Donna Stewart

Year Item # Name Description Series Height Edition Size Cost Artist Sculptor
1993 C6483 93 Christmas Greeting Card Christmas plaid/ brown hair. Greeting Card 5.5 1993 25.00 Donna Stewart Repro-Jumeau
1993 C11945 93 Mother's Day Greeting Card In pink dress w/ blonde hair. Greeting Card 5.5 1993 25.00 Donna Stewart Repro-Jumeau
1994 C10943 94 All Occasion Greeting Card Peach & light blue/ brunette. Greeting Card 5.5 1994 25.00 Donna Stewart Repro-Jumeau
1994 C14645 94 Christmas Greeting Card In Red/ blond. Greeting Card 5.5 1994 28.50 Donna Stewart Repro-Kestner Princess
1994 C12863 94 Mother's Day Greeting Card Lavender dress/ brunette. Greeting Card 5.5 1994 25.00 Donna Stewart Kestner Princess
1994 C10942 94 Valentine's Day Greeting Card White dress w/ red hearts/ blond. Greeting Card 5.5 1994 25.00 Donna Stewart Repro-Jumeau
1995 C15754 95 Mother's Day Greeting Card Pastel floral dress w/ hat/ brunette. Greeting Card 5.5 1995 25.00 Donna Stewart Repro-Dulce
1996 C34843 Angela Soft silver & winter white dress trimmed in faux marabou feathers/ blond curls/ feather wings. Collectibles 15 2500 139.50 Donna Stewart Repro/Bru
1994 C12858 Anita Named after a good friend of Marie's who traveled as her wardrobe assistant for many years/ aqua colored satin w/ cream lace & faux pearl trim & pink floral accent/ painted black boots. Petite Amour 5.5 3000 41.00 Donna Stewart Repro-Jumeau
1993 C11911 Annie Googly face/ red, white & blue, & learning to ride her bike/ dark blue cotton knickers are highlighted by red and white stars/ wide white collar is finished w/ 2 gold stars & a red and white piping trim. Miracle Children 9.5 1993 74.50 Donna Stewart Repro-Googly
1994 C10941 Bunny Love Molded bunny ears & hair/ frilly pink cotton Easter dress w/ painted eyes & shoes/ holds an Easter basket & stands on a decorative wooden plaque. Collectibles 6 2500 45.50 Donna Stewart Repro-Bunny Love
1995 C15893 Bunny Love '95 Pink & white striped jumpsuit/ in white basket. Collectibles 6 8000 41.00 Donna Stewart Repro-Bunny Love
1996 Retail Bunny Love Angel White organza w/ gold wings & headpiece. Collectibles 6 2500 51.00 Donna Stewart Repro/Bunny Love
1996 C32403 Bunny Love Cherub Sheer, white organza dress/ white feather wings/ delicate floral wreath around her bunny ears/ side-glancing eyes . Collectibles 6 5000 44.50 Donna Stewart Repro/B.Love
1994 C14642 Bunny Love Christmas Molded bunny ears & hair/ green & red holiday plaid dress, adorned w/ gold bows on her dress & headband. Collectibles 6 2500 54.00 Donna Stewart Repro-Bunny Love
1994 C13428 Christmas Darlings '94 Two dolls w/ Xmas tree. Petite Amour 6 4000 152.00 Donna Stewart Repro-Googly/Jumeau
1995 C16478 Fallen Leaves Boy raking leaves/ striped top w/ jeans. 4 Seasons Small Wonders 8 4000 58.00 Donna Stewart Repro/Heubach
1995 C16219 First Kiss Young girl & boy ready to kiss/ football & teddy. Collectibles 8 2500 137.00 Donna Stewart Reproduction
1993 C11910 Flora Reproduction Bru/ springtime & summer wedding theme/ pink cotton dress w/ lace collar/ pink ribbon on her bouquet matches her satin sash. Miracle Children 9.5 1993 79.50 Donna Stewart Repro-Bru
1993 C11905 Goldie White play dress w/ smocked front/ golden hair is looped into two braids on each side of her head w/ matching bows in her hair & on her teddy bear. Petite Amour 6 3000 48.50 Donna Stewart Repro-Googly
