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Year Item # Name Description Series Height Edition Size Cost Artist Sculptor
2007 C2409 Alyssa Hand blown glass eyes & human hair wig/ light pink dress w/sheer flower embroidered overlay/ long curly auburn hair/ brown eyes. Collectibles 26 250 300.00 Karen Scott  
1996 C34843 Angela Soft silver & winter white dress trimmed in faux marabou feathers/ blond curls/ feather wings. Collectibles 15 2500 139.50 Donna Stewart Repro/Bru
2006 C26484 Angelina Auburn haired angel/ certificate signed by Marie. Collectibles 29 300 299.00 Marie Osmond Original
2004 C00633 Arabella Unique floral painting, applied directly to her porcelain/ mystical fairy of the flowers/ airy, multi-colored costume subtly adorned w/ flower petals. Collectibles 12 750 160.25 Karen Scott Original
2007 Event Arabella Catching Butterflies Unique floral painting, applied directly to her porcelain/ multi-colored costume/ sold at IDEX West 2007. Collectibles 12 100 160.00 Karen Scott Original
2008 Event Arabella Catching Butterflies - Auction Auctioned at the 2008 Doll & Teddy Bear Expo at Disney World/ Original Artist Concept doll by Karen Scott and original costume by Karen Seamons. Collectibles 12 1 400.00 Karen Scott Original
2008 Event Arabella Rainbow Unique rainbow painting, applied directly to her porcelain/ rainbow colored costume/ sold at IDEX East 2008. Fairy 12 100 160.00 Karen Scott Original
2005 C15851 Babette French-inspired blue silk like dress w/ black trim/ black velvet beret/ long blond hair. Collectibles 27 250 197.00 Karen Scott Original
2006 Retail Blanca Blanc in French means "White", & "Blanca" is feminely costumed in a lacey white dress with iridescent trim. Collectibles 11 150 175.00 Karen Scott Original
2005 C25016 Breena Pale blue dress w/ white tulle overskirt/ blue hair/ snowflake painting on face. Collectibles 17 2000 148.00 Karen Scott Original
2003 C21460 Brynn Nautical-themed dress of red, white & blue/ holds cloth doll as she salutes her country/ named after a collector's request. Collectibles 26 1500 190.50 Kathy Smith-Fitzpatrick Original
2005 IDEX Brynn Springtime Pink floral dress/ blond/ available exclusively at the 2005 IDEX show in Orlando, FL. Collectibles 26 50 199.00 Kathy Smith-Fitzpatrick Original
2003   Budding Virtuoso Ready for her recital/ navy blue velvet dress w/white organza trim/ embroidery on collar & sleeve cuffs/ navy shoes/ cherry wood finish wood base stand, stenciled rug, violin & case. Collectibles 20 1000 149.00 Karen Scott Original
1994 C10941 Bunny Love Molded bunny ears & hair/ frilly pink cotton Easter dress w/ painted eyes & shoes/ holds an Easter basket & stands on a decorative wooden plaque. Collectibles 6 2500 45.50 Donna Stewart Repro-Bunny Love
2006 C26138 Bunny Love 15th Anniversary Adorned w/ sparkling crystals for Marie’s “crystal” anniversary/ brilliant pink gown w/ embroidered organza overlay/ pink bow tied around her sculpted bunny ears head. Collectibles - Bunny Love 6 1500 59.00 Repro - Bunny Love  
1995 C15893 Bunny Love '95 Pink & white striped jumpsuit/ in white basket. Collectibles 6 8000 41.00 Donna Stewart Repro-Bunny Love
1996 Retail Bunny Love Angel White organza w/ gold wings & headpiece. Collectibles 6 2500 51.00 Donna Stewart Repro/Bunny Love
2001 C59150 Bunny Love Anniversary Special 10th anniversary commemorative/ shiny silver ball gown/ crown.  Collectibles 8 5000 39.75 N/A Repro
1996 C32403 Bunny Love Cherub Sheer, white organza dress/ white feather wings/ delicate floral wreath around her bunny ears/ side-glancing eyes . Collectibles 6 5000 44.50 Donna Stewart Repro/B.Love
1994 C14642 Bunny Love Christmas Molded bunny ears & hair/ green & red holiday plaid dress, adorned w/ gold bows on her dress & headband. Collectibles 6 2500 54.00 Donna Stewart Repro-Bunny Love
1998 C46587 Bunny Love Easter '98 Purple print, pastel Easter dress w/ white lace/ holds bunny. Collectibles 7.5 2500 45.50 Breta Finlinson Reproduction
1996 C34754 Chantel Satin plaid dress trimmed w/ golden lace & ribbons/ classic burgundy coat trimmed in créme faux fur/ matching faux fur muff/ dainty burgundy earrings. Collectibles 21.5 1000 216.00 Cheryl Robinson Repro/Jumeau
