JoAnn Pohlman

Year   Name Description Series Height Edition Size Cost Artist Sculptor
2002 C107676 Apple Annie Cotton, apple-print dress, & shiny red apple in her backpack/ blond. Fun Fruits 14 2500 160.00 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2004 C06765 Apple Annie Fruit Cup Apple print dress/ dark blond/ holds apple. Fruit Cup 5 Open 41.75 Jo Ann Pohlman Original
2003 C22022 April Showers A sparkly, iridescent, April shower/ aqua colored dress w/ plenty of rain-like trimmings/ holds an umbrella to keep her dry, with mock raindrops falling from its brim. My Favorite Things 11 2000 129.00 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2003 C21193 Baby Annette Named and created for Annette Funicello/ white party dress w/lavender trim & accents/ lavender plush Annette Funicello bear. Quite A Pair 15 5000 201.25 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2005 Disney Baby Annette - 50th Anniversary 50th Anniversary edition/ recreation of Annette's Mouseketeer outfit. Disney Babies 15 5000 201.25 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2006 Disney Baby Annette - 50th Anniversary Tiny Tot 50th Anniversary edition/ recreation of Annette's Mouseketeer outfit/ tiny tot version. Tiny Tot 6 hand numbered 49.00 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2004 C09240 Baby Annette Holiday Christmas red dress of organza and satin/ Christmas stocking/ Annette bear. Quite A Pair 14 3000 177.75 Jo Ann Pohlman Original
2007 C3021 Baby Annette Holiday Tiny Tot Created & named after Annette Funicello/ holiday red dress/ holds a printed Christmas Stocking w/a teddy bear in it/ dark brown curly hair w/ high pigtails tied w/ sheer red ribbons/ brown eyes. Tiny Tot 5 Open 43.50 Jo Ann Pohlman  
2006 C3881 Baby Annette Tiny Tot Using one of her own daughters dresses as design inspiration/ trimmed w/ Annette’s favorite color lavender/ an original lavender Annette Funicello bear/ painted her lips in Annette’s favorite . . . red. Tiny Tot 5 Open 46.00 JoAnn Pohlman  
2006 C26728 Baby Jo Ann Marie commissioned talented artist, Jo Ann Pohlman, to sculpt herself as a baby, & what an adorable baby she is! Artist Portrait 11 1200 146.75 Jo Ann Pohlmann Original
2003 C23023 Baby Miracles 2003 20th Anniversary CMN Toddler/ peach dress w/ lace trim/ CMN logo tag & 2003 embroidered on her foot/ white shoes/ plush white bear/ short red pigtails/ blue eyes. Toddler 24 2003 143.00 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2007 C2622 Baby Miracles 2003 Tiny Tot Light, pastel peach dress with lace accents/ auburn hair, brown eyes. Tiny Tot 8 Open 51.00 JoAnn Pohlman  
2013 C28802 Baby "Smiley" Brandon Purple & grey ensemble/ smiley face t-shirt/ Marie's son. Dear to My Heart Toddler 14 200 169.92 JoAnn Pohlman  
2005 C24081 Baby Steps See the excitement on her face as she proudly takes her first step/ dressed in a fun play outfit. First Things First 16 2000 99.25 Jo Ann Pohlman Original
2003 C22019 Ballerina Girl Tthe essence and fond memories of our little ones’ dance recitals/ standing classic pink tu-tu’d dancer. Tiny Dancers 7 5000 68.50 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2008 C4677 Banana Cream Pie Blonde curly ringlets/ green eyes/ costumed in a crisp satin banana colored dress w/ accents & bows of creamy white organza. Creme de la Creme 12 1500 149.95 JoAnn Pohlman  
2006 C26750 Beach Baby Blue & red short sundress w/ white trim & red bows/ full porcelain legs that kneel/ blonde ponytails w/ red ribbon. Expressions of Love 13 750 148.00 Jo Ann Pohlman Original