1993 C2086 Holly Bean bag/ holly print outfit/ music. Christmas 13 2500 114.00 Donna Stewart Repro-Grump
1993 C11430 Jenny & Jason Cabagge Patch/ bald sailor twins w/ own doll/ nautical theme of blue & white, w/ red accents/ named after her neighbors kids, who are good friends w/ her own children. Twin 8 5000 172.50 Anne Jackson Donna Stewart
1993 C11244 Little Debbie Peach dress over white petticoat/ Donny's daughter he doesn't have/ named for his wife. Toddler 23 2500 262.00 J. Hollebrands Original
1993 C11909 Mekel Blue overalls w/ coordinating scarf & hair bow/ patchwork blanket/ teddy/ named after a daughter of some dear friends who, like Marie, is the only girl in her family Miracle Children 9.5 1993 84.75 Donna Stewart Repro-Twirp
1993 C11904 Olivia Named after Marie's niece/ knitted cap w/ blue satin ribbon tie/ gown is a soft sky blue cotton, accented w/ blue satin ribbons & lace around the collar and hem. Sweet Dreams 7.5 2500 93.00 Donna Stewart Repro-Hilda
1997 C37725 Pansy Dressed in satin purple pansies/ cupid body. Flower Babies 5.5 3000 53.50 Donna Stewart Repro/Cupid
1995 C17239 Poinsettia Satin poinsetta petals & green leaves/ cupid body. Flower Babies 5.5 3000 41.00 Donna Stewart Repro/Cupid
1995 C15226 Some Bunny Loves You Valentine theme/ pink lettuce edge dress w/ red heart on bodice. Collectibles 6 2500 45.00 Donna Stewart Repro-Bunny Love
1994 C12860 Spring Showers Splashing in puddle/ yellow raincoat. 4 Seasons Small Wonders 7 4000 56.00 Donna Stewart Repro-Heubach
1995 C16217 Summer Days Striped sunsuit/ playing in the sand/ blond. 4 Seasons Small Wonders 7 4000 63.00 Donna Stewart Reproduction
1994 C12859 Sweet Dreams Baby Sculpted hair/ baby blue pajamas/ sits on a stuffed moon/ plays "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star". Sweet Dreams 13 2500 89.50 Donna Stewart Repro
1994 C13711 Tina Named after a good friend & first nanny of Marie's children who was an answer to a prayer in her own life/ accessorized w/ bed & quilt/ kneels at the side of her bed in prayer Miracle Children 9.5 1994 116.50 Donna Stewart Repro-Twirp
1994 C10944 Tush In crawling position/ cloth diaper & a decorative bib/ comes with her own hand-made, matching quilt. Collectibles 7 2500 76.50 Donna Stewart Repro-Dionne Quintuplet
1993 C11386 Vanessa Reproduction French Bru face/ three feminine dresses, in pale pink, baby blue & creme lace. (Small) Trunk 11 2500 198.00 Donna Stewart Repro-Twirp
1994 C13735 Virginia & Jordan Pink cotton dresses w/ white & mint green accents & lace/ named after Marie's niece, who was the first Osmond granddaughter to have a baby. Mother Child 17 3000 179.00 Donna Stewart Repro-Mein Liebling
1993 C11902 Virginia Marie Named after the 1st grandchild of Marie's parents/ "Virginia Marie" was named after her mother, and her Aunt Marie/ comes complete with "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue". Hat Box 6 3000 135.00 Stewart/Griffith Repro-Jumeau
1995 C15224 Winter Wonder Making her first snowman/ pink snow outfit/ button nose & colorful scarf on the snowman/ decorative snow-covered wooden plaque. 4 Seasons Small Wonders 7 4000 61.00 Donna Stewart Repro-Heubach