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Heaven's Helpers

Those with have a full page. The names without have a photo.

Year Item # Name Description Series Height Size Cost Artist Sculptor
2006 C4004 Cherubic Chef Chef’s hat w/ gold halo trim/ making sure the angel food cake rises to the perfect height. Heaven’s Helpers 8 3000 88.50 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2005 C24384 Cupid's Helper Little boy angel-in-training who has the very important assignment of carrying Cupid’s bow & arrows. Heaven's Helpers 8 3000 88.00 Jo Ann Pohlman Original
2006 Event Faithful Friends "Friends Like You" brunch exclusive/ angel w/ "Faith" charm necklace/ blond. Heaven's Helpers 9 150 N/A Jo Ann Pohlman Original
2006 C4011 Heaven’s Helpers Ornaments “Snippin’ Snowflakes”, “Cupid’s Helper” & “Star Twinkler” miniaturized to ornament size, to adorn your tree, or wreath or centerpiece . . . adding a little piece of Heaven to your home. Home for the Holiday 3 Open 72.00 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2006 C1507 Heaven's Helpers Ornaments #2 “Wing Repairer,” “Rain Dropper,” and “Cherubic Chef” have been miniaturized to ornament size to adorn your tree, wreath, or centerpiece . . . adding a little piece of Heaven to your home. Home for the Holiday 3 Open 71.50 Jo Ann Pohlman  
2007 Event Heavenly Happily Ever After costumed in her white nighty/ ready to read bedtime stories to all . . . which all have happy endings. Heaven's Helper 8 200 N/A JoAnn Pohlmann  
2007 C3221 Heavens Holiday Helper An adorable reminder to us all that the holidays are more than just the hustle and bustle, but that there truly is a reason for the season. Heaven's Helper 8 3000 76.50 JoAnn Pohlmann  
2006 C26152 Rain Dropper White satin dress w/ white lace overlay/ white feather wings/ golden halo/ gold-colored miniature watering can/ gold tone bell on her ankle/ short blond pig-tails/ blue eyes. Heaven's Helpers 8 3000 89.75 Jo Ann Pohlman Original
2005 C24809 Snip'n Snowflakes Has the very tedious, yet essential, task of cutting the smallest snowflakes (because she has the smallest hands)!/ iridescent snowflakes adorn her dress. Heaven's Helpers 10 3000 88.75 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2005 C24078 Star Twinkler Debut doll/ an angel-in-training to help the older angels fulfill Heaven’s most time-honored traditions/ white, baby-doll outfit w/ bloomers & feather wings/ hanging stars in the heavens! Heaven's Helpers 10 3000 89.00 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2007 C3030 Teacher in Training Golden stitched accents/ white feather wings/ long brown braids/ brown eyes/ glasses. Heaven's Helper 8 3000 89.50 JoAnn Pohlman  
2007 C2503 Wee Care White faux silk dress, tiny jacket, nurse's hat with resin heart accent/ long blonde curled hair, blue eyes. Heaven's Helper 8 3000 88.00 JoAnn Pohlman  
2006 C26741 Wing Repairer A pair of gold scissors & a tape measure themed bow/ wears a chatelaine around her neck equipped w/ all the necessary sewing tools & accessories.. just in case of a wing accident! Heaven's Helpers 8 3000 88.00 Jo Ann Pohlman  

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