Thumbelina was very small
This we all know well,
But did you know that she could play
Inside a walnut shell?

One day a mouse found Thumbelina
Hiding beneath a leaf,
"Please come and stay with me," said the mouse"
:And find relief from your grief."

Thumbelina felt safe from the world
Inside the mouse's hole,
Until was made a marriage proposal
By a big ole' ugly mole.

That meant living her life in a tunnel so dark
Where the day appeared as the night,
So she climbed upon the back of a bird
And took a Southern flight.

She awoke to find herself in a garden
Filled with beauty and joy,
And lo and behold when the flowers opened
Appeared a most handsome boy!

Now this was not just an ordinary boy
In fact, he was just her size.
A prince with a kingdom of wee folk,
Thumbelina could scarce trust her eyes.

Thus, Thumbelina learned, and we can too
When searching for your goals,
To take high aim and never settle
For a big ole' ugly mole!