Jerri Mowry

Year Item # Name Description Series Height Edition Size Cost Artist Sculptor
1995 C15218 Bonnie Jean Authentic Scottish plaid kilt complete w/ an over-the-shoulder sash/ green eyes/ long auburn curls. Children of the World 17 2500 124.00 Jerri Mowry Original
1996 C28366 Rapunzel Rich blue satin & regal gold-trimmed period costume/ long, flowing light blond hair, ornately braided. Fairy Tale 19.5 5000 170.00 Jerri Mowry Original
1995 C16474 Spring Dress is reversible/ one side is a beautiful, old-fashioned, satiny floral print floor length gown/ the other side is a delicate pink dress/ bonnet & parasol that compliment both outfits. Changing Seasons 24 5000 218.50 Jerri Mowry Original
1996 C28297 Sunflower Dressed in sunflowers/ cupid body. Flower Babies 6 3000 38.50 Jerri Mowry Repro/Cupid
1994 C13710 Tomika Vignette of an Eskimo mother w/ her little papoose. Children of the World 18 2500 198.50 Jerri Mowry Original
1995 C16223 Usha Pronounced Wisha/ traditional Indian sari in black & vibrant purple satin/ trimmed in luxurious gold braiding & jewelry/ long shiny black hair wrapped in a decorative gold & purple hair ornament/ authentic name means "nature" and "life". Children of the World 17 2500 142.00 Jerri Mowry Original