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Fun Fruits

Those with have a full page. The names without have a photo.

Year Item # Name Description Series Height Edition Size Cost Artist Sculptor
2002 C107676 Apple Annie Cotton, apple-print dress, & shiny red apple in her backpack/ blond. Fun Fruits 14 2500 160.00 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2003 C21456 Boy'z 'N Berry Denim shorts/ high top sneakers/ denim basebal cap/ boysenberry-print boxers/ holds boysenberry fruit pop. Fun Fruits 14 2500 161.25 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2003 C2855 Franny Fruit Basket Multi-color & multi-fruit print cotton/ sun-kissed blond, looped braids w/ oversized bows. Fun Fruits 15 2500 156.25 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2002 C74379 Lizzy Lemon 1st in the "Fun Fruits" collection/ lemon applique accents on light blue romper/ teeth marks left in her lemon!/ beaded armature/ very poseable. Fun Fruits 14 2500 161.50 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2002 C104028 Sherry Cherry Cherry patterned dress w/ red & white gingham trim/ basket full of cherries/ arms have beaded armature. Fun Fruits 15 2500 160.00 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2002 C19938 Stacey Strawberry African American/ blue & white cotton jumper w/ red shirt & strawbery accents/ holds strawberry plant/ barefoot. Fun Fruits 14 2500 160.00 JoAnn Pohlman Original

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