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Injured Miracle Children

Money is donated to Children's Miracle Network from the sale of these dolls. They represent the childhood days of being hurt.

Those with have a full page. The names without have a photo.

Year Item # Name Description Series Height Edition Size Cost Artist Sculptor
1991 C7592 Beth Broken arm/ dressed in a silky iridescent lavender frock w/ a fully gathered skirt/ long brunette curls partially swept up into a pony tail tied w/ lavender & pink satin double bow to match those on the dress/ carries her favorite teddy. Injured 11 5000 88.00 Vincent De Filippo Original
1998 C53167 Carrie Blue dress w/ floral pinafore/ blonde curls/ blue eyes/ just got her shot/ band aid/ CMN doll/ Retail 1997. Injured 11 5000 79.00 Lis Hatch Original
1992 C11250 Chelsea Hurt her leg and needs the assistance of a crutch/ named after a young friend of Marie's whose life was saved in a children's hospital. Injured 11 5000 91.50 Vincent De Filippo Original
1992 C11252 Dottie Chicken pox/ blond curls/ pj's & slippers. Injured 11 5000 89.00 Vincent De Filippo Original
1999 C60922 Dottie Anne Short pink chiffon nightgown w/ matching robe/ covered from head to toe with chicken pox dots/ bear/ body sculpted by Sandra Bilotto/ Retail '97. Injured 11 5000 79.00 Beverly Stoehr Original
1991 C7593 Jennifer Broken leg/ full skirted dress of ivory fabric printed in a red & blue charming country design/ cuddles her plush teddy/ has a tear. Injured 11 5000 89.00 Vincent De Filippo Original
1993 C11381 Macie Matching duck nightgown & slippers w/ little doll & pillow/ named after her business manager, Allen Finlinson's, little girl. Injured 11 5000 87.50 Vincent De Filippo Original
1992 C9631 McKensie Hurt her finger/ pink & red floral jumper trimmed in ruffles/ white shoes/ deep brown hair and eyes. Injured 11 5000 88.00 M. Nicole Repro-Pouty
1993 C11907 Savannah Flannel nightgown/ holds a box of tissue for her sniffles. Injured 11 5000 92.50 Vincent De Filippo Original

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