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The Classics series is the high-end of Marie's line. These dolls have small editions and are exquisitely done. The prices are higher because of the fine quality of the costuming and the attention to detail.

Those with have a full page. The names without have a photo.

Year Item # Name Description Series Height Edition Size Cost Artist Sculptor
1993 C11384 Alesia Timeless Bru face/ gown of ivory charmeuse delicately appliqued at the bodice/ fine creme point espirit netting/ veil lavishly decorated w/ silk ivory roses accented w/ a touch of pale burgundy, and trimmed with silk ribbons and pearls/ African American. Classics 21 250 590.00 P. Parkins Repro-Bru
1992 C9116 Anna Dressed for the holidays/ red & green plaid skirt, trimmed w/ ruffles, and topped w/ a red velvet coat/ red velvet hat trimmed w/ black fur/ black leather boots/ USA Classics 22 250 550.00 M. Nicole Repro-German
2001 C43360 Aubrey A Victorian bride doll from the 1875 era/ jacket, pleated skirt, a drape, a bustle train & a stylish hat, all made w/ antique-like lace & satin/ complete w/ a tapestry covered stand. Classics 28" Standing 500 401.00 Mary Benner Original
1996 C18497 Audrey Victorian era/ dressed w/ platinum blond curls/ maroon taffeta w/ black lace/ hat w/ feathers & rosette accents/ composition body. Classics 21.5 500 590.00 Cheryl Robinson Original
1991 C7611 Catherine Named after the heroine of Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte/ dress is high-waisted which characteristic of the 1800's/ distinctive "legamutton" sleeves/ trim is overflowing w/ over 30 handcrafted satin roses/ comes w/ an elaborate wide-brimmed bonnet/ USA Classics 21 500 575.00 M. Nicole Repro-A Marque
2009 C11105 Catherine Elizabeth Wax over porcelain/ creamy pink reproduction drop waist dress w/ vintage look sheer overlays, lace trim & ribbon rosettes/ posable $188.28. Classics 24 200 207.00 Mary Benner  
2002 C19930 Chika Reproduction "Bru" costumed in a finely detailed satin wedding kimono w/ an authentic headpiece & fan. Classics 23 2000 299.00 Mary Benner Original
2005 Toy Fair Exclusive Chika in Blue Finely detailed blue satin kimono w/ gold trim/ rose blossom & chopsticks headpiece/ black hair/ brown eyes. Classics 23 150 354.00 Repro Bru Repro Bru
2005 C23278 Chika in Red Finely detailed red satin kimono w/ gold trim/ rose blossom & chopsticks headpiece/ black hair/ brown eyes/ hand signed by Marie. Classics 23 100 354.00 Repro Bru  
1991 C7609 Christina Dress is composed of a multitude of tiny pleats w/ a unique dropped waistline/ lace trim is in keeping w/ the antique appearance of her costume & provides a delicate balance to her overall look/ USA Classics 19 500 510.00 M. Nicole Repro-Jumeau
1997 C39152 Constance Créme taffeta period dress trimmed in copper/ reproduction "Bru" face. Classics 20 500 325.00 Cheryl Robinson Repro/Bru
1992 C9115 Crystal White Moiri faille & brocade dress w/ hood & cape/ trimmed with ivory braid & Venice lace/ soft mohair wig/ paperweight-like eyes/ USA Classics 23 250 580.00 M. Nicole Repro-Mein Liebling
1995 C6238 Grandma Kit Cream blouse w/ a brown skirt & a beautiful shawl tied around her shoulders/ granny-frame glasses & a cameo necklace/ body is articulated composition/ named after a good friend of Marie's who is an excellent wig maker and hairdresser. Classics 30 500 458.00 Cheryl Robinson Repro/Wolfie
2002 C20688 Jasmine Jasmine is the symbol of amiability & sweetness/ French Bru Jun 11 sculpt/ pale pink dress. Classics 18 1000 178.25   Repro-Bru
2001 C103200 Jillian Ornately oversized hat/ tea length dress w/ ribbon trimmings. Classics 27 500 303.00 Mary Benner Original
2002 C21197 Justine Drop-waisted, antique-brown dress w/ lace & satin ribbon accents/ displayed on a tapestry covered stand. Classics 18 1000 186.75 Mary Benner Repro-Bru Jun 11
1995 C15216 Lauren First composition doll/ long flowing Christening gown done in an antique ecru satin w/ elaborate hand-sewn accents of pearl & ribbon/ bonnet/ named after a dear friend's first daughter/ Rachael's middle name. Classics 19 500 436.00 Cheryl Robinson Repro-Bru
2001 C56154 Margaret Period dress of pale blue accented w/ blush pink trimmings & various designs of crocheted lace/ blue eyes & brown hair. Classics 24 500 251.75 Mary Benner Repro Bru
1992 C9117 Marisa Blue velvet dress trimmed w/ lace on the skirt/ coordinating hat made of blue velvet trimmed w/ Venice lace/ coordinating pantaloons & shoes/ USA Classics 22 250 550.00 M. Nicole Repro-Jumeau
1991 C7610 Victoria Dressed in the classic Victorian style/ lavishly detailed w/ lace & intricate rosettes of satin ribbon/ wears a string of fine faux pears/ carries a delicate bouquet of satin roses & has an authentic Victorian bustle & train/ USA Classics 21 500 485.00 M. Nicole Repro-Bru

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