Judy Taylor sent me these photos of Marie from a few different signings. These are the property of Judy and may not be used on other web sites without permission.

The first set here are from September 1997 in Provo, Utah. In the first photo Marie is signing Dawn. The next photos show Marie sitting on a table top and chatting. The other doll Marie is signing in this set of photos is Baby Marie's First Birthday.

Marie is showing the Stephen toddler doll to her friend, Patty.
These photos are from December 1995 at the Tropicana in Las Vegas.
The doll in the photo to the right is Georgette which was sculpted by Marie's dad.

Here's Marie signing Amy Kathlyn. This doll is named for
her niece who was first runner-up(I think) in the Miss Teen
USA pageant. Amy is Wayne's daughter. These photos are from
July 1998 in Provo, Utah.
These photos are from a signing at the Disney Store
in San Francisco on May 8, 1998. The first photo shows
Marie holding Lilly. The second photo has Baby Snow
White in the upper right hand corner.
These two photos are from June 1994 in Anaheim,
California. The shows were broadcast from there
as Marie was doing the CMN telethon. I bought my
first Marie doll from these shows, Traci.