2002 C20686 Beary Special Baby Boy Bear & heart print soft flannel sleeper w/ bear-paw feet, bear embroidered bib, bear themed night cap & a bear bottom! Beary Special Babies 11 2000 127.00 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2002 C20687 Beary Special Baby Girl Bear & heart print soft flannel nightie, bear embroidered lacey bib, bear themed night cap & bear feet! Beary Special Babies 11 2000 127.00 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2005 C23092 Bedtime Kisses White flannel pajamas w/ red & pink print kisses, red footies & red satin bows/ blows a kiss to the ones she loves! My Favorite Things 12 750 138.75 Jo Ann Pohlman Original
2009 C8293 Betsy Bubbles White eyelet shirt under pink bubble-print apron dress/ holding a tiny wand w/ faux bubble on the end/ light brown hair/ brown eyes. Playtime Toddler 10 1200 130.00 JoAnn Pohlman  
2004 Retail Blowing Kisses Red & white lip print dress/ brunette/ she's blowing kisses. My Favorite Things 11 Seated 750 130.00 Jo Ann Pohlmann Original
2006 C26742 Boo Boo Baby Someone is happy & someone is not so happy & it's a one-in-the-same doll!/ doll w/two faces. Toddler 14 1500 129.50 Jo Ann Pohlman Original
2005 C24399 Bottom's Up Uniquely sculpted w/ a porcelain “derriere” plate that is accidentally exposed w/ the unsnap of a drop-drawer on her bloomers. Toddler 20 2000 144.75 Jo Ann Pohlman Original
2003 C21456 Boy'z 'N Berry Denim shorts/ high top sneakers/ denim basebal cap/ boysenberry-print boxers/ holds boysenberry fruit pop. Fun Fruits 14 2500 161.25 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2004 C15791 Boyz N' Berry Fruit Cup Denim shorts/ high top sneakers/ baseball cap/ blond hair/ blue eyes. Fruit Cup 5 Open 39.95 Jo Ann Pohlman Original
2002 C21191 Butterfly Kisses Interpretation of a playful butterfly kiss, with long eyelashes & subtle butterfly theme to her costuming/ memory of a child's butterfly kiss as it gently tickles your cheek w/ "Butterfly Kisses". My Favorite Things 11 2500 129.75 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2008 C5861 Buttons & Bows - Chocolate Anyone? Chocolate-colored dress w/ pink accents & plenty of buttons & bows trim/ $128.28. Buttons & Bows 12 1500 155.00 JoAnn Pohlman  
2008 C3900 Buttons & Bows In The Pink Pink polka-dot cotton dress w/ adorable bow-shaped buttons & gros-grain bows. Buttons & Bows 12 1500 133.68 Jo Ann Pohlman  
2008 C4665 Buttons & Bows Mellow Yellow Yellow dress w/ bloomers & matching yellow hair accessories. Buttons and Bows 12 1200 149.75 JoAnn Pohlman  
2003 C2684 Candi Cane First "Lolli", now "Candi Cane" carries on the delectable tradition of confectionary cuties/ candy cane-themed dress w/ netting overlay, gold lame underskirt/ red, ruffle trim. Toddler 15 500 170.00 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2006 C1487 Candi Cane Tiny Tot Red & white candy canes adorn her gold lame dress w/ white eye-catching accents of red and green. Tiny Tot 5 Open 44.00 Jo Ann Pohlman  
2004 C09244 Candi Corn Candy corn themed dress. Sweet Treats 13 1000 139.95 Jo Ann Pohlman Original
2006 C3968 Candi Corn Tiny Tot Candy-corn print jumper dress w/ plenty of black & orange trim/ holds a bag of her favorite holiday treat! Tiny Tot 5 Open 41.50 JoAnn Pohlman  
2007 C2621 Cat's Meow Cutesy aqua-blue satin dress with crisp white eyelet accents/ plush kitty cat. My Pet 12 1500 138.50 JoAnn Pohlman  
2003 Rosemont Chasing Rainbows 2003 Rosemont Convention Exclusive/ Rainbow patterned dress My Favorite Things 11 1000 129.75 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2004 C02445 Cherries Jubliee First in it's series/ costumed in a cherry-print jumper w/ black & white checkerboard background, feminine lace collar & red satin ribbons trims. Sweet Treats 12 2000 131.50 Jo Ann Pohlman Original
2004 C15834 Cherry Vanilla 50's style pink fleece skirt & argyle applique patterned fleece sweater vest/ saddle shoes/ holding cherry vanilla sundae & spoon/ brown hair/ blue eyes. Ice Cream Kids 12 1500 86.25 Jo Ann Pohlman Original
