George Osmond

Year Item # Name Description Series Height Edition Size Cost Artist Sculptor
1996 C32601 Georgette Créme & "Georgia" peach dress made of georgette/ green eyes/ blond curls/ sculpted by Marie's dad and dressed by Marie's mother, Olive/ named for Marie's dad. Dear to My Heart "Special Edition" 19 2500 169.00 George Osmond Original
1999 C95753 Georgianna Burgundy & black overcoat over feminine flowing dress/ long dark hair/ English schoolgirl. Dear to My Heart 20 1500 130.00 George Osmond Original
2007 C2978 Georgianna Tiny Tot Red & black print mini check coat w/ front button accents/ red dress w/ embroidered accents/ black hat w/ bow accent/ black muff/ black tie-up boots/ long brown hair/ blue eyes/ anniversary priced at $36.72. Tiny Tot 8 Open 44.25 George Osmond