1998 C50205 Claudia Reminiscent of 1900s/ pastel floral voile dress & coordinating bonnet/ named for Claudia Cummings, who starred as Mother Abbess in "The Sound of Music". Collectibles 17 1500 127.00 Cheryl Robinson Repro/Kestner
2006 IDEX Collette Cotillion Antique rose gown w/ rose lace overlay & exquisite pearl-like trim/ long curls swept up into a French twist/ available exclusively at IDEX 2006 in Orlando, FL.   26 100 200.00 Mary Benner Original
2006 C3978 Crystalline Pale-pink poof of netting & sparkle-covered organza/ hand-painted body art w/ crystal adornment/ cascades of curls atop her head. Collectibles 17 2000 147.00 Karen Scott Original
2007 Retail Daisyetta Yellow netting dress & yellow synthetic mo-hair designed to highlight her delicate floral tattoo-like painting/ Toy Fair 2007 Retail Exclusive. Collectibles 12 500 149.95 Karen Scott Original
1995 C16219 First Kiss Young girl & boy ready to kiss/ football & teddy. Collectibles 8 2500 137.00 Donna Stewart Reproduction
2000 C97235 Felicia Ann Antique-looking pink satin dress w/ sheer lace overlay/ oversized, unconstructed hat/ brunette. Collectibles 17 1500 159.00 Cheryl Robinson Repro-Bru
2001 C103202 Happy Fats Reproduction of the original "Happy Fats". Collectibles 3.5 Open Edition 49.00 Reproduction N/A
2008 C4366 Heady Lady Vase Sculpted porcelain vase w/ a fancy hat w/ a ring of silk flowers & a simulated pearl necklace w/ matching earrings. Collectibles 9 350 79.50 Michael Evert  
2008 C4368 Hilda & Teddy New reproduction of the Kestner Hilda doll/ all set to hit the road in a green & pink traveling costume/ carries a brown, faux leather suitcase in one hand/ adorable, plush teddy bear in the other. Collectibles   300 249.00 Monica Reo  
2013 C28794 Honey Bear Bru Pleated drop waist dress reminiscent of what original period Bru dolls wore/ aqua accents & a coordinating hat/ teddy bear. Collectibles 10 800 99.86 Mary Benner  
2008 C4357 Iris Named for the mythological personification of the rainbow/ multicolored gown w/ woven ribbon bodice & skirt of pastel netting/ face & limbs are delicately handpainted. Collectibles 17 300 399.00 Karen Scott  
2000 C97288 Kesti Soft peach monochromatic dress w/ strawberry blonde hair/ named for Marie's personal assistant. Collectibles 23 2500 169.00 Joke Grobben Original
2002 C19934 Kesti 2002 Dressed in shades of blue & green w/ daisy accents/ embroidered fleece jacket/ clogs/ braided hair. Collectibles 19 2500 120.00 Joke Grobben Original
2008 C4681 Lillian Late-1800s dress/ graceful design of leg-o'-mutton sleeves, lace netting, ribbon rosettes, & dainty ribbons. Collectibles 12 300 183.50 Mary Benner  
2007 C2431 Mary Victoria Authentic Victoria clothing designed by Karen Scott/ antique mauve dress w/ivory embroidered lace overlay/ bonnet & ivory shoes/ long curly locks of golden hair/ blue eyes/ teddy bear. Collectibles 25 300 248.00 Karen Scott  
2007 C2426 Melina Creamy ivory bridal satin gown w/ scalloped-edge hemline w/subtle roughing, double-ruffle sleeves/ adorned w/ fabric floral rosettes/ golden blonde hair/ brown eyes/ hand signed by Tawny. Collectibles 22 500 217.00 Tawny Nix  
1995 C15904 Morgan Dusty rose colored silk & taffeta w/ an antique-like lace collar & rose colored pearl accents that were dyed to match the hand-dyed fabric/ brunette. Collectibles 17.5 1500 155.00 Cheryl Robinson Repro-Mein Liebling
1996 C32421 Morgan '96 Period costume of delicate peach lace and satin w/ peach & créme trimmings/ holds satin hand bag/ auburn curls/ dainty earrings and pearls. Collectibles 17 1500 152.50 Cheryl Robinson Repro/M. Lieb
1997 C37713 Morgan '97 Teal attire w/ lace & satin/ matching hand bag/ traditional cameo at her neck/ dark brunette hair and green eyes. Collectibles 17 1500 188.00 Cheryl Robinson Repro/Mein Leibling
2001 C65144 Penelope Blue dress w/ navy blue collar, cuffs & bows/ silvertone brooch/ white stockings/ navy blue shoes/ blond hair/ blue eyes/ baby doll. Collectibles 22 1500 150.00 Penelope Carr Original