2006 C4004 Cherubic Chef Chef’s hat w/ gold halo trim/ making sure the angel food cake rises to the perfect height. Heaven’s Helpers 8 3000 88.50 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2004 C15796 Christmas Cookie Christmas printed dress w/ green, red & white checkered pinafore/ auburn brownhair in pigtails/ green eyes/ holding her Christmas gingerbread cookie. Toddler 12 1000 136.50 Jo Ann Pohlman Original
2008   Christmas Cookie Tiny Tot Gingerbread cotton print dress/ green & white gingham print pinafore apron/ gingerbread man cooke. Tiny Tot 5 Open 51.00 JoAnn Pohlman  
2008   Cookies & Milk Tiny Tot An original tiny tot/ Tiny Tot 5 Open 51.00 JoAnn Pohlman  
2004 C00631 Cotton Candi So pink & poofy, she looks as if she'll melt in your mouth!/ pink w/ white swiss-dot bubble skirt w/ airy pink netting trim/ holds a cone of cotton candy. Toddler 13 1500 151.25 Jo Ann Pohlman Original
2005 C24784 Cotton Candi Tiny Tot Pink w/ white swiss dot bubble skirt/ airy pink netting trim/ holds cone of cotton candy. Tiny Tot 5 Open 41.50 Jo Ann Pohlman Original
2007 C2496 Cream Puff “Crème de le Crème” of the pastry world/ unique costume top layer replicates the pastry shell w/ layers of cream netting underneath to appear as the cream filling. Crème de le Crème 14 1500 171.00 JoAnn Pohlman  
2005 C24384 Cupid's Helper Little boy angel-in-training who has the very important assignment of carrying Cupid’s bow & arrows. Heaven's Helpers 8 3000 88.00 Jo Ann Pohlman Original
2004 C09231 Daisy Jane Light blue dotted swiss dress w/ daisy embroidered organza overlay/ blond/ blue eyes/ bouquet of daisies. Toddler 14 1500 165.75 Jo Ann Pohlman Original
2011 Retail Delilah Daisies Blue floral daisy print dress w/ white pinafore accented by flowers to match the dress Secret Garden 17 400 149.95 JoAnn Pohlman  
2005 C24805 Dusty Ann Baby doll style gold colored dress w/ cream colored, lace trimed Florentine collar w/ hand-applied ribbon embroidery. Toddler 12 3000 150.00 Jo Ann Pohlman Original
2008 C4679 Dusty Ann Tiny Tot Gold colored dress w/ cream colored lace trimmed Florentine collar w/ ribbon embroidery. Tiny Tot 5 Open 49.95 JoAnn Pohlmann  
2003 C2751 Edelweiss Austrian folk dress. Tiny Dancers 7 2500 68.75 Joann Pohlman Original
2008 C6366 Ella Creamy white gown w/ rich burgundy floral embroidery accents & trim/ hair is braids and curls. Toddler 12 1200 165.00 JoAnn Pohlman  
2006 Event Faithful Friends "Friends Like You" brunch exclusive/ angel w/ "Faith" charm necklace/ blond. Heaven's Helpers 9 150 N/A Jo Ann Pohlman Original
2007 C2102 Flutterby Baby Baby-pink knitted sweater w/ adorable dimensional butterfly accents & pink play pants. Becoming Butterflies 11 750 139.50 JoAnn Pohlman  
2010 C28128 Forget Me Not Blue & yellow floral printed dress w/ sheer light yellow organza pinafore detailed w/ tiny blue Forget Me Not fabric flowers. Secret Garden 12 550 139.50 JoAnn Pohlman  
2003 C2855 Franny Fruit Basket Multi-color & multi-fruit print cotton/ sun-kissed blond, looped braids w/ oversized bows. Fun Fruits 15 2500 156.25 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2005 C23102 Franny Fruitbasket Fruit Cup Fruit print cotton dress w/ sunny yellow pinafore apron/ multi color ribbons/ holds a basket of fruit. Fruit Cup 5 Open 39.95 Jo Ann Pohlman Original
2008 C5057 Friends Peachy pink satin dress w/ lace trim/ embroidered heart on her collar. Toddler 12 1500 159.00 JoAnn Pohlman  
2010 C28120 The Gift of Love Sheer aquamarine-colored dress detailed w/ goldtone beads/ hair ribbon includes a bronze-colored medallion that is inspired by a similar pin Marie wore when she starred in the movie, "The Gift of Love". Toddler 12.5` 750 149.50 JoAnn Pohlman  
