Sweet Settee

Being a doll collector myself, I have an appreciation for unique pieces that add variety to one's collection. "Sweet Settee" is just such a piece. Inspired by the half-doll or "pin-cushion" dolls that were popular in Europe around the turn of the century, this doll actually functions as a sewing accessory in addition to being a stunning decorative item.

Her elaborate torso is meticulously sculpted by Michael Evert and is produced in hand-painted, matte finished, fine porcelain, while her sheer skirt serves to cover the "pin cushion" bottom.

"Sweet Settee" is truly a piece of porcelain art that will be a conversation piece within your own collection. Enjoy!

"Sweet Settee" is hallmarked with Marie's signature and is hand numbered on a tag sewn into a seam of the dress.