M'Lissa Virginia Tiny Tot Trio

It’s the more the merrier with Marie Osmond’s “M’Lissa Virgina Tiny Tot Trio.” This delightful set consists of miniature replicas of the original “M’Lissa Virginia,” “M’Lissa Virginia – Baby Blues,” and “M’Lissa Virginia – Timeless” toddlers.  The M’Lissa Virginia sculpt was created and named in honor of sculptor, Lisa Hatch’s sister, and costumed in dresses that Lisa would have dressed her own daughter in.

“M’Lissa Virgina Tiny Tot Trio” are truly collectible dolls with original head by sculptor, Lisa Hatch.  They have been hand-crafted with the special attention to detail that is the hallmark of all Marie Osmond dolls

“M’Lissa Virgina Tiny Tot Trio” are hallmarked on the back of their necks with Marie’s signature and are hand numbered.

M'lissa Virginia is named and sculpted after Lisa Hatch's sister.

M'lissa Virginia and Katie Sue