2006 C3884 Goldilocks Features a pictorial storyboard of the beloved fairytale around the skirt of the doll’s dress. Once Upon A Dress 14 2000 160.00 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2003 C22020 Good Ship Lollipop Chubby-limbed toddler wearing her sparkly pink, white, & blue nautical costume w/ black tap shoes, & an oversized bow in her hair. Tiny Dancers 7 2500 68.50 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2005 C24787 Got Chocolate Milk? Brown & white checkered dress decorated w/ bright yellow ribbons & daisies/ chocolate brown curls. Toddler 15 3000 161.00 Jo Ann Pohlman Original
2003 C23022 got milk?® Blue, white, & yellow cotton dress w/ little cows/ eyelet & lace pinafore/ bloomers w/little cows on her bum/ got milk? Trademark appliqué on pinafore/ milk moustache/ milk mug. Toddler 15 5000 159.25 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2005 C24362 got milk?® Tiny Tot Dressed from head to toe in cow themed cotton prints/ officially licensed doll of the National Dairy Council/ representing their most popular ad campaign. Tiny Tot 5 Open 42.75 Jo Ann Pohlman Original
2006 C3885 Gracie Kneeling doll saying her nightly prayers/ pink, baby-doll nightgown/ Anniversary price $123.12. Toddler 14 Kneeling 1500 147.00 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2007 Event Heavenly Happily Ever After costumed in her white nighty/ ready to read bedtime stories to all . . . which all have happy endings. Heaven's Helper 8 200 N/A JoAnn Pohlmann  
2006 C4011 Heaven’s Helpers Ornaments “Snippin’ Snowflakes”, “Cupid’s Helper” & “Star Twinkler” miniaturized to ornament size, to adorn your tree, or wreath or centerpiece . . . adding a little piece of Heaven to your home. Home for the Holiday 3 Open 72.00 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2006 C1507 Heaven's Helpers Ornaments #2 “Wing Repairer,” “Rain Dropper,” and “Cherubic Chef” have been miniaturized to ornament size to adorn your tree, wreath, or centerpiece . . . adding a little piece of Heaven to your home. Heaven's Helpers 3 Open 71.50 Jo Ann Pohlman  
2007 C3221 Heavens Holiday Helper An adorable reminder to us all that the holidays are more than just the hustle and bustle, but that there truly is a reason for the season. Heaven's Helper 8 3000 76.50 JoAnn Pohlmann  
2003 C0958 Here Comes Santa Claus Santa-esq red velvet costume w/ sparkle faux fur trim and all the holiday trimmings. Tiny Dancers 7 2000 69.00 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2004 C06761 Here Comes Trouble “Here Comes Trouble” once a baby learns to crawl!/ first doll in “First Things First” collection First Things First 16 2000 98.75 Jo Ann Pohlman Original
2003 C0953 Holly Lolli Green velvet dress/ holly trim/ holly shaped lolli-pop/ red braids. Toddler 14 2500 163.00 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2002 C21192 I Love You Lolli Red & white heart-themed dress w/ unique collar & heart-inspired trim/ heart-shaped lollipop. Toddler 15 2500 161.75 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2006 C26148 I Love You Lolli Tiny Tot Heart-themed outfit/ red & white printed fabric trimmed in white heart-styled lace/ heart-shaped lollipop/ red hair/ brown eyes. Tiny Tot 5 3500 42.00 Jo Ann Pohlman Original
2007 C2495 Inspiration Inspired by the brilliant Blue Morpho Butterfly/ detailed blue dress w/ dramatic black embroidery details. Becoming Butterflies 14 3000 149.95 JoAnn Pohlman  
2007 C2098 Jenna Baby blue dress w/ smocking & hand-embroidery detailing/ delicate baby bonnet frames wispy blond hair/ named after a collector’s request. Toddler 18 1000 178.50 Jo Ann Pohlman  
