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Children of the World

Traditional outfits from different cultures around the world.

Those with have a full page. The names without have a photo.

Year Item # Name Description Series Height Edition Size Cost Artist Sculptor
1995 C15218 Bonnie Jean Authentic Scottish plaid kilt complete w/ an over-the-shoulder sash/ green eyes/ long auburn curls. Children of the World 17 2500 124.00 Jerri Mowry Original
1998 C45512 Chenoa Traditional Indian costume made of white ultra suede w/ turquoise blue & silver beading, as well as fringed hemlines/ long, shiny black braids adorned w/ a tribal design headband & pink & blue feathers. Children of the World 16 2500 109.00 Denise Krause Original
1992 C7599 Cindy Floral jump suit/ African American. Children of the World 18 2500 155.00 Karen Blandford Original
1991 C7595 Li-Chyn White & China blue cotton dress/ holding a decorative fan/ Oriental. Children of the World 17 2500 99.00 Vincent De Filippo Original
1991 C7598 Maria Sculpted & painted to represent her true Spanish ethnicity/ long dark curly hair/ taffeta high-waisted dress is fashioned in a soft peach color. Children of the World 17 2500 140.00 Vincent De Filippo Original
2002 C20692 Shao Pang Authentic red oriental print satin w/ gold trim & faux fur lined cape/ name means "little chub". Children of the World 13 3000 161.50 Ping Lau Original
2002 C107670 Taki Red satin dress w/ cherry blossom floral print/ trimmed w/ black binding & accents/ named after an early childhood, family friend/ resin. Children of the World 16 2500 130.00 Carole Bowling Original
1994 C13710 Tomika Vignette of an Eskimo mother w/ her little papoose. Children of the World 18 2500 198.50 Jerri Mowry Original
1995 C16223 Usha Pronounced Wisha/ traditional Indian sari in black & vibrant purple satin/ trimmed in luxurious gold braiding & jewelry/ long shiny black hair wrapped in a decorative gold & purple hair ornament/ authentic name means "nature" and "life". Children of the World 17 2500 142.00 Jerri Mowry Original

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