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Year Item # Name Description Series Height Edition Size Cost Artist Sculptor
2006 C26489 Addison Ankle-length green, blue, & lavender floral dress w/ white lace trim on collar, sleeves, & bottom edge/ lavendar ribbons decorate her red braids w/ flowers tied at the top/ painted blue eyes/ cream shoes/ cloth over porcelain/ certificates signed by Tawny. Heartfelt 24 250 199.75 Tawny Nix  
2005 C23288 Alleah Cream fabric dress w/ blue embroidered flowers/ cream shoes w/ white stockings/ long, curly blonde hair w/ blue ribbon. Heartfelt 23 250 219.25 Tawny Nix Original
2005 C23289 Baby Marie Heartfelt Pink gingham dress w/ embroidered eyelets/ cloth over porcelain/ brown painted eyes/ brown hair. Heartfelt 13 500 181.82 Beverly Stoehr Original
2001 C43364 Clarissa First doll in Marie's line crafted in felt/ floral lavender & white dress w/ an apron full of daisies. Heartfelt 12" Standing 2500 122.75 Carla Thompson N/A
2005 C23276 Jessica Heartfelt Lavender & white gingham dress w/ coordinating shoes & hair ribbons/ pinafore w/ printed lavender flowers/ brown painted eyes/ brown hair. Heartfelt 13 250 200.00 Beverly Stoehr Original
2003 C21457 Kiana Embroidered bodice/ knee-length dress/ long auburn curls/ floral wreath in her hair. Heartfelt 18 750 127.00 Shirley Hunter Peck Original
2004 C0963 Olive May Heartfelt Variation-on-a-theme of her first sculpt/ fabric-over-porcelain medium giving the appearance of felt/ sculpted in tribute to her mother. Heartfelt 15 250 249.00 Marie Osmond Original
2003 C2852 Tawny Dusty blue sweater w/ sage green trim & pleated skirt/ new medium of cotton interlock fabric over porcelain, creating a felt doll look w/ better definition/ named after her sculptor. Heartfelt 22 500 150.00 Tawny Nix Original

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