2013 C28795 La Petite Angelina Layers of soft pastel pink tulle/ blush pink ballet dress, tights & ballet slippers. Tiny Dancers 9 400 99.54 JoAnn Pohlman  
2006 C26143 Lilac Lavender color w/ hand applied 3-dimmensial lilac petals adorning her skirt & bonnet. Four Seasons Flowers 11 2000 139.95 Jo Ann Pohlman Original
2009 C8327 Little Bo Peep Frilly print dress w/ pin tucking/ ribbon rossettes/ lace accents/ matching hat & white staff. Rhyme Time 14 1000 99.75 JoAnn Pohlman  
2008 C3921 Little Things Pink w/ white frills and bows, this adorable toddler named Little Things reminds us all to appreciate the small stuff   13 2500 147.00 JoAnn Pohlman  
2002 C74379 Lizzy Lemon 1st in the "Fun Fruits" collection/ lemon applique accents on light blue romper/ teeth marks left in her lemon!/ beaded armature/ very poseable. Fun Fruits 14 2500 161.50 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2004 C00627 Lizzy Lemon Fruit Cup 1st doll in series/ miniature versions of the "Fun Fruits" dolls/ lemon-embroidered, blue chambray outfit/ just tasted lemon for the first time! Fruit Cup 5.5 Open 41.75 Jo Ann Pohlman Original
2002 C74384 Lolli Long auburn braids/ playtime romper/ summer sandals/ sprinkle of freckles across her nose. Toddler 14 2500 159.50 Jo Ann Pohlman Original
2004 C00664 Lolli Tiny Tot The original "Lolli" toddler doll quickly became a favorite for Marie Osmond doll collectors, & now Marie is pleased to offer her in miniature form/ floral romper, w/ long red braids & holds her favorite flavored lollipop. Tiny Tot 5 Open 41.00 Jo Ann Pohlman Original
2011 C28273 Love & Laughter Along the Way Sleeveless gold dress w/ diamond beaded pattern & shiny gold skirting/ auburn hair/ plays "May Tomorrow Be a Perfect Day" Musical Moments 12 1200 149.75 JoAnn Pohlman  
2005 C25020 Love Bug Lady Bug print dress/ blond hair. Toddler 12 1500 140.00 Jo Ann Pohlman Original
2010 C28116 Love For Lola Pastel pink dress w/ sheer floral embroidered overlay/ plush white Malteese puppy dog inspired by Marie’s Malteese/ $164.64. Toddler 18 700 181.50 JoAnn Pohlman  
2009 Retail Madisyn exclusive/ black dress with sheer polka dotted organza and coordinating black hair bow. Artist Signature Heirloom Collection 22 75 169.95 JoAnn Pohlman  
2009 Retail Madisyn Sweetheart Pastel pink dress w/ glitter heart print skirt/ chocolate brown hair.   24 200 159.95 JoAnn Pohlman  
2011 H352111 Madisyn Sweetheart Tiny Tot Pastel pink dress w/ glitter heart print skirt Tiny Tot 9 Open 67.33 JoAnn Pohlman  
2001 C103921 Maggie Dressed in a soft green, cotton dress w/ a subtle floral print/ white knitted sweater over top. Toddler 23 2000 169.00 Jo Ann Pohlman Original
2003 C22024 May Flowers April Showers bring May Flowers/ floral cotton dress w/lace trim/ floral wreath in her hair/ holds a matching floral bouquet/ light brown hair/ green eyes. My Favorite Things 11 2000 129.00 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2009 C27283 Mimi Black & white toile dress w/ accented w/ bright red ruffled detailing. Toddler 12 500 145.00 JoAnn Pohlmann  
2005 C23134 Mint Chip English golf attire/ mint colored fleece sweater, golf shirt, argyle socks, a pom-pommed golf hat/ holds a cone of “Mint Chip” ice cream. Ice Cream Kids 12 1500 87.50 Jo Ann Pohlman Original
2007 C2078 My Puppy Love Perfect for puppy lovers/ pretty peach dress w/ a dainty white lace apron & holds her white plush puppy in her arms. My Pet 13 1500 133.50 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2005 C24077 My Sister Doll vignette depicts older sister cuddling her younger sister in her arms/ dusty pink & creamy white floral-print cotton dress w/ auburn-red ponytails. Toddler 14 1000 160.00 Jo Ann Pohlman Original