2002 C19937 Rae Antique gold, silk dress w/ vintage lace-up boots/ multibraid, faux mohair wig & captivating hand-painted eyes. Collectibles 23 1500 223.25 Karen Scott Original
2009 C8290 Romance White organza dress w/ burgundy & pink floral embroidery/ dark brown, curly hair/ brown eyes. Collectible 16 1200 129.00 Karen Scott  
1998 C53161 Rosa Leigh Créme lace victorian era gown/ brunette/ drawstring purse/ Retail 1996. Collectibles 17.5 1500 155.00 Cheryl Robinson Repro/Mein Leibling
2001 Retail Rosemary Celery green shantung dress/ sheer ivory organza embroidered w/ coordinating roses inset to the lower portion of the dress/Ivory floral wreath head piece. Collectibles 29 991 199.00 Jessica Antoinette Original
2008 Retail Rubina Ruby red netting & colorful floral trims/ floral hand-painting on her porcelain/ exclusive to Count Your Beans. Collectibles 11 300 159.95 Karen Scott Original
2005 C24070 Sabrina Lavender netting dress & lavender synthetic mo-hair designed to highlight her delicate floral tattoo-like painting. Collectible 12 2000 150.00 Karen Scott Original
2002 C104023 Shelley Barefoot/ sky blue check print dress w/ white lace trim/ base is covered with sand, sea shells & footprints. Collectibles 24 2000 188.00 Kathy Smith-Fitzpatrick Origianl
1995 C15226 Some Bunny Loves You Valentine theme/ pink lettuce edge dress w/ red heart on bodice. Collectibles 6 2500 45.00 Donna Stewart Repro-Bunny Love
1995 C16221 Sophia An infant girl lavishly dressed, laying in her white wicker bassinet/ adorned w/ baby soft satin, lace & rosettes/ named after her brother Jimmy's first baby. Collectibles 7 2500 140.00 Cheryl Robinson Reproduction
2004 Retail Starry, Starry Night Exclusive to Star Retailers/ sparkly, chiffon dress w/ lots of layers & pouf/ sits sideways/ COA is signed by Marie. Collectibles 12 750 169.00 Sonja Bryer Original
2004 C06775 Stella Dressed in a French blue silk dress, white satin bodice overlay w/ lace detailing, & a wreath of flowers in her chestnut hair/ QVC Exclusive. Collectibles 15 250 209.50 Karen Scott Original
2009 C10566 Summer Romance Sheer embroidered dress w/ satin underskirt/ dark brown hair/ brown eyes. Collectible 17 500 134.00 Karen Scott  
2003 C22018 Sunday Stroll Shiny cotton blend, blue rose toile print, w/ creamy white cummerbund/ knitted sweater w/blue embroidery accents/ carries a bible, as if strolling home from church/ long brunette loose curls cascade down her back. Collectibles 28 1500 200.00 Jessica Antoinette Original
2003 C22015 Tabitha Unique doll in a nature fairy motif w/ earthy green, airy netting and colorful floral trims/ floral hand-painting on her porcelain/ first of it’s kind within Marie’s line. Collectibles 11 2000 158.50 Karen Scott Original
2002 Retail Tea For Two Light blue dress/ auburn hair/ matching cloth doll & tea set/ retail exclusive. Collectibles 15 2002 220.00 Kathy Smith Fitzpatrick Original
2002 C19931 Tessa Antique burgundy dress w/ intricate ivory lace overlay/ poseable beauty/ named after a collector's request. Collectibles 16 2500 199.00 Marguerite Shirley Original
1994 C10944 Tush In crawling position/ cloth diaper & a decorative bib/ comes with her own hand-made, matching quilt. Collectibles 7 2500 76.50 Donna Stewart Repro-Dionne Quintuplet
2004 C04398 Victorian Bunny Love Vintage green, pink & cream dress w/ cameo at the neck/ dainty hat/ parasol. Collectibles 6.5 1500 41.75 Bunny Love Repro
2004 C15786 Victorian Christmas Bunny Love Burgandy velvet overcoat w/ pink trim/ matching cap. Collectibles/Bunny Love 6 2000 39.25 House  
2004 C09243 Vivian Ivory colored dress w/ hand smocked bodice & lace trim/ brown hair & eyes. Collectibles 21 750 160.00 Sonja Bryer Original
1995 C16092 Watch Case Doll Glass enclosed watch case w/ delicately hand-crafted miniature porcelain doll inside/ surrounded by her petite teddy bear & dolly. Collectibles 1.75 1996 66.50 Beverly Stoehr Reproduction
2008 C4364 Watch Case Doll 2008 Petite work of art, featuring a porcelain doll and a precious teddy bear displayed in a goldtone watch case. Collectibles 2 500 79.50 Maree Massey  

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