Cindy Shafer

Year Item # Name Description Series Height Edition Size Cost Artist Sculptor
1997 C39150 Blue Boy Blue velvet/ purple tights/ replica of costume worn by Donny w/ pic. Somewhere in Time 17 2500 163.00 Cindy Shafer Original
1996 C34841 Carolyn In red hooded Victorian style coat/ mouth is posed open, as if she's singing "Oh Christmas Tree"/ named after Marie's brother Tom's wife. Christmas Carols 13 2500 129.00 Original Original
1997 C42957 Charles Knitted scarf/ holds folder of carols/ joins Carolyn. Christmas Carols 13 2500 129.00 Cindy Schafer Original
1996 C32425 Cissy Country girl w/ bucket of frogs/ Marie's childhood nickname/ vignette from Marie's childhood. Country Girl 16 2500 133.00 Cindy Shafer Original
  46037 Faith Tea length cream & pastel gown.   13.5 2500 149.00 Cindy Shafer Charlotte Bellsmith
1995 C17237 Gene Ret Turner original dress designed from the 1875 time period/ named after Ret's Mother/ red velvet & taffeta gown lavishly accented w/ silk roses & satin ribbons/ stylish train down the back/ hair swept up into a Gibson style, reminiscent of the era she reflects. Fashion Designer 22.5 2500 343.50 Ret Turner Cindy Shafer
1997 C39150 Pinky Pink gown/ replica of costume worn by Marie w/ pic on certificate. Somewhere in Time 17 2500 163.00 Cindy Shafer Original
1996 C33849 Sarafina Snowflake Based on book of the same name about a magical snowflake/ comes w/ stunning, exclusive, Fenton Art Glass snowflake ornament/ dressed in snowflake motif/ white porcelain w/ flowing white hair. Christmas 15 11000 178.00 Cindy Shafer Original
1996 C18478 Shelby Mermaid/ shimmery, sea-blue costume, trimmed w/ pearls/ sits upon a pearl covered imitation rock. Fairy Tale 22 5000 188.00 Cindy Shafer Original
1999 C95759 Tree Top Angel 1999 Rich burgundy & gold/ dark hair/ wings. Christmas 14 2500 186.00 Cindy Schafer Original