Jessica Antoinette

Year   Name Description Series Height Edition Size Cost Artist Sculptor
2001 C103926 Cherise Costumed in a monochromatic, soft peach, tea-length dress/ influenced by a photo of a young English girl from the early 1900s. Somewhere in Time 18.5" Standing 5000 141.75 Jessica Antoinette Original
2001 C59112 Emma Special 10th Anniversary edition/ rich antique gold colored underdress/ plays Chopin's "Fantasy Impromtu". Classical Beauty 18.5 2500 137.50 Jessica Antoinette Original
2002 C74392 Isobella Renaissance-inspired bride/ créme & gold embossed tapestry fabric & beaded cap w/ sheer hanging veils/ gold ribbons entwined in occassional braids throughout her hair. Somewhere in Time 28 1000 250.00 Jessica Antoinette Original
2008 C4361 Isobella - 2008 Contemporary embroidered organza gown, dotted with tiny imitation seed pearls. Somewhere in Time 28 100 400.00 Jessica Antoinette  
2001 Retail Rosemary Celery green shantung dress/ sheer ivory organza embroidered w/ coordinating roses inset to the lower portion of the dress/Ivory floral wreath head piece. Collectibles 29 991 199.00 Jessica Antoinette Original
2008 C4407 Rosemary Tiny Tot Green silk shantung dress accented w/ ivory satin roses at her waist & sleeve cuffs/ ivory colored organza inset along the bottom of her skirt which features a delicate rose embroidery. Tiny Tot 8 Open 47.50 Jessica Antoinette  
2012 C28654 Snow White 200th Anniversary White sparkle organza dress w/ red sequin corset & blue velvet cape embroidered w/ Snow White logo & apple accent/ dark navy blue satin slippers.   25 200 199.00 Jessica Antoinette  
2003 C22018 Sunday Stroll Shiny cotton blend, blue rose toile print, w/ creamy white cummerbund/ knitted sweater w/blue embroidery accents/ carries a bible, as if strolling home from church/ long brunette loose curls cascade down her back. Collectibles 28 1500 200.00 Jessica Antoinette Original