disneyland. He said when he purchased the dolls, he had about 100 people in front of him. Some either did not know, or skipped, the "Meet and Greet" Line. When my Mom and I finally met up with him, he was just a few feet from the beginning of the blue voucher line. This was for the first voucher time, there were three times to come back for the "Meet & Greet" with Marie.

I understand that Marie was at Disneyland a couple of days prior to today and signed all of the dolls in the edition. Those who chose not to do the "Meet & Greet" portion were able to get their dolls immediately. I understand they started with the number 300 dolls for them. If you chose to wait for the "Meet and Greet", you received your doll after meeting with Marie.

Marie was late, as usual, for the 12 noon start time. Lisa, the Raven, was with Marie, Marie's Mother-in-Law was also there, and other assorted Disney folks to help assist with picture taking and such. They also had a Disney Photographer available to snap photos.

Marie was beautiful in her red pantsuit. Lisa was also in red, but was wearing black slacks. Both were wearing high heels, Marie's being stiletto's. Marie was very talkative with everyone. Marie had a directors chair and table to sit at, but chose to stand during the entire "Meet & Greet" time. She did take a "break" later in the signing time. During Marie's break, Marie's Husband Brian, and new baby, Abigail, showed up.

They were rushing everyone through the line when Marie came back from her "break". They said she had a plane to catch. After our visiting with Marie, my Mom and I went for a bite of lunch. When we returned, Marie was trying to exit the shop where they had the "Meet & Greet". As she got out of the shop, Marie took the stroller with Abigail and took off into the crowd. Brian was behind her, carrying the diaper bag.

I did hear one cast Member say one of the next dolls in this series will probably be a Pirate. Disney is suppose to be releasing a "Pirate" movie next year and Marie's signing will coincide with it. I haven't heard what the final doll will be dressed like. I just know one will be a boy dressed from the Jungle Cruise. Should be interesting to see what does come next

Marie and Karen