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Fairy Tale

Each doll is done by a different sculptor to create a series based on fairy tales. Alice in Wonderland is a favorite of mine. Her sculptor, Juanita Openshaw, died shortly after the doll was introduced.

Those with have a full page. The names without have a photo.

Year Item # Name Description Series Height Edition Size Cost Artist Sculptor
1994 C13706 Alice In Wonderland Delicate blue cotton dress w/ white pinafore apron embroidered w/ tea cup/ black shoes/ simple blue satin bow tied in her hair/ holds a white bunny/ long blond hair. Fairy Tale 18 5000 149.50 Juanita Openshaw Original
1996 C17951 Cinderella Curly blond hair/ white satin slippers/ pale blue gown/ pearl necklace & earrings Fairy Tale 22 5000 196.00 Lisa Hatch Original
1994 C12861 Little Red Riding Hood Red cape/ brown curls/ crossroads marker pointing the way to Grandma's and to the woods w/ the wolf's picture on a "Wanted" poster/ signed by Marie. Fairy Tale 17 5000 199.50 Linda Henry Original
2010 IDEX Peter Pan Sold at IDEX & green satin jacket w/ fabric leaf petals/ coordinating pants & leggings/ felt hat. Fairy Tale 11 150 149.95 Sonja Bryer Original
1996 C28366 Rapunzel Rich blue satin & regal gold-trimmed period costume/ long, flowing light blond hair, ornately braided. Fairy Tale 19.5 5000 170.00 Jerri Mowry Original
2010 C28236 Rapunzel Let Your Hair Down Long blonde unbraided hair/ shades of pink period costume. Fairy Tale 18 400 120.00 Karen Scott  
1996 C18478 Shelby Mermaid/ shimmery, sea-blue costume, trimmed w/ pearls/ sits upon a pearl covered imitation rock. Fairy Tale 22 5000 188.00 Cindy Shafer Original
1997 C42959 Sleeping Beauty Soft blond curls/ tall & graceful in soft pastel chiffon and lavender velvet. Fairy Tale 20 2500 179.00 Marie Osmond Original
1993 C11397 Snow White Satiny white & blue gown w/ red cape & faux pearl necklace/ skin is a fine snow-white porcelain color w/ apple-red lips & brilliant blue eyes. Fairy Tale 19 5000 177.50 Beverly Stoehr Original

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