Last night was the annual Christmas ball.
It was the best one Clara could ever recall.
Her Uncle Dresselmeyer presented her toy
A magical nutcracker that brought Clara great joy.
Later that eve, while everyone slept
Clara wanted a peek, so from the nursery she crept.
She turned on the light, and to her dismay
Large mice were running every which way.
Her nutcracker soldier sprang to life
And approached the Mouse King, waving his knife.
Clara let out a scream and threw her shoe
At the wicked Mouse King. . .what else could she do?
As the King of mice fell to the floor
The Nutcracker turned into a Prince, whom she adored.
"Come Clara," said he, "and take my hand
I want to show you a magical land."
A Sugar Plum Fairy who danced with the flowers
Dancing snowflakes and sweets, oh, she could have stayed for hours!
Dancers appeared from around the world
They leapt, they marched, they pliéd and twirled.
But the Prince waved his hand, and Clara was home
Although just how she got there was never made known.
She awoke snuggled up on the nursery floor
Holding tight to the nutcracker she'd come to adore.
Now you ask, was it magic or just a child's dream?
Remember on Christmas, things aren't quite what they seem!