Emily Garthright

Year Item # Name Description Series Height Edition Size Cost Artist Sculptor
2009 Retail Happy Birthday Sissy charismabrands.com exclusive/ pastel pink party dress highlighted w/ floral embroidery & sequin-beaded details. Artist Signature Heirloom Collection 24 200 189.95 Emily Garthwright  
2005 C23231 Marie at 3 Costumed & named after Marie's 1st TV appearance on the Andy Williams Show/ designer gown by Ret Turner/ certificate signed by Marie, Emily, Ret and Andy. Edition 10 17 10 1536.00 Emily Garthright Original
2009 C11128 Marie at 3 Tiny Tot Turquoiose & marabou trimmed dress/ inspired by Marie's dress she wore on the Andy Williams show at age 4. Tiny Tot 5 1250 49.50 Emily Garthwright  
2005 C13376 Marie Lavender Rose Lavender rose print toile dress w/ multi-toned ribbon rosettes & contrasting deep purple bows/ rose-trimmed garden bench/ plays “Paper Roses”/ created & named after a rose in Marie’s honor. Coming Up Roses 15 17500 180.00 Emily Garthwright Original
2005 C25004 Marie Rose Bud Lavender toile dress/ seated on bench/ done after Marie. Rose Buds 5 Open 118.00/set Emily Garthright Original
2011 C28530 Marie Sunshine & Happiness Pink & orange outfit/ busy box My Favorite Things 24 250 169.75 Emily Garthright  
2006 C26477 Rose Bud Bouquet All twelve Rose Bud dolls w/ rose print fabric bodies/ comes w/ display shelf/ certificate signed by all sculptors of the set. Rose Buds 5/8 500 498.00 Various  
2003 C23037 Young Love 1st standing doll & final red rose in series/ red gown w/ sparkle-embossed roses, leg-a-mutton sleeves, rose embroidered white lace & rose-adorned waistband/ dolly/ TSV Price $149.00. Coming Up Roses 25 15000 179.50 Emily Garthwright Original
2005 C23090 Young Love Rose Bud Miniature replica of DOTY award-winning original/ deep, rose-red fabric w/ sparkle-embossed roses & lavish white lace trim/ holds dolly. Rose Buds 8 Open 41.75 Emily Garthwright Original
2007 C2110 Young Love Rose Bud Ornament February-Young Love/ burgundy & dark green ribbons/ sparkling, dark red rosettes/ red, heart-shaped accents/ brown-hair/ brown eyes/ Includes a romance card. Rose Bud Ornaments 5 Open 30.00 Emily Garthright Original