2003 C21458 No No Nanette Yellow & blue print fabrics/ holding mommy's lipstick. Toddler 14 2500 129.25 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2007 C2092 Oh! Oh! Vignette of a young child’s first words/ look on her face says it all as “Oh! Oh!” has accidentally spilled her cup of milk on the floor/ pink ruffled dress w/ white sandals. Small Talk 8 1000 98.50 JoAnn Pohlman  
2004 C00665 Oh! You Beautiful Doll Dressed in a cloth-doll costume w/ a mop-top of ringlets & an oversized bow, "Oh! You Beautiful Doll" is an endearing reminder of our childhood memories of dancing and dolls. Tiny Dancers 8 2000 59.25 Jo Ann Pohlman Original
2007 C2501 Ouchie! Lavender pants set, lace trim, white tennis shoes/ red hair, brown eyes/ recordable chip which allows one to have some interactive fun! Small Talk 8 1000 87.00 JoAnn Pohlman  
2005 C24407 Patty Cake Lavender & white check romper w/ white sandals/ blond hair/ lavender eyes. First Things First 12 2000 96.50 Jo Ann Pohlman Original
2008 C3845 Peaceable Variegated cream & pink netting/ satin w/ ribbon lacings on her bodice/ airy ruffled netting wings. Becoming Butterflies 12 2500 146.50 Jo Ann Pohlman  
2007 C3009 Petals Pastel pink dress w/ petal-shaped panels as the skirt, trimmed w/ ribbon rosettes & bows/ blond hair styled in piggy-tails w/ pink sheer ribbon accents/ blue eyes. Toddler 24 1000 176.75 JoAnn Pohlman  
2007 C2505 Playful in Pink White polka-dot-on-pink child’s dress w/ a very feminine choirboy collar/ auburn-red baby hairstyle w/ whale-spout top. Toddler 14 1000 139.50 JoAnn Pohlman  
2005 C23135 Playing Dolls Iridescent blue dress w/ pink embroidered ribbon trim/ holds her favorite cloth dolly. My Favorite Things 11 750 129.75 Jo Ann Pohlman Original
2005 C24409 Pretty in Periwinkle Sparkle accented periwinkle blue dress w/ floral wreath in her hair/ blue eyes/ auburn hair. Captivating in Color 14 1000 154.25 Jo Ann Pohlman Original
2007 Retail Radiance Detailed Red & black dress w/ dramatic embroidery details/ blonde hair/ retail exclusive. Becoming Butterflies 14 500 160.00 Jo Ann Pohlmann  
2006 C26152 Rain Dropper White satin dress w/ white lace overlay/ white feather wings/ golden halo/ gold-colored miniature watering can/ gold tone bell on her ankle/ short blond pig-tails/ blue eyes. Heaven's Helpers 8 3000 89.75 Jo Ann Pohlman Original
2005 C24075 Rainbow Sherbet Dressed in the multi-colors of rainbow sherbet/ rain slicker w/ hat & galoshes/ holds an ice cream cone of her favorite treat. Ice Cream Kids 12 1500 88.75 Jo Ann Pohlman Original
2005 C24789 Rocky Road An adorable biker boy who is all about chocolate! Ice Cream Kids 12 1500 87.25 Jo Ann Pohlman Original
2004 C00660 Ruffle Bum Baby Sculpted in crawling position, & can easily sit, as well/ costumed in coordinating peach and cream fabrics, and comes with her own baby quilt. Toddler 14 1500 164.75 Jo Ann Pohlman Original
2003 C23030 Send in the Clowns 3rd in the series/ multi colored metallic dress w/ matching tutu netting of green, purple and raspberry/ brown curly hair/ blue eyes. Tiny Dancers 7 2500 68.75 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2002 C104028 Sherry Cherry Cherry patterned dress w/ red & white gingham trim/ basket full of cherries/ arms have beaded armature. Fun Fruits 15 2500 160.00 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2004 C02440 Sherry Cherry Fruit Cup Life is like a bowl of cherries/costumed in a smocked bodice front, cherry print cotton dress, w/ red & white gingham trim & red patent leather shoes/ tiny white basket full of plump cherries. Fruit Cup 5 Open 41.75 Jo Ann Pohlman Original
2005 C24404 Smart Cookie Plaid school uniform w/ apple embroidery trim/ long auburn braids/ round eyeglasses/ holds an apple-shaped cookie to give her teacher. Toddler 12 1000 144.50 Jo Ann Pohlman Original
2008 C6236 Smart Cookie Tiny Tot Plaid school uniform/ auburn braids/ glasses/ apple shaped cookie/ $46.44. Tiny Tot 5 Open 51.00 JoAnn Pohlman  
2005 C24809 Snip'n Snowflakes Has the very tedious, yet essential, task of cutting the smallest snowflakes (because she has the smallest hands)!/ iridescent snowflakes adorn her dress. Heaven's Helpers 10 3000 88.75 Jo Ann Pohlman Original
2006 C26749 Snuggle Bug Pink snuggly toddler's sleeper outfit printed w/ ladybugs, strawberries & flowers/ blonde curly ponytails & blue eyes. Expressions of Love 12 1500 130.00 Jo Ann Pohlman  
2002 C19938 Stacey Strawberry African American/ blue & white cotton jumper w/ red shirt & strawbery accents/ holds strawberry plant/ barefoot. Fun Fruits 14 2500 160.00 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2004 C09245 Stacey Strawberry Fruit Cup African-American/ navy blue & white jumper w/ red shirt & accents/ barefoot. Fruit Cup 5 Open 41.75 Jo Ann Pohlman Original
2005 C24078 Star Twinkler Debut doll/ an angel-in-training to help the older angels fulfill Heaven’s most time-honored traditions/ white, baby-doll outfit w/ bloomers & feather wings/ hanging stars in the heavens! Heaven's Helpers 10 3000 89.00 Jo Ann Pohlman Original
2005 C23091 Sugar Cookie Many layers of pink sparkle netting/ holds a pink sugar cookie. Toddler 13 1000 149.00 Jo Ann Pohlman Original
2008   Sugar Cookie Tiny Tot Many layers of pink sparkle netting/ pink sugar cookie. Tiny Tot 5 Open 51.00 JoAnn Pohlman  
2005 C24069 Sunday Morning Sunny yellow dress w/ soft pink trim/ shoes & purse. My Favorite Things 12 1000 140.75 Jo Ann Pohlman Original
2003 C23027 Sweet Dreams Dressed in a pink tricot nightie, lace & embroidered appliqué trim/ matching slippers & blanket/ please note she is a seated doll. My Favorite Things 11 2000 130.00 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2005 C24397 Sweet Freedom Literally wears her love of country on her sleeve as she is dressed from head to toe in her beloved red, white & blue. Toddler 14 750 144.75 Jo Ann Pohlman Original
2007 C3030 Teacher in Training Golden stitched accents/ white feather wings/ long brown braids/ brown eyes/ glasses. Heaven's Helper 8 3000 89.50 JoAnn Pohlman  
2007 C3215 Twas the Night Before Christmas Adorable representation of the much-beloved holiday classic/ frilly red nightgown adorned w/ scene “snapshots” that charmingly depict elements of the timeless poem, “’Twas The Night Before Christmas”. Once Upon a Dress 12 2000 142.75 JoAnn Pohlmann  
2007 C2503 Wee Care White faux silk dress, tiny jacket, nurse's hat with resin heart accent/ long blonde curled hair, blue eyes. Heaven's Helper 8 3000 88.00 JoAnn Pohlman  
2004 C00639 What's Cookin'? Represents the joy of a home-cooked meal/ red & white checker fabric w/ white apron & chef's hat/ holds a baker's rolling pin. My Favorite Things 12 750 140.25 Jo Ann Pohlman Original
2006 C3933 What’s Cookin’ Tiny Tot The first “My Favorite Things” doll to become a “Tiny Tot”/ red & white gingham-checked dress w/ dainty white lacey apron & on over-sized white chef’s hat/ holding her wooden rolling pin/ Anniversary price $34.73. Tiny Tot 5 Open 42.00 JoAnn Pohlman  
2007 C3038 Whoa! Pink play dress w/ embroidered embellishments/ blonde hair styled in 2 ponytails/ blue eyes. Small Talk 10 1000 99.00 JoAnn Pohlman  
2006 C26741 Wing Repairer A pair of gold scissors & a tape measure themed bow/ wears a chatelaine around her neck equipped w/ all the necessary sewing tools & accessories.. just in case of a wing accident! Heaven's Helpers 8 3000 88.00 Jo Ann Pohlman  
2010 C27617 Zoe Ready For Fun Five-color knit sweater over red jersey-knit pants/ lavender shirt/ red fabric shoes/ matching red jersey-knit fabric hat w/ a large flower accent. Toddler 12 300 139.50 JoAnn